Simpson Motorcycle Helmets

Simpson manufacturers a variety of safety related gear and products including Helmets, fire suits, and parachutes. Safety is the primary goal of this brand, and it shows with their extensive ongoing testing of all the products that it delivers to market.

In January 2012, Simpson X-Bandit Pro Helmet received FIA Approval and the Distinction of Being the First U.S. Manufactured FIA 8860 Approved “Super Helmet.”

Don’t get confused (like I do 🙂 Simpson makes a popular model helmet called the Simpson Bandit, (the Street, Outlaw, and Super Bandits) while there is an entire brand of helmets in Germany called Bandit Helmets.

And now there is the Simpson Ghost Bandit Helmet too. 

I like both and they do look similar in nature – especially when the brand stickers are removed for a little custom painting fun. But don’t think that a Bandit helmet is a Simpson, although a Simpson makes a Bandit. I know, right? Anyways, here are the Simpson Brand Helmets that you should have a look at.

Simpson Motorcycle Helmets

Simpson M30 Bandit Carbon Fiber DOT Helmet.$599
Simpson Super Bandit Helmet
Simpson M50 Helmet$300.00
Simpson Carbon Fiber Devil Ray Helmet

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Simpson Ghost Bandit Motorcycle Helmet$300-500
Simpson Street Bandit Motorcycle Helmet$300-700

Starting in 1959, these guys know a thing or two about safety. These helmets where built to withstand impact and last. With a little creativity, these helmets can also be transformed in works of art demonstrated by some very unique custom paint jobs.

Custom Painted Simpson Helmets

Here are just a few to get that idea hamster wheel spinning.

This is a better breakdown of the Bandit helmet models by Simpson.

These full face helmets make a great canvas for some custom art work. If pinstriping isn’t your thing, maybe a great big ol’ smile across the front of it is.

Check out a few of these smiley helmet designs.

More Simpson Motorcycle Helmets for Sale: