Speed And Strength SS2500 Solid Speed Helmet Review: Premium And Affordable Dual Sports Helmet

The helmet series from Speed and Strength are known for their versatility and strength. Motorcycle riders enjoy wearing the accessories and helmets from Speed and Strength because of their quality. You can find SS helmets in every price range.

The SS products are designed for all types of riders, suiting different styles and purposes. Before shopping for SS helmets, you must determine what type of helmet you are looking for so that you get value for the money you pay.

The Speed and Strength SS2500 Solid Speed Helmet review gives you a detailed run down on the various features of this helmet.

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One look at the SS2500 helmet will make you feel that this helmet is a dual sports helmet. It is an iconic hybrid helmet that has all the dreamy features you can imagine in a helmet.

It is an on-road and off-road helmet with an aggressive design. This helmet with cool graphic is surprisingly stylish and subtle at the same time. Speed and Strength has upgraded the face shield with bevels to provide a perfect seal for road riding. The peak with matte design completes the finish of the helmet.


SS2500 is a full-face helmet that weighs 3.64 pounds. It is a lightweight helmet that provides a comfortable fit and riding experience. With intermediate oval fit, this helmet is ideally suited for American racers with long and narrow faces.

When it comes to styling and designing, Speed and Strength has taken the extra step to make this helmet far more comfortable, stylish, and functional. The ridge at the back even allows you to rest your goggles. These nuanced features make this helmet even more desirable.

Shell Design

The SS2500 is made of a tri-composite fiberglass shell that is lightweight and strong at the same time. The resilient helmet design makes it one of the most comfortable helmets for on road and off road racing.

This helmet encompasses style elements from different helmet designs. It can be considered as a combination of MX style helmet and a full-face street helmet. If you need stylish graphics, you can find adorable graphic design with this helmet.

Speed and Strength has considered the requirements of every rider to design the graphics so that you can find one that suits your taste and complements your bike.


The 3D designed liner is designed to keep your head comfortable inside the helmet. The Cool Core interior is made of superior moisture wicking liner to keep you dry. It is completely removable and washable so that you can wash it with plain water to remove the sweaty smell.

The contoured cheek pads provide a comfort fit to ensure that the helmet stays on your head even while riding at high speeds. The moisture wicking liner keeps you sweat free even during summer. Some of the riders have reported that they have to, however, crack open the face shield while waiting at the lights.

Face Shield

The face shield is made of All Clear sight system with optically correct lens. It is scratch-resistant, fog-resistant, and UV-resistant. The bevels of the face shield provide a complete seal when it is locked. This provides optimal protection from natural elements.

The face shield can be kept in the locked position or opened all the way up. The flip down face shield opens and closes in a smooth motion.


The SS2500 helmet has the Airstrike direct course ventilation system which guarantees superior airflow. Latest SS helmets feature an excellent ventilation mechanism through chin vents, top vents, and exhaust vents.

This helmet takes advantage of the venturi effect through the strategically placed vents. The chin and top vents allow plenty of air inside the helmet while the exhaust vents pull the warm, moist air out of the helmet.


The helmet meets and exceeds DOT and ECE standards, ensuring maximum safety while riding the bike. Those bikers who have been in an accident have reported that the helmet holds good during extreme crash conditions.

The shell with its tri-composite material provides maximum safety. The quick release chin strap enables easy removal of helmet. It helps you to put on and take off helmet easily. You can also get this helmet with a quick release chin strap instead of the double D ring.

Other Factors for Consideration

For less than $200, it is hard to find a helmet made of tri-composite fiberglass shell. That makes it one of the distinguished helmets from Speed and Strength. There is no compromise on strength and safety when it comes to SS helmets.

The peak design may not be suitable for all types of riders. However, if you are into racing and dual sports, you will enjoy wearing this helmet. The face shield provides distortion free vision with a perfect seal, making it one of the best helmets for use in cold weather conditions. This helmet makes it easy to ride in multiple riding positions.

The design and graphics are the features that make this helmet stand out in a crowd. The biggest selling points for this helmet is its DOT and ECE rating, and all of it is available for less than $200.

The Speed and Strength SS2500 helmet is designed for those who are looking for a high-quality, premium helmet for a much lower price. Speed and Strength has paid a lot of attention to details and these subtle changes make a huge difference.

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