Best Womens Motorcycle Helmets in 2017

Riding 2 up on a nice long weekend getaway is one of my favorite types of trips to go on. I tend to get lost  when I am riding by myself. – Not lost in a literal sense, but lost inside my own head.

And if you ride you know what I am talking about.

But sometimes, when I am riding with the wifey on the back I can tend to relax even more than I was before. I couldn’t tell you exactly why this is – it just is. Maybe i’m not worried that she is somewhere in an accident, or has some other type of emergency that she can’t get through to my cell for. Maybe it’s the bump of her pink helmet into the back of mine when we I shift a little too fast. Maybe it’s because we have a lot of fun when we can get away just the two of us.

Whatever it is, I always enjoy the ride.

Best Motorcycle Helmets for Women: Full Helmets

The Biltwell Lanesplitter Helmet

It’s got the attention of most bike riders, managing to combine safety with style and comfort with a high degree of precision.

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This helmet certainly stands out for all the right reasons right from its proprietary ABS outer shell, providing it with a hard shell that can withstand all impacts and sudden shocks.

Biltwell has already gained a repute of manufacturing good quality helmets, and the current one is no exception. The Biltwell Lanesplitter helmet comes with an expanded polystyrene inner shell, with an EPS shock absorbing inner liner that is hand stitched to provide you with an extra degree of comfort.

The inner lining is heavily padded and offers you a snug fit. The overall snug shape and the fact that this helmet is lightweight makes it easy on the rider so you should be able to use this helmet with ease on long road trips.

The Biltwell Lanesplitter helmet is one of those few helmets that you can use on long trips as it also happens to be one of the most well-ventilated ones. So there should be minimal or no buildup of humidity and heat, and furthermore, the vents are designed to keep ambient noise to a minimum.

Conclusion: Definitely a good buy, ranks quite high on safety, performance and cost. Runner up: Biltwell Gringo Helmet

Icon Alliance GT Shaguar Helmet

Icon has come out with a new full face helmet for women, and the neat part is that apart from its stylish design, it is the bold animal print and graphics that appeal to most women. The Icon alliance Shaguar helmet comes with a two-layer full face shield that serves to block most of the harmful UV radiation.

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And in case you prefer a no-tint face shield you can get it set up, but the helmet comes only with the tinted variant. It has been engineered to provide you, and your body with all the safety you need and the shell is compact, hard, durable and lightweight. It has been engineered to withstand most knocks and the heavily padded inner lining with impact density foam provides an extra layer of protection as well.

When it comes to full face helmets, ventilation is always a factor and with good reason. The good news is that the Icon Alliance Shaguar Helmet is extremely well ventilated and you can adjust the vents as per your preference, and it certainly works to keep down the buildup of humidity and temperature when wearing the helmet.

Conclusion: This helmet is definitely a good buy considering its performance and safety features, two thumbs up.

Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

A modern upgrade to an old classic helmet, the Bell Bullitt blends the style of the cafe racer with modern protection and safety features. Constructed from a low-profile fiber composite shell and multi-density EPS liner, the Bullitt meets modern DOT reg easily while saving the vintage style and aestitic of a classic helmet.

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Micro-suede lining with leather trim, rear exhaust vent, metal-mesh circular intake vents and 3D-cut cheek pads with speaker pockets complement the vintage styling, shooting the helmet into the 21st century.

The Bullitt may resemble a Bell Star, but it is much more than a relic from the 1970s. It eliminates many of the objections to wearing a full-face helmet one might have. It is lightweight and offers a wide range of vision, making it ideal for general all-around safety but especially for heads-up city riding and is also highly adaptable. Wear it with either the included straight clear shield or any of many straight or bubble-shaped aftermarket shields. In addition, thanks to a slick leather-clad magnet tab, the shield can be cleanly removed and the helmet worn with glasses or goggles of your own choice.

Conclusion: This helmet ranks quite high on performance, safety and aesthetics; it definitely gets 5 out of 5 stars.

SS1600 Cruise Missile helmet

The SS1600 Cruise Missile helmet is one that has been designed for serious bike users, and if you happen to be of them, then you would definitely want this helmet. The SS1600 rocks with powerful features starting with its angular design, and its intermediate round shape.

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It has been engineered to a high degree of precision to provide you with a high degree of performance while cutting down on both drag and wind resistance. The inner core of the helmet, is padded to give you more protection from any sudden impacts while the outer polycarbonate shell ensures that the helmet can withstand impacts and is both durable and lightweight.

The inner core of the helmet has been designed to provide you with comfort while the moisture wicking liner does its job and keeps you dry.

