Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets

When I heard about he upcoming release of the New Star Wars Movie “The Force Awakens” I might have been more excited than my now 9yr old son on Xmas morning while staring at the exact size box of a new Xbox One (he measured).

Remembering back to all the classic movies during my own childhood of the Star Wars franchise, I started to take notice of some interesting similarities in the motorcycle culture to that of the fictional world of the movies. After watching the official trailers on youtube, (with son in tow) I really began to take notice, and so did the little guy. “When I start riding, I NEED a Star Wars Motorcycle Helmet,” I believe were his exact words.

Star War Motorcycle Helmets

Below are 4 of the most popular helmets from the Star Wars movie series. Most of these replicated helmets have equivalent Motorcycle Helmet counterparts. They are typically only customized by airbrushing on the surface of a quality brand full face motorcycle helmet, while others have shown their true super-fan status by modifying a novelty helmet with a replica helmet from a star wars memorabilia store.

Transforming a plain old helmet, or creating an original; either way these are the star wars motorcycle helmets that will take you from a fan of Star Wars, into Super Fan Mode. Let’s get on with the awesomeness…

Boba Fett Motorcycle Helmet

Boba Fett – a bounty hunter and Mandalorian warrior, was the only unaltered clone of his father-  Jango Fett. Designed to become part of the Grand Army of the Republic, and raised as Jango’s son, Boba Fett was first of many clone replicas.

After Jango Fett was killed at the Battle of Geonosis (the opening in Clone Wars), Boba was forced to grow up and rely on the skills that his father taught him at an early age and began traveling the galaxy. He soon became a sought after bounty hunter and began taking assignments from Jabba the Hutt.

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Boba Fett quickly became known as the galaxy’s best bounty hunter for several decades, often working for the Empire. One of my favorite characters as a kid, Bobba Fett has been a center for all kinds of cult-like followings. Here is just one on Deviantart. 

The Boba Fett Motorcycle Helmet Replicas – Airbrushed.

In order to get on of these helmets with a Bobba Fett color scheme you are going to either have to paint it yourself, or commission a custom helmet painter (like Airgraffix) to do it for you. This is going to be the case with most of these extremely customized helmets, and you will get the quality that you pay for with the work completed.

HJC has also announced a Marvel Line of Helmets (for 2017) that will include Kylo Ren and Bobba Fett.


There are a few other tricks to get a motorcycle helmet roadworthy with the looks of the man – Bobba Fett.

  1. Pull apart a novelty or costume helmet and re-attached around your own motorcycle helmet, like here and here.
  2. Build a Steampunk edition from scratch – will not be DOT of course.

Fox Racing V3 Helmets are also getting the Star Wars love too.

Left to Right: C3PO  –  Boba Fett  –  R2D2 


Here are a few more iterations of this helmet from behind the scenes of the series:

Iterations of the Bobba Fett Helmets from Star Wars
Data Credit:


Darth Vader Helmet

darth vader

Who’s your daddy? You know, it’s Darth Vader. Luke Skywalkers’ father that is. Before he put the helmet on and converted to the Dark Side, he was known as Anakin Skywalker when he was part of the Galactic Republic and fought as a Jedi Knight.

After being manipulated and almost killed, Darth Vader could no longer remove his suit or helmet without ending his life.

Serving as a Sith Lord on the Dark Side, he later met his son, Luke Skywalker. 


Darth Vader Motorcycle Helmets


From left to right:

  1. Full Darth Vader Replica Suit with Helmet
  2. Airbrushed Darth Vader Motorcycle Helmet – (Air Graffix)
  3. Replica Helmet and Themed Motorcycle Jacket 

Darth Vader Motorcycle Helmet

Pickup a tactical helmet and a Darth Vader mask for this one and you are 90% of the way there. Cut, glue, and may the force be with you.

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Clone Trooper Helmet

The totality of the battles that would subsequently come to be known as the Clone Wars would give birth to a new kind of genetically-modified troop: the clone trooper. Clone troopers were identical clones that were set forth to do the bidding of the Grand Army of the Republic. As a result, thousands upon thousands of these troops were sent into battle. Clone troopers were trained as soldiers from the time of their birth until their first battle. Cloned in the laboratory known as Kamino, these troopers were trained to be fierce and aggressive. This resulted in untold casualties in the Clone Wars that were not easily put to a stop. In essence, the clones were brainwashed to follow the command of the Supreme Chancellor. By following these orders unquestioningly, these troops proposed the will of the Galactic Republic on the entire galaxy.

Initially, the primary focus of the clone troopers was to defend the Republic from the rising Separatist movement. During this time period, the Jedi had worked side by side with Grand Army. The Jedi Order had established itself throughout the Army with all different rankings. This lead to a close working relationship with the clone troopers. Though there was a covert Sith plot lying in the underbelly of this relationship. Sith Lord Darth Sidious, under the guise of protecting the Republic, released a doctrine known as Order 66 on the last day of fighting in the Clone Wars’.

Order 66 declared that all Jedi were enemies of the Republic. It required the clone troopers to execute the unsuspecting Jedi. Since the Jedi and clone troopers had fought together up to this point, they never saw the forthcoming betrayal. The clones were unable to disobey any orders, even though they had forged close relationships with the Jedi. While some clone troopers refused to execute their comrades, the vast majority killed unsuspecting Jedi.

With the majority of the Jedi having been killed, Emperor Palpatine was free to abolish the Old Republic and set up the Galactic Empire. This left him in the greatest position of power, giving him control over the entire galaxy. Along with other changes set forth by the Emperor, this changed marked a shift from the clone trooper to the stormtrooper. This new enforcer served as the brutal hand of the Emperor.

