V-ROCKER 69 Bike Project

The V-Rocker 69 has been built entirely by hand by Udo in 2010/2011. 1000 hours of work, countless sleepless nights and several meters sheet and tubular steel later… She stands there now. In DoubleGoos-Rigid and with Springer forks with integrated brake and turn signals. Taillight and rear turn signals are integrated into the frame. The 2 fins of sheet metal components (V) run through the whole bike. Starting with the lamp, the handlebars, the tank, oil tank and fendersAll metal parts: Tanks, oil tank, lamp, fender, seat, exhaust, and a further 52 parts.

Built In: Germany Bike Style: Bobber

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V-Rocker 69 Bike Specifications – Bike Project

Class Styling Bobber
Frame Custom One Off Frame
Gastank Custom One Off Gastank, Split Gastank
Motor Brand Harley Davidson