Speed And Strength SS1200 Helmet Review: Best Mid-Range Helmet With Basic Features

Speed and Strength is a brand that is well-known for its motorcycle accessories and helmets. Motorcycle riders enjoy wearing the SS helmets because of their versatility and supreme functionality. There is always a helmet in every budget from Speed and Strength.

When it comes to helmets, the cost doesn’t always determine the quality. You can easily buy a functional and safe helmet for less than $200. However, if you enjoy racing and want to be a winner on the road, you may have to choose more expensive helmets. The Speed and Strength SS1200 helmet review reveals why it is a good helmet for street riding.

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Speed and Strength continues to expand its line of helmets, much to the satisfaction of motorcycle riders. Just when you feel that the current helmet in the line has all the features that you could hope for, Speed and Strength launches a new helmet with some unique features. It is an upgrade from SS1100, and it is available for around $130. There are a few key changes that distinguish SS1200 from SS1100.


The SS1200 helmet is a full-face helmet that weighs 3.28 pounds. Any full-face helmet that weighs less than 3.5 pounds can be called as a premium lightweight helmet because it will feel so light on your head.

The SS1200 helmet achieves this characteristic feature with a polycarbonate shell. The shell design is upgraded to be aggressive, catering to the requirements of the sports-loving crowd. It will fit riders with a round oval shape. It will fit most of the people in the American motorcycle market conveniently.

Shell Design

The SS1200 has the same Advanced Thermo-Poly Alloy shell that is found in the SS1100. The DOT and ECE approved shell is much more aggressive than its predecessors.

The vents are integrated into the shell design. The polycarbonate shell is one of the most basic materials used in making a helmet. However, finding a polycarbonate helmet that weighs less than 3.5 pounds is not easy, especially when the helmet costs just $130. Fiberglass composite helmets are much more expensive, and they can be found only if you are willing to pay over $200 for a helmet.


The interior of the helmet is well-designed with speaker cutouts for enjoyable rides. Aggressive bike riders and sports bike riders love to enjoy playing music while riding their favorite motorcycle. The interior has cutouts for speakers that allow you to install an external Bluetooth device. This will enable you to listen to your favorite music or even communicate with other riders.

The cutouts, however, may not be large enough for some of the modern Bluetooth devices. You should remember that this is not a premium helmet and for $130, you can’t expect anything more than an option to include Bluetooth devices.

The Cool Core interior is a nice upgrade from SS1100. The moisture wicking liner can be taken out and washed easily. To get out the stinky sweat smell, all you need to do is wash the liner with plain water.

The contoured cheek pads provide a comfortable fit within the helmet. The neck roll is made of a single piece, and it provides ultimate comfort.


The SS1200 helmet has the Air Strike direct course ventilation system. It provides solid ventilation inside the helmet. The shell design integrates the vents to promote airflow inside the helmet.

The back of the helmet has exhaust vents that use the Venturi effect to create negative air pressure. This pulls the warm air out of the helmet, promoting cooler airflow within the helmet. If the rider rides in a tuck or 3/4 position, this helmet will provide optimal ventilation.

Even with an expertly designed ventilation system, the absence of bigger channels in the interior can limit the airflow supplied by the vents. However, this helmet provides great value for the money you pay.

Face Shield

The helmet ships with a clear face shield, with All Clear sight system that provides distortion-free vision. The optically correct vision allows you to see the road clearly even in extreme riding positions.

The face shield mechanism is not over the top even though there is nothing to complain about in that regard. For around $130, you can’t expect a world class shield mechanism. It may not be extremely easy to swap shields with this helmet, but it is not much of a hassle either.

However, if you enjoy regular riding with your bike, you won’t mind spending a few minutes to change the face shield. You can always purchase a smoke tinted shield for better sun protection.

The SS1200 helmet comes with a removable breath guard and chin curtain which is a nice addition to the mid-range helmet. You can use the chin curtain to minimize fogging when you ride in cold weather conditions.


The SS1200 helmet comes with a DOT and ECE certification which speaks volumes for the safety feature. The double D-ring closure locks the helmet once you put it on and taking it off is also easy.

Other Factors for Consideration

One of the key elements of SS1200 that make the helmet stand out is the aggressive graphic design. The military inspired graphics with color splatter design appears aggressive on the first look. The graphic design includes skull and wings, both of which entertain motorcycle riders.

If you don’t prefer to have loud graphics with your helmet, you can choose the white helmet that comes without the splatter pattern. However, if you love to make heads turn by simply riding your bike, you won’t be disappointed with this helmet and its basic features.

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