Scorpion EXO-T1200 Alias Helmet Review: The One Helmet That You Need For Riding All Day Long

The motorcycle helmet is a highly competitive industry. You can find tons of helmets that cost less than $100 and others that cost upwards of $800.

Numerous helmet designs are also available between these two ranges. In any case, the helmet has features that you pay for. If you pay close attention to the design and functionality of the helmets, you can easily strike a bargain.

Very few manufacturers such as Scorpion create premium quality helmets for a much lower price. The Scorpion EXO T1200 Alias helmet review uncovers the features of this helmet so that you can decide whether it is right for you.


The EXO T1200 from Scorpion is one of the best helmets you can buy for around $300. Every aspect of the helmet design justifies the price you pay. That is why this helmet design is extremely popular among sports bike riders.

With intermediate oval fit, this helmet is ideally suited for the American market.


The EXO T1200 is a full face helmet that weighs just about 3.5 pounds. It is one of the most lightweight helmets that you can find for around $300.

It is one of the most popular helmets from Scorpion that has several interesting features and design elements. You can get this helmet in pure black or with yellow and red color elements. The design of this helmet is classic and aggressive at the same time.

If you love sporting over the top graphics, you have to look for other helmets. However, if your choice is sporty helmets without too much graphics, the T1200 is just right for you.

Shell Design

The T1200 helmet from Scorpion is an excellent upgrade from the T100 model. This helmet is ideally suited for riders who are looking for a comfortable ride all day long.

If you are gearing up for a long journey on your motorcycle, you want the helmet to sit lightly on the head without creating pressure points. The shell of T1200 is upgraded from fiber composite to TCT composite shell. It is a revolutionary shell material designed exclusively by Scorpion.

The shell is made of 5 layers of interlaced aramid, organic poly-resin, and fiberglass. This composite shell results in a lightweight helmet that weighs just about 3.5 pounds. It is incredibly difficult to find such a comfortable and lightweight helmet for around $300.


The EXO T1200 has a true intermediate oval fit. There are no discrepancies in size as long as you follow the size chart perfectly.

One of the greatest features of this helmet is the Air Fit feature. The cheek pad system is inflatable which allows you to inflate it to just the right size for the most personalized fit. It is one of the interesting features introduced by Scorpion even though it is not available with all Scorpion helmets.

If none of your previous helmets have provided you the snuggest fit you crave, you will be delighted with this T1200 helmet. The contoured 3D cheek pads fit your head perfectly, taking the shape of your face.


The interior EPS lining is made of Kwickwick III material which is the most moisture wicking liner from Scorpion. It feels cool and soft against your skin, and it doesn’t rub against you as you ride at higher speeds.

It has antimicrobial and anti-allergenic properties, ensuring that you stay comfortable throughout your ride. The Kwickfit system also allows you to use eyeglasses with your helmet.


The T1200 helmet has one of the most advanced ventilation systems that uses Venturi Super Vent technology. It is an innovative system developed after a series of wind tunnel testing to increase the helmet venturi effect.

It creates a negative air pressure which naturally drives moist air out and pulls cool air inside the helmet. There are two intake ports nicely integrated with the design and they draw cool air into the interior of the helmet. The back of the helmet has three exhaust ports that push the warm air out. Super vent channel accelerates air flow, increasing the venturi effect.

Despite the superior airflow, this helmet has very minimal wind noise, thanks to the plush cheek pads. You can use this sports helmet without ear plugs comfortably. The cheek pads have emergency quick release system to quickly remove the neck roll and cheek pads for emergency medical assistance.

Face Shield and Sun Visor

The optically clear face shield has a superior anti-fog coating. It is also scratch resistant and provides 100% UV protection. The helmet also includes a Speed view sun visor that can be used in 3 different positions. It is the maximum customization feature you can ever expect from a $300 helmet. The sun visor also has an anti-fog coating.

The Ellip Tec base plate provides a proper and complete seal when you shut the face shield. The Ellip Tec ratchet system makes it possible to remove the face shield without any tool.


The Scorpion EXO T1200 helmet has both DOT and ECE approval, and there is nothing more you can ask for. The Double D-ring secures the helmet properly, and it also facilitates easy removal of the helmet. Above all, it comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Other Factors for Consideration

The EXO T1200 is the perfect helmet you want with all the advanced features. It is lightweight, durable, comes with a sun visor, and has superior ventilation.

If you are looking for the one helmet that keeps you comfortable and safe without compromising on performance or style, the T1200 is the best choice.

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