Torc Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Review: Evaluating the Torc T14B

The most important piece of safety equipment for a motorcycle is the motorcycle helmet. People will wear other forms of safety equipment, such as special clothing and motorcycle sunglasses. However, protection for one’s head is still going to be the most important part of the equation. The Torc Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is a great choice for the people who are looking for a successful motorcycle helmet. Here, people can learn all about the different characteristics that create great motorcycle helmets.


The Torc Helmet is definitely a heavy and solid helmet at five pounds, which adds to the fact that it has a great deal of structural stability and will give people plenty of support. This is a helmet that is actually going to manage to absorb a lot of impact during a crash.

It’s a helmet that should be capable of staying in one piece even if there is a severe accident. The Torc Blue tooth Motorcycle Helmet was designed to keep people safe, and it will.

Of course, people can say that about most motorcycle helmets on the market, even though some of them are going to be more effective than others. The Torc Motorcycle Helmet is equipped with a Bluetooth integrated shell, which is going to make it that much better from the standpoint of modern information technology.

Naturally, audibility is a problem when it comes to motorcycles in particular. Motorcycles themselves are very loud, and the sounds of the traffic are even louder in some cases. Wind noise becomes even more of a problem at the higher speeds, and high speeds are favored by motorcycling enthusiasts. With this helmet, audibility should still not be much of a problem even for the people who are traveling at sixty miles an hour or more while on the highway. This is a helmet that should enhance the auditory experience and not detract from it. Of course, it is available without Bluetooth too if you so choose.

Most people like to listen to music while they are riding their motorcycles, and with this Bluetooth integrated shell, it is going to be that much easier for them to do so. They are not going to have to buy any additional pieces of equipment in order to accomplish this effect. This lid can help people keep their minds occupied on very long trips, which should make it that much easier for them to stay safe and to enjoy their rides.

The Torc Helmet has an inner liner that is going to help a lot of people as well, and at all stages of their owning a helmet like this one. The inner liner is thick and padded, which is going to make the Torc  much more comfortable to wear. However, the inner liner is also capable of being completely removed and washed in a machine, which means that it is going to be that much easier for people to maintain this helmet.

Lots of people get hot and sweaty during a motorcycle ride, since it is still something that involves a larger expenditure of energy than driving a car, and people will sometimes have to ride in hot temperatures. Some people are just naturally sweaty as well. It is that much more important for these people to be able to keep the liners of their helmets clean, or they are going to run into a situation in which the liner is going to become sweaty and unpleasant to wear. The Torc was designed to help people get around this problem. They can keep the interiors of their helmets perfectly clean without a great deal of additional stress.

Visors are important parts of motorcycle helmets, given the wind that people are usually going to encounter during their rides. The helmet is also equipped with a drop down visor system. As such, it is going to be that much easier for people to use it. They should be able to hold the visor in place easily, and they should be able to make adjustments easily as well.

Of course, the design of motorcycle helmets will make all the difference to a lot of people. Motorcycle riders almost all care a lot about style. Some motorcycle riders do not want to wear helmets at all because they are concerned about the perceived effects on their style as riders, even though a lot of motorcycle helmets are certainly stylish. These people are not going to have to worry about any of that as a result of the Torc Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet. Its oval shape almost gives it a futuristic look that makes someone look like a space traveler from the future.


  • 15 x 10.6 x 10.4 inches
  • 5 pounds
  • DOT Certified
  • ECE Certified
  • Bluetooth integration
  • Colors: flat, flat black, flat black flag, flat grey nuke, flat white, flat white bad kitty
  • Sizes: x-small – xx-large


The Torc Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is a great product, and most people should be able to get everything that they need from motorcycle helmets with it. It has the solid structure that people need. Its Bluetooth integration adds value and convenience. It has numerous safety certifications, and it is heavy and solid enough to really provide protection.

Many customers have described this helmet as a bargain, given its price combined with the extensive list of features that it has. It’s just the sort of helmet that is going to last people a long time and that is going to be stylish and effective for a while. It represents what people really should be looking for in a good quality motorcycle helmet. Click here for pricing and sizing.