Scorpion EXO-R710 Motorcycle Helmet Review: Snell Certified Helmet With Cool Graphics

Scorpion has been making motorcycle gear for over 10 years. The manufacturer has consistently delivered premium products that justify the price you pay. Every type of rider with specific preferences for helmets will find a helmet that suits them best.

You can find Scorpion helmets in different price ranges so that you can always select one that fits your budget. The helmets come with strong safety features such as DOT and Snell approval.

The Scorpion EXO R710 helmet review divulges on the important features that make this helmet one of the best in the industry. Plus, it looks to be one of the better helmets out there too, and is perfect if you are looking to get one for your adventure needs.


Priced at around $200, this EXO R710 helmet with golden state graphic is a great choice if you don’t mind missing the bells and whistles. For the price range, you would expect the helmet to have a good design, comfortable fit, and guaranteed safety performance.

The R710 helmet caters to all these needs and a little more, too. This helmet is an ideal choice for those who love California too much.


The EXO R710 helmet is a full-face helmet that weighs around 3.5 pounds. The weight factor makes this helmet an ideal choice for those who are sensitive about their helmets.

It is difficult to find a helmet with so much graphic detailing for less than $200. The helmet can be purchased in black with a modified design that makes it look like a real sports and race track helmet. This helmet has an intermediate oval fit which is quite useful for people with long and narrow head shapes.

It is an ideal helmet design for the American market.

Shell Design

Unlike other $200 helmets in the market, Scorpion brings about its unique and proprietary blend of fiberglass to the mid range helmet category. The EXO R710 shell is made of a composite of Aramid matrix shell and fiberglass which consists of interlaced aramid fibers and fiberglass.

It greatly helps in reducing the weight of the helmet. It is very hard to find a solid shell body that weighs around 3.5 pounds. This helmet is great as a sports helmet that can be used when you are riding in ¾ position. The shell is available in 3 different sizes to promote proper fitment.

The graphic design makes this helmet stand out in a crowd. The graphics include the picture of the state of California with skyscrapers. The grizzly bear and large California graphic are enough to proclaim your love for the state.

The design also includes the infamous Hollywood sign. The paint and design quality is premium, compared to what you are paying for this helmet. The helmet can also be purchased with few other graphics.


The design of the helmet is heavily inspired by T1200 and R2000 helmet models from Scorpion. Some of the best features are integrated into the budget-friendly helmet.

The multi-layer EPS lining provides superior energy displacement which ensures optimal protection to the head. The EPS lining is distributed throughout the chin bar to keep you cozy inside the helmet.

The lining material is made of Scorpion’s famous Kwikwick material which is extremely soft against the skin. It is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, which ensures that you will stay comfortable inside the helmet. It also comes with Kwickfit system that allows you to use the helmet with eyeglasses.

The tabs under the neck roll have the emergency release system which makes it easy for emergency medical personnel to take off the helmet quickly.


The ventilation system is supremely upgraded with this helmet. It has aero-tuned ventilation with four intake ports at the front and three exhaust ports at the back.

The spring loaded venting system can be easily adjusted with a switch that can be operated using a gloved hand. The vents at the front and back promote airflow and remove warm air easily.

Face Shield

The clear and fog-free face shield protects you against natural elements when you ride your bike. The Ellip Tec ratchet system ensures that the face shield snaps shut to create the perfect seal.

It also has a wider eyeport for distortion-free vision. The face shield also protects you against the harmful UV rays. One of the characteristic features of the face shield is that it can be removed quickly without the need for any tools.

This feature alone makes this helmet highly desirable because it takes less than 30 seconds to take off the face shield. If you want to ride in sunny weather, you can comfortably use this helmet with sunglasses.


The Scorpion EXO R710 helmet is a Snell certified helmet, which is sufficient to say that it has supreme safety features. It has a robust build and keeps you safe in cases of high impact accidents.

The Double D-ring snaps the helmet in place and prevents it from wobbling at high speeds. It also comes with the standard 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Other Factors for Consideration

One of the major features missing in the EXO R710 helmet is that it doesn’t have an air fit system. It was present in the previous Scorpion models and was useful in getting the custom fit.

Now, motorcycle riders have to make do with the cheek pads and shell sizes to get a proper fit. However, Scorpion helmets are known for a comfortable fit, and you shouldn’t have a problem as long as you choose the right size for your head.