Suomy SR Sport Helmet Review

Suomy is the world famous Italian helmet brand which is well known for the innovation they bring to the table. Their excellent safety standards make their helmet safe for any race track in the world, which is the reason that they are trusted by many famous racers on the track.

The looks of this helmet are very classy due to the solid matte finish. The helmet is available in two colors, one is solid black, and the other color is solid white.

Suomy has constantly been innovating in the new standards and safety of their helmets. This helmet is no different. The state-of-the-art technologies used in this helmet make it the top player.

This Suomy SR Sports helmet is the best race helmet that you can buy at $449.95, and in this Suomy SR Sports helmet review, we will discover the important features.


The helmet is very light in weight due to the usage of Tricarboco, which is a composite of the carbon Kevlar and the Aramidic resin. It only weighs around 3.25 pounds. This helmet has the lightest shell of the other race helmets.

  • The helmet goes well with any color motorcycle as it is a solid color helmet.
  • You can swap the visor on this helmet with other helmets.
  • It is approved by the Department of Transportation.
  • Due to the advanced safety standards, you can wear them while racing on any of the race tracks around the world.
  • You get the best premium helmet at a very affordable price of $449.95.


  • The Suomy SR Sports helmet features the light Kevlar and carbon fiber outer shell.
  • This helmet meets the safety standards of DOT, and it is also certified by ECCE 22.05.
  • The dual layer EPS has advanced ventilation channels for providing optimized airflow.
  • The polymers used in the helmet absorb the sound. Hence, it is quiet inside your helmet.
  • In the case of a crash, this helmet resists the impact by spreading it dynamically.
  • The face shield is removable, and it also has a safety lock for providing maximum protection to your face.
  • Even if you are riding when it is the hottest out there, you will still be comfortable and sweat-free due to the ventilation in the helmet.
  • It has a wider eyeport which allows you maximum visualization while you are riding, even if you are in a full tuck position.

Shell Design and Quality

The shell of this helmet is made from the carbon fiber and carbon Kevlar composite which is a revolutionized material known as Tricarboco. Tricarboco is a very light material which is also known for its durability. Hence, you can rest assured of the quality of the shell which will not fail you even in the tough times.

The shell is designed ergonomically to provide you the most comfortable fit. This shell will be the best fit for the head shapes which lie between long and oval shapes.


The interior of this Suomy SR Sports helmet uses top class technology.

The fabric used in the interior of this helmet is the Coolmax Active fabric which will wick away all the moisture and sweat, keeping you dry and comfortable.

You can remove the entire liner of the helmet and wash it in a machine and then place it back into the helmet. It will not cause any bacteria build up inside the helmet.

The rich interior of this Suomy SR Sports helmet is noise absorbent; hence, it keeps the helmet very quiet.

There is also a chin curtain in the helmet.


The visor that comes with this Suomy helmet has a clear lens. The visor has an built-in anti-fog system. It also resists any scratches on its surface.

The visor also resists impact by distributing it to the various parts to reduce the impact. It also has an embedded anti-fog system for not letting any precipitation on the screen.

The visor can be changed easily as there are no side covers on the helmet, and you can use different visors on this helmet. You can just flip the latch, and the visor is removed; you can reinstall the visor in the same way.

There is a safety lock system used in the face shield.


The ventilation in this Suomy SR Sports helmet is great.

The helmet uses an advanced ventilation technique by optimizing the airflow through channelized vents. The air comes inside from the top vent, which can be opened even with gloved hands. The air then exits through the back vent which is always open.

The vents provide great cooling inside the helmet, even in the most hot and humid climate.


This Suomy SR Sports helmet meets all the security standards established by the US Department of Transportation.

It is also certified by the ECE 22.05.

You will be able to wear this helmet on any race track in the world.

Other Factors for Consideration

It may be light in weight, but it is nowhere behind in the quality. The shell is very durable and can be relied upon in any situation.

You can experiment with your riding look by changing the visor.

It is not noisy like the other helmets. The polymers used in the helmet absorb the noise and keep it quiet.

The Coolmax liner used will keep you sweat-free, so you can bid goodbye to the annoying sweat that shows on the forehead.


At just $449.95, this helmet is quite a steal deal. The price of this helmet is totally justified with the performance it offers.

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