Clone Trooper Motorcycle Helmets


*Honorable mention here: The biker scout doesn’t get a lot of airplay so I wanted to go ahead and give him a mention here.

Biker Scout full gear now and then

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Stormtrooper Helmet

stormtroopers-helmetsAs one of the most ominous and prescient force in the Galactic Empire, stormtroopers serve as a constant reminder of the dark side of the force. Anonymous and disposable, the stormtrooper provides a glimpse into the evil empire run by Emperor Palpatine. The dark side of the force has many memorable tools at its disposal. Everything from TIE fighters to Star Destroyers serve as a visceral reminder of the dark power that lurks through the Star War universe. Stormtroopers serve the New Order with authoritarian might, serving as a symbol for the dark future that awaits. The stormtrooper is most recognizable for their signature white armor, which separates them from the other forces of the New Order.

There is a rich history to the troops in white. The Imperial Stormtroopers that so many recognize are actually an extension of the clone troopers. Clone troopers were the primary fighters for the Grand Army of the Republic. After the Clone Wars in the year 19 BBY, the Grand Army was reformed into the Stormtroopers Corps. This was eventually shortened to “stormtroopers”. These reformed stormtroopers were a present force in different parts of the Imperial Army, operating side by side with other Imperial Army soldiers. This also included fighting in the Navy units and being stationed as marines. The new division of stormtroopers was overseen by Stormtrooper Command, separate and distinct from the Imperial High Command that oversaw other parts of the army. Stormtroopers ultimately took orders from, and loyally served, Emperor Palpatine.

The distinctive uniforms led to a handful of nicknames for stormtroopers, most given by the Rebel Alliance SpecForce. Some of these names included: bucketheads, plastic boys, snowmen, plastic soldiers, whitehats, and The Boys in White.

The deaths of both Darth Vader and the Emperor caused fragmentation among the ranks of the stormtroopers. Many stormtroopers dissipated after the collapse of the Galactic Empire. However, some did remain as elite force soldiers for the states that sprung forth due to the power vacuum. Some of these states included the Empire of the Hand, the Second Imperium, and the Imperial Remnant. There were still remains of the stormtroopers over one hundred years later in the New Galactic Empire of Sith Lord Darth Krayt and Roan Fel, the disgraced emperor.

Storm Trooper Motorcycle Helmets

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Rebel Alliance Helmets

The forming of the Rebel Alliance was a response to the heavy handed tactics of the Emperor. Though it was a fiercely dangerous position to be in. The Rebels Alliance was known collectively by several names, including: “Rebels”, “Rebs”, or disdainfully as the “Rebel Scum” by the stormtroopers and other Imperialists. The formal name of the rebellion was the Alliance to Restore Freedom to the Galaxy. It was a loose movement that consisted of several planetary systems and various rebel factions with a common belief.

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The goal of the movement was to rid the galaxy of the dictatorship of Emperor Palpatine. Though the movement gained strength as a direct response to the Galactic Empire. The rebellion had early movements prior to the overthrowing of the Republic.

Early detractors of the Galactic Empire include Senators Bail Prestor Organa and Mon Mothma. In the year 19 BBY there was already a growing resistance to the direction of the Galactic Empire and the leadership of Emperor Palpatine. There was an urge to form a military in the instance that the situation got out of hand. One of the initial groups, known at The Eleven, formed a formidable fighting force against the Emperor. Along with several other resistance groups, they waged war on the new evil Empire. Though there was a lack of unity, which would eventually leading to the military groups fighting under a single unified force: the Rebel Alliance. The Siths intended to force the hand of the new Rebel Alliance by infiltrating, gathering, and destroying them. Starkiller was employed by Darth Vader for this task, but himself was betrayed by his master. In an act of desperation, Starkiller sacrificed himself to protect the identities of the Rebel Alliance.

Thus were the beginnings of the Galactic Civil War. The Rebel Alliance fought by gradually reducing the strength of the Galactic Empire. Their attacks were structured and covert. There was no way that the Rebels could win by sheer manpower, so they had to utilize their resources effectively. This meant finding targets to destroy and freeing one planet at a time. Some of the best soldiers in the galaxy served the Rebel Alliance, allowing them to make the most of the resources that were presented to them. There were also several defectors from the Galactic Empire who were unable to rationalize the death and destruction caused by the new regime.

Some of the critical first victories for the rebel movement came on Kamino and Toprawa. One of the most important victories was the Battle of Yavin. It was on this occasion that the Death Star was destroyed by a Rebel pilot named Luke Skywalker. It was finally during the battle of Endor where both Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine were killed. After the death of these two critically important figures, the Rebel movement was able to reorganize itself as the Alliance of Free Planets. Which would eventually become the New Republic. The New Republic would come to be called the Galactic Alliance. This was a ruling order that brought back the Republican form of government, allowing for fair and just rulings for the entire galaxy.

 Rebel Alliance Motorcycle Helmets

Let’s not forget BB8. On the right is a Bell Race Star Helmet with 360fly camera mounted on top.

Mashup up helmets – Now the superfans take these helmets to a whole new geeky level by mashing up the designs with the color schemes from other Star Wars Helmets and other cult-like following movies. Here are just a small few:

More Star Wars Themed Helmets – Remixed

 Want more mashup helmet pics? Or do you want me to feature yours? Send it over to karl (@)  badasshelmetstore (dot) com.

HJC Helmets is teaming up with Marvel Comics to offer some unique themed motorcycle helmets too, including Iron man, Punisher, and Captain America.

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