WARREN LANE’S 43FTP Garage Built Bikes

Chopper, Warren, Lane, Harley-Davidson, Miami

In Warren Lane’s own words… “The client for this bike had a giant, old chopper, one of those hideous things that cannot even sell for $6k in the US. The client brought this monstrosity to me and asked me to “fix it.” The only things it had going for it were the Patrick Racing motor and the Jim’s 5-speed gearbox. While the Patrick Racing engine is undeniably a quality piece of craftsmanship, I do not care for billet parts or Evolution style engines, so I passed on the opportunity telling him that it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Refusing to take no for an answer, on his own, my client located and purchased a rolling chassis that I had previously put together for another customer. Since he had gone to a great deal of trouble and located and purchased one of my chassis, when he came back to me and asked again if I would “fix his bike” I accepted the challenge, but would start again with nothing more than the engine and the frame. Later featured in a MAC ad with Nikki and Ricky.

Built In: U.S.A. Bike Style: Bobber

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Warren Lane’s 43FTP Bike Specifications – Garage Built Bikes

Class Styling Bobber
Featured Parts Jockey / Suicide Shift, Open Primary
Frame Custom One Off Frame
Gastank Custom One Off Gastank
Handlebars / Risers Clip Ons / Separates
Intake Cover Scoop Raptide
Motor Brand Patrick Racing
Paint Color(s) Blue, Red.
Paint Theme Metallic Flake, Race Number
Seat Solo Solidmount
Suspension Front Springer
Suspension Rear Rigid / Hardtail
Wheels Standard 80-100 spokes

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