Do note; the inner liner is both removable and washable. Unlike most other helmets, the SS1600 comes with both tint visor and clear visor; the tinted one serves to protect your eyes from harsh light and UV radiation. It meets the standards set by DOT and ECE and definitely stands out for all the right reasons.

Conclusion: A must buy for all serious bike users, ranks good on features, performance and safety.


HJC Cosmos Womens CL-17 Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet – MC-8

The HJC Cosmos is a woman’s motorcycle helmet, and as such, it is perfectly designed to appeal to all women riders. The HJC helmet comes with an advanced polycarbonate shell, and is quite light weight and durable.

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Despite weighing only 4.9 pounds, the polycarbonate shell provides the rider with adequate protection and the high density impact foam lining the interior is designed to absorb hard impacts. The helmet comes with anti-scratch pin lock ready face shield, with tint and serves to protect your eyes from sudden glares as well as UV radiation.

The overall design is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and the graphics on the helmet makes it stand out for all the right reasons. This is a helmet with a complete face shield, and it is customized with advanced channelling ventilation systems which should help reduce both humidity and heat buildup on the interior of the helmet.

You can adjust the vents as per your preference and even get the pin lock inserts set up easily. There is a side face shield lock mechanism which should enable you to seal up the helmet securely. The helmet uses CAD technology and is engineered to provide you with safety and comfort while the interior is made from anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking fabric is both removable and washable.

Conclusion: This helmet ranks well on both performance and safety

HJC IS-17 Lank Black/Pink Full Face Helmet

The HJC IS-17 is a full face helmet that has been engineered with a stylish design, with graphics work on the other shell with a full face helmet that has been designed to provide you with protection from both the elements and nearly 95% of UV radiation.

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The helmet is made from advanced polycarbonate and is designed to withstand extreme stress and pressure from sudden impacts or collisions. It also comes with a high-density impact absorbing EPS inner liner, which should provide you with additional safety and protect you from sudden shock to your head as a result of any impact.

The HJC IS-17 is certainly one of a kind with the main focus being on providing the end user with additional safety and performs very well under extreme ambient conditions.

Furthermore, the helmet comes with a sun tinted sun shield that can easily be detached, and attached again. It also comes with a multiple stage locking mechanisms and can easily be deployed even with gloves on.

Conclusion: A good buy considering the fact that it comes with additional safety features and its ease of deployment.

HJC CS-R3 Ladies Full Face Motorcycle Helmet “Treague” Flat Pink

The HJC CS-R3 is a ladies helmet, with a full faceplate and a nifty Treague graphic on the outer shell; the helmet itself is made from advanced polycarbonate composite shell, making the helmet both strong and durable.

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The helmet is designed to provide you with complete protection for your head and facial area, while cushioning you from shock as a result of the sudden impact. The HJC helmet comes with an anti-scratch face shield, one that is 3D coated as well and provides you with the requisite UV protection.

The helmet is designed to make you comfortable and comes with advanced channelling ventilation systems with vents located near the forehead, chin and to the sides. It is designed to ensure that you are well ventilated at all times and the thick padding on the interior with cheek pads are removable and washable.

The helmet is engineered with a ratchet system that makes it easy for you to remove, adjust, replace the faceplate, with ease.
The HJC helmet can also be modified to be used with snowmobiles as well. It comes in pink and matte black.

Conclusion: This face helmet ranks quite well in terms of both performance and safety, and the advantage of this helmet is that it can be modified for other uses as well.

Best Motorcycle Helmets for Women: Half Helmets

Scorpion Exo C110 Azalea Helmet

The Scorpion Exo C110 is an open face helmet that has been designed, engineered and crafted to perfection in Scorpion’s own manufacturing unit with a good deal of attention to detail.

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The result is a stylishly crafted helmet that’s designed to protect your head, with some nifty graphics on the outer shell. The helmet itself is made from advanced polycarbonate making it both lightweight and extremely durable, and it weighs only 2.9 pounds.

The open face feature makes it easy for you to wear and adjust the helmet accordingly and what’s more, the helmet comes with a sun visor, designed to protect your eyes from harmful glares or UV radiation.

The neat part about the sun visor is the fact that it can be deployed and retracted with the push of a button.

The other shell makes it the preferred choice when travelling long distances and the hard shell is certainly engineered to withstand hard impacts.

The interior of the helmet is lined with Kiwiwick 2 anti-microbial wick fabric, one that ensures that you are kept dry under most weather conditions. Moreover, the interior of the helmet is designed to accommodate speakers, headphones and allows for extra space around the ears for the same.

Conclusion: A good buy given that it is rare for open face helmets to come with retractable sun visors; overall it ranks well on both safety and performance.

Skid Lid Bad to the Bone Original Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

The Skid lid back to the bone helmet is designed to look good and it gets full marks for doing so; apart from the graphics with the bad to the bone logo to the top down graphics with hearts for eyes makes it the perfect woman’s helmet.

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Now, here’s some additional info on the helmet itself; it is made from thermoplastic alloy injected shell and protects the riders head from sudden shock and hard impacts. While the helmet does not come with any additional protection for the eyes or the facial area, it does enough to protect the riders head and is designed to cushion the same from any sudden shocks.

The styling is quite minimalistic, and the helmet comes with few frills, but it also comes with a nifty retention strap with D safety rings that makes it easier and convenient to use the helmet.

It meets the current D.O.T standards, and you should be able to purchase and utilize the same without having to worry about local regulations. The helmet comes with a neat snug fit, and it also comes in various sizes and in pink and black shades. So you can choose the preferred type; and with the interior lining designed to provide you with the comfortable snug fit that you would need when heading out on the road with it.

Conclusion: The Skid Lid bad to the bone helmet comes with great graphics, is minimalistic but offers the required protection; would rank it four out of five stars for ease of use, safety and performance

Voss Purple Half Helmet with Smoke Drop Down Lens

The VOSS Matte Purple graphic half helmet comes with smoke drop down visor that is designed to protect your eyes from sudden glare, bright backlight as well as harmful UV radiation.

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The helmet is designed with a minimalistic design and is engineered to provide you with the required safety, as well as an edge to your performance as it helps cut down on drag and wind resistance. It comes with a low profile hand-woven fibre glass shell, one that provides you with a certain degree of safety from sudden shock and impact.

Moreover, the helmet is designed to provide you with a snug fit with a removable Kool Komfort microfiber, designed to safely ensconce your head in total comfort.

The helmet is engineered to provide you with the very best in comfort while ensuring that your head is protected. The VOSS Matte helmet also comes down with a drop down visor, with its sun lens that can be easily attached or removed as per your preference. It also comes with nylon chin strap with fast ratchet quick release clasp, making it easier to secure or to remove the helmet.

Consensus: The VOSS Matte helmet ranks quite well after taking into account performance, safety and comfort.

Hot Pink Motorcycle Helmets

You’ll notice that the majority of these ladies helmets have some (or a LOT) of pink in them. WHA!? Girly Helmets have pink trim, pink borders, and pink flowers. I know, I know – it’s a shock to me too. 🙂

Here’s to your special ride – whether you are a women riding your own solo – or a 2-up riding couple. Get yourself a motorcycle helmet that fits good and looks good too. 🙂

motorcycle-squid-girl in hot pink helmet You did not think that a little pink on that girls helmet was going to be girly enough did you? Good. Because you haven’t seen anything yet. We are talking some girls can get a little bit crazy with their entire outfits and take their helmets to a new level.


Neon Pink Helmets

Again, my expertise in all things pink has it limits. But even a camo-wearing-country-boy like me takes a second look at a neon pink helmet.

Here is how to use EL wire to light up your helmet.

Blinging Crazy helmets

I thought that putting a few crystals on a helmet would be a cool idea to surprise my wife with, until i saw Bikerdee and mrscbr on instagram. These girls have taken blingin out their helmets to a new level = Blinging Crazy.

Here is a primer on how to do it yourself.

And here are my 10 of my favorite shiny crystal helmets from “Custom Bling by Ricci”

The Best Girly Helmet

Now that you have a good perspective on the levels of “girly” that you can take a plain old motorcycle helmet to, which one do you think is the best? Shiny horns, Hot pink, Neon, Crystals, or something else?

crystal bling helmet with horns

Listed as #11 on the Coolest motorcycle helmets of 2014 list.

Protect it – You spend a LOT of $$ on most of it.

helmet hair fix it when you get there in female motorcycle helmetWearing a good protective helmet is important. Some bikers (not very many biker women) seem to think that wearing a helmet can “take the fun out of it.”

Take the fun out of it!?

Why not try adding some bluetooth speakers to your helmet or getting a bluetooth helmet that you can play all the music that you want and ride for as long as you want? There are some many ways to have fun when riding a bike, and choosing to not wear a helmet because it will “take the fun out of it” is a pretty lame excuse if you ask me.

The last time my wife went to the salon it cost over $100 – (just for her hair.) I’m not going to get into how much money that she spends on makeup and jewelry (and a host of others) because it makes her look and feel pretty. The simple point that I want to make here is this: If you are going to spend money on looking good, protect it with a helmet.

“You can fix your hair when you get there.”