Scorpion EXO-R410 Helmet Review: Budget Friendly Helmet With Solid Features

With every new helmet launched in the market, Scorpion continues to raise the standards for motorcycle gear. The best part of Scorpion helmets is that they are not always ridiculously priced.

Many mid-range helmets from Scorpion bring about the advanced premium features and make them accessible for all types of motorcycle riders. While you can easily find specialty purpose helmets from Scorpion, you can also find helmets that are suitable for different types of riding.

The Scorpion EXO R410 helmet review uncovers the features that make it an ideal choice for budget conscious motorcycle riders. Yet, what we loved about the helmet is that it doesn’t compromise a lot on its looks and definitely not even a little when it comes to the safety standards. Here is a look at what you would love about the Scorpion EXO R410 helmet.


Not always would you be interested in spending around $500 for a standard helmet. Sometimes, you may need a helmet that caters to your everyday riding requirements.

Motorcycle riders always have a collection of helmets for different purposes. When all you need is a fuss-free riding experience with the highest safety, the EXO R410 helmet from Scorpion is a good choice. This helmet is priced at $139, and you get more than what you pay for with this helmet.


The Scorpion EXO R410 helmet is a full-face helmet weighing 3.6 pounds. Compared to the previous EXO helmets from Scorpion, the R410 has undergone numerous design changes which make the helmet look cool.

This helmet is ideally suited for modern-day riders who are looking for a sub $200 helmet. The helmet has a neutral or intermediate oval fit. You can purchase this helmet in various solid colors.

If aggressive graphics is your style, you can customize your helmet with some stickers of your choice.

Shell Design

The EXO R410 is made of a polycarbonate shell that is durable and lightweight. The LG plastic is a premium polycarbonate shell that is much lighter in weight compared to other competitors.


The chimney vents are strategically placed at the top to promote maximum airflow. Interestingly, the placement of vent adds to the design element of the helmet.

The chimney vents can be controlled with a button at the top, which could be difficult with a gloved hand. The chin vents also aid in circulating cool air inside the helmet. The exhaust vents are useful in creating and maintaining venturi effect to suck out warm moist air out of the helmet.

As you take out the interior EPS liner, you can find the brow vents that promote additional airflow to keep your head cool. The EPS liner is designed with numerous cutouts to allow the air to flow freely.


The interior is designed carefully considering the need to pull out cheek pads in case of emergencies. The emergency quick