V8 DRAGSTER Garage Built Bikes

Another one of those bike I don’t know a lot about but just really dig it. I had posted this before and gotten a bit of info. A guy told me he did drag racing for a couple of years with this bike. I also vaguely recall he told me after each run he would have to let it cool down for like 20 minutes because it was too hot to ride. Hope I can get some more info on this bike and what became of it.

Built In: U.S.A. Bike Style: Drag Racers

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V8 Dragster Bike Specifications – Garage Built Bikes

Class Styling Drag Racers
Frame Custom One Off Frame
Gastank Custom One Off Gastank
Handlebars / Risers Ape Hangers
Paint Theme Distressed Aged
Seat Solo Solidmount
Suspension Front Springer
Suspension Rear Swingarm Vertical Shocks, Solid Struts

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