Speed And Strength SS1310 Helmet Review: Affordable Sports Helmet

Speed and Strength has been making helmets for a very long time, and it has created its own niche in the helmet industry. There are only a handful of helmet brands that are designed exclusively for motorcycle riders.

The Speed and Strength brand hasn’t updated to include the needs of car racers and thus, there is no distraction when it comes to design.

Every product from Speed and Strength is produced exclusively for the riders who want the best performance on the roads. The Speed and Strength SS1310 helmet review will let you understand why it is one of the most affordably priced helmets loved by sports riders.



The SS1310 helmet is a well-defined helmet with very useful design in the affordable helmet category. If you don’t need a fancy helmet but are just looking for some functionality for the price you pay, you won’t be disappointed with the SS1310. This helmet can be placed between SS700 and SS1600 with its offerings.

It is a nice upgrade from SS700, with special mention to the ventilation effect within the helmet. The distinctive profile with grilled design on the front adds a sporty touch to the helmet.


The SS1310 helmet is a full-faced helmet that weighs just 2.8 pounds. It is a lightweight helmet, and it is not easy to find a solid helmet at this price range. The polycarbonate shell with a more aerodynamic aggressive design is suitable for sports riders. Exhaustive vents at the back are much more aggressive than the SS700 model and look cool.

This helmet provides excellent ventilation which is one of the rare features found in full-faced helmets. The helmet is available in solid colors as well as with graphics. You may have to pay an additional $30 to $40 to obtain the helmet with the graphics design.

The SS1310 helmet has a lock and load rapid conversion system that allows you to replace the shields whenever you want. You can quickly swap the clear shield for a tinted one for superior protection from the sun. The quick replacement system makes it possible to wear this helmet in any weather conditions.

Design and Build Quality

The SS1310 is designed for sports riders, which means that this helmet is a great choice for riding in extreme sports conditions. It is comfortable and stable at high speeds. The advanced Thermo Poly shell stays on the head without wobbling, and the aerodynamic properties ensure maximum stability.

It is rare to find a $150 helmet that doesn’t rattle while riding at high speeds. It comes with a single shell size, but the fit will suit most of the American sports riders with long and narrow faces.

Face Shield

The SS1310 helmet comes with a gasket to provide a perfect seal when the face shield is closed. The face shield is equipped with a locking mechanism which provides 100% seal with the gasket.

If you don’t like the face shield moving even slightly as you ride the bike, you will enjoy using this face shield lock. It is extremely useful when you frequently ride in aggressive riding conditions.

The face shield has All Clear sight system with scratch-resistant, fog-resistant, and UV-resistant coating. While this helmet is suitable for riding in both hot and cold weather, you may experience some fogging if you ride in extremely cold conditions. You can comfortably wear sunglasses with this helmet without any problems.


The interior of the helmet is made with contoured cheek pads that wick away moisture quickly. They feel soft against your skin, making you feel cool in warm weather conditions.

There are no snaps at the front of the EPS liner, which eliminates the presence of pressure points. The interior is plush and comfortable, especially for a helmet in the $150 price range. It can be removed and washed to keep away the stinky smell.

The soft interior provides adequate padding to reduce the wind noise considerably while riding your bike.


The SS1310 is especially loved due to its superior ventilation system. The Air Strike direct course ventilation system pulls the cold air in and warm air out. The grilled vents on the chin bar provide excellent airflow within the helmet. The exhaust vents are placed strategically as a design element at the back of the helmet.


The double D-ring retention system locks the helmet so that you can ride without worrying about protection. The polycarbonate shell is designed to withstand impact so as to protect your head in case of collisions.

It is a great value helmet that provides ultimate safety on the roads. The SS1310 helmet meets and exceeds DOT standards, making it one of the standardized mid-range helmets affordable for all sports riders.

Other Factors for Consideration

The SS310 helmet is one of the classic helmets you can get for less than $150. It is safe, comfortable and performs well in different sport riding conditions.

This helmet has all the basic features you ever need in a well-defined helmet. With solid and graphic color options, there is always a style that will suit all types of riders.

The absence of a sun visor may be disappointing for some riders because you can find a $150 helmet with a sun visor in the helmet market. However, the shield replacement is a quick task, and you won’t find it much of a hassle unless you have to change the shield every day to and from work.