Wood Motorcycle Helmets – Because you can whittle up just about anything

Wood Motorcycle HelmetGenerally, wood motorcycle helmets fall into 1 of 2 categories. Helmets that are made out of actual wood, and helmets that are made to look like wood.

The second of these 2 categories could either be painted or skinned with a type vinyl graphics wrap with a wood grain pattern on them. 

When working with wood to come up with a design for a motorcycle helmet, you have plenty of options. That is, if you plan on making it yourself. If you are looking to purchase one, that is another story. Several options are available that will get you close, but may not be exactly what you had in mind.

Helmets that made out of Real Wood

Bamboo. One of the most sustainable sources for wood products, bamboo has worked itself into the motorcycle helmet industry.

cork motorcycle helmet by nexx
Nexx Helmets

Most major manufacturers currently do not offer anything like this in there major product lines.  My instinct would tell me that the cost to produce one would be much higher than what the market would be willing to bear. Most likely anything made out of real wood would not comply with and regulations from the Department of Transportation (DOT).  Custom shops and boutique brands you might find like on Etsy would be a good start to finding a source to get one made to your head size.

I’ve seen a few made out of Walnut, Cedar, Teak, and Cork. While some of them where made up of close to 100% of these materials, most are simply accented with these materials.


Faux Wood Motorcycle Helmets

These are either DOT helmets with wood grain patterns printed or painted on the surface of a manufactured helmet. Designs range from bamboo patterns to oak and walnut. Similar to laminate wood flooring, if you can take a picture of it, you can print it on a high quality vinyl surface. So it is really up to your imagination and the doors are wide open.

If you are looking for a done for you type of helmet, there are a few on the currently on the market.

The Wooden Motorcycle – too cool not to share