Top 10 Coolest Motorcycle Ladies of 2016

#10 – Christina Billings aka “CRASHTINA”



Helmet: Custom made by ssgear, otherwise known as Speed and Strength. All her head gear equipment says ‘American Beauty’ across the top of the visor rims. What isn’t Harley Davidson is SSgear,

Coat: Most of her showtime suits appear to be custom made by ssgear as well.

Gloves: Custom by Maverick Harley Davidson.

Boots: Custom made by Harley Davidson.

She has several tricked out purple Harley Davidson models, and likes anything purple with flowers and biker babe fashions.  Also she has some nice Kawasaki bikes that are similar, black and purple styling bike gear, these are allowed on the track for competition. Her helmets and body suits are often a montage of flowering designs, reminiscent of the Grateful Dead, but not so specific in any way. Her newest headgear is Bluetooth rocking by Headwave Tag.

Christina is the ultimate combination of blonde bunny playmate bombshell and pure American biker babe extraordinaire. She is one of a kind and known to pull wheelies on a dime, jump over fans with low acceleration and modeled in her earlier years.

She is very active on social media and online. To get info for upcoming events she can be emailed at [email protected] and always on Facebook for die hard fans. Her presence is all over the web, because she has been riding for years, being known to love Harley Davidson and promote scholarships. 

Visit her on Instagram here. 

#9 – Becky Goebel aka “Actuallyitsaxel”

Becky Goebel actuallyitsaxel • Instagram photos and videos


Helmet: Famed for wearing white helmets, particularly with the number 1 or eagles heads on them. She is a renaissance biker babe of the boomer generation. She makes friends go on long rides, just to get them into trouble and stuff. So her work ethics kind of suck. Then again, she is responsible for some amazing stunts and show wins around the country.

Coat: She tends to go sleeveless, even if something is missing. 

Gloves: She wears no gloves, most of the time.

Boots: Her favorite tennis shoes are Converse, which seems to be the center of her motorcycle chic.

Pants: She wears a lot of cut off shorts and black denim blue jeans.

She has been riding long hours into the night, since growing up in California and being raised in Canada. She does support anything to do with women and biker babes. She is pro Harley Davidson, will just as well defend your advances from the outside world. She supports Bruce Harley Davidson, The Dream Roll, Born on a Bad Seed for girls who ride, plus a slew of other organizations like 805 Authenticos.

Also be on the look out for the newest Looserpalooza event and check out her website at 

Visit her on Instagram here. 

#8 – Robyn Diamond aka “Robyn Stunts”

Robyn Diamond ?? robynstunts • Instagram photos and videos


Robyn lives in Cali and is one badass female stunt biker. She rides an 06 636. Find her on her site at to book her for your own motorcycle show.

Any riding apperal gear is kept to the basics of black on black, or jeans and a tank. Execpt when she is performing at a show that is, and then it’s AGATT.

She also has a Crystal Helmet and a pink kitty cat ears attached to her other Shoei helmets.

Visit her on Instagram here. 


#7 – Liz Horton DeathRodDixie

Liz Horton deathroddixie • Instagram photos and videos


Liz Horton currently rides a ’84 hardtail Yamaha XS650 chopper.

She’s 1/3 of the Tiny Daggers Motorcycle group, a small dedicated club that just loves to ride. She’s a surgical laser rep by day-trade, and a badass motorcycle lady by any other damn time.

Helmet: Bell Bullitt with Sena Bluetooth Setup

She supports events like:


Visit her on Instagram here. 

#6 – Alicia Mariah Elfving aka “Motolady”

MotoLady motolady • Instagram photos and videos


Because ladies were born to ride, and motorcycles were made for riding. – Alicia Mariah Elfving

The Motolady website started in January of 2011- after collecting tons of photographs of women riding motorcycles, cool custom bikes, motorcycle fashion photography.

MotoLady was created to encourage current and aspiring women riders and replace the bad reputation the sport.

And she has been doing that ever since and not looking back.

Visit her on Instagram here. 

#5 -Ashley Lammela aka “Smashstunts”

?aѕнley laммela? smashstunts • Instagram photos and videos



Ashley Lammela is an insane stunt rider from Las Vegas. She started her stunt career in 2012 soon after buying her first bike which was a08 Kawasaki Ninja 250. Inspired into stunting by her friend and soon after bought her first stunting bike, she has been a dedicated stunt rider since 2014.

She loves pink and frequently seen sporting pink colored crystal helmets matching her pink Hondas.

Pants: Most of the times she performs her stunts wearing denims from GJG Denim.

Coat: She rarely goes for jackets but sometime she is seen in Eagle Ages riding jackets.

While her favourite brand remains Honda, Ashley loves to ride a fully prepared 2001 Honda F4i; she also tried her hand on other bikes like the Ninja and Daytona from time to time.

She is a member of The Usual Suspects Biker Club and Stunt Farm, which makes it possible for her to fulfill many of her dreams when it comes to riding.

You can find her on Facebook on her page and also on Google+ page under the name of SmashStunts.

Visit her on Instagram here. 

#4 – Ddleeee



She loves to ride sports bikes and drive very nice cars. Among her favourites are Ducati 848, and Audi – and she is a dog lover too!

When she is not riding her bikes, she is either eating food or trying out modeling. Stunning and beautiful, she is sure to make you notice female bike riders a whole lot more. She’s all of 5’4″ – and her custom Triumph sits at the right height to match. 

She loves those Crystal Styled Helmets and other Asphalt Outlaws Clothing.

Her account is private, and you would need to send her a friend request. However, do not worry, she has more than 75,000 followers, and unless you’re unlucky, she would accept your request.


Visit her on Instagram here. 

#3 – Alex Cole aka “Mrs_CBR” 

Alex Cole mrs_cbr • Instagram photos and videos


Helmet: She has a thing for riding with a Shoei Seduction helmet and a Lucky Yogi Bow.

Gloves: Most of her stunts are performed by her with a pair of Alpinestar riding gloves.

Mrs_Cbr has a 2007 CBR 600RR bike which she uses for stunting and riding matching with her name. She has been on the circuit since early 2013. Her CBR600RR is a unique color combination of white, gray, pink and black, painted by ??

Frequently, you can see her out and about with a helmet sporting a pink Lucky Yogi Bow to match the pink on the bike. She has been seen wearing the Ride Rich riding design t-shirts and promotes Vulcano wear leathers. 

Visit her on Instagram here. 

#2 – Danielle Vichinsky aka “Daniellevee”




Danielle Vichinsky is a young graphic designer from Nashville who had recently developed enthusiasm in biking. She is now riding more than 2 years and has her own custom Honda CB550. She is into café racers and just loves to zoom past riding on one of those.

Helmet: Bitlwell helmets.

Jackets: She likes to wear riding jackets from The Booker.

Gloves: Grifter gloves seems to be her choice of riding gloves.

Danielle loves to ride by herself and sometime joins her friends and other bikers on long rides. She finds riding very relaxing and rejuvenating after the work she has to do.

She loves fashion and sports creations from Pradux. It seems to be her all time favorite brand. She has a personal Facebook profile where she interacts with friends and posts updates. On Twitter, she is very active tweeting about daily and exciting events occurring in her life.

Danielle operates a dedicated website for her profession which she uses to showcase her work. You can find her graphic designs and amazing hand illustrations posted on the website. She is also quite a talented photographer. You’ll find her editorial and other design work posted on her website – 

Visit her on Instagram here. 

#1 – Chelsea Middlebrook aka “Tokyovenus”

Chelsea Middlebrook ??? ? tokyovenus • Instagram photos and videos


Helmet: Schuberth C3W

Coats: Chelsea loves to wear coats from the brand Triumph.

Gloves:  Triumph gloves.

Chelsea grew up around the neighbor of Orange County riding with her father. Her mother was also a rider and her parents were the ones responsible for her interest into biking.

The Triumph Bonneville is her choice, a bike which she has been riding for well over two years. Every biker looks for the feeling, the weight, and balance of the bike when choosing one that they feel would to suit them. Chelsea’s choice was no different. The aesthetic appeal and looks of Triumph were also a plus point.

It’s been sometime since she has transformed from an amateur biker to a seasoned biker and traveler. 

Visit her on Instagram here. 


Bonus = tiny.daggers  A group of 3 women that just love those motorcycles

Tiny Daggers tiny.daggers • Instagram photos and videos

Visit them on Instagram here.  

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