Shark Evoline Series 3 Helmet Review: The Cross-Country Badass

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Shark is a company well-known for its helmets; if you didn’t know it yet, start getting to know it. These are solid, well-designed and well-built head-pieces that are focused on safety to keep your brainpan intact.

Collage for Shark Evoline Series 3 Helmet ReviewThe Line

The helmet I am about to tell you about after all this build up is from the Shark Discovery Division. That line is focused on distance rides, dirt trails and in general getting out there and riding. Their website has a picture of some rich dude getting dropped off in the middle of nowhere to begin his ride back and some guy and girl going cross-country — know what I mean.

So they give this line its own style and flavor.

The Head

So what am I yammering about? Who knows? But let’s talk about the helmet. The Shark Evoline Series 3 Helmet. This nifty little bugger is sleek as all get out, but we know any helmet worth its salt is sleek and sexy. This one makes you look like you walked off of a TRON set so yeah it is pretty nice. The main color is black but you have a couple of choices as silver and white.

Yin & Yang

It is an open-face helmet and it is a closed-face helmet. It walks both paths like inside and outside the law or something. It’s cool is what it is. So this is the first funky “Discovery” feature. The duality. Open-face for comfort, air on your face, less heat and enjoying the weather and great outdoors. Then when you put the pedal to the mettle, the petal to the medal, the paddle to the metal… (screw it) when you accelerate, when you want to grind the miles away, pull down the rolling chin-guard from behind your head and lock it into place for safety — pretty easy and quick to do. Sure you give up a bit of the airflow and it gets a bit warm but there is a trade-off for power and safety. Also we want you alive to buy the next helmet, you yahoo. Also not being dead is good for your health. It has its safety standards properly met in both states.

Shark Evoline Series 3 Fusion Matte Black Full Face HelmetA bit of Dredd

So moving onto other bits, if you wore glasses in school and they called you 4-eyes. Well with this they will call you 8-eyes and you will put your boot up where the sun don’t shine. It has the standard UV-visor for glare protection and a sun-shield as well that slides down nicely over your glasses (if you wear them) like giant sunglasses. That kind of make you look like Judge Dredd; you are the LAW (don’t get too cocky though). The shades are obviously for the bright sunlight on cross-country travel and scratch resistant. The the visor is for the UV, anti-fogging (you gotta see) and anti-scratch (the casual ding protection and providing clear vision). I say nice.

Let’s Talk but What Did You Say?

There is a built-in spot for your Sharktooth bluetooth head set, if you buy one. That gadget essentially is a Bluetooth headset for riders to talk on the phone, listen to music and the like. It’s easy to access and makes communication a breeze, especially when you have a group of you riding down scaring people into thinking “oh no Bikers, Sons of Anarchy, Ahhhh!” And, you all are like “yeah, so I told my son, less Xbox, more homework”. Or even calling home and saying “Dave! Less XBox! More homework! Or you’re in real trouble, boy. Real trouble!” And any dorks passing by think, “ahhhh! Sons of Anarchy Ahhhh… he is threatening someone… Ahhh”. Too much TV, I think. Sharktooth is fun. But that is separate. Economy helmet.
Unfortunately, its sound reduction is not amazing so a bit loud but it is not a high-end helmet but is a solid piece.

Shark Evoline Series 3 Motorcycle HelmetWashing?

You can pull the lining out for gentle washing so you don’t stink and things stay clean. Don’t put the helmet in the washer/dryer unless you want a dumb youtube video. Then you totally can. No refunds for that though. Also for the broken washer or any injury or the wrath of the Significant Other.

Just the Facts

Here is a chunk of facts from the manufacturer website made readable (sort of):

  • Light weight: 1.715 kg
  • Semi-automatic (Auto-up) system unlocking simultaneously visor and chin (it opens easily)
  • Optimal aerodynamics even in open-face position (aerodynamic)
  • Double homologation, in open and closed position (good safety ratings in both modes)
  • Microlock buckle system (convenient strap lock)
  • Injected Thermoplastic Resin (safety for the noggin)
  • Outside Anti-Scratch, Inside Anti-Fog Visor (Clear vision)
  • Anti-Scratch Sun Visor (Clear Vision)
  • Shark Easy Fit (Good with spectacle wearers)
  • Planned Location for Sharktooth (buy a Sharktooth bluetooth device and it will fit nicely)
  • Quick Release Visor System (Visor opens easily)
  • Removable Lining (wash on delicates, in a wash net, you badass)
  • Sizes: XS (53/54 cm), S (55/56 cm), M (57/58 cm), L (59/60 cm), XL (61/62 cm)

Did Someone Say Safety?

These guys are nothing-but serious about safety.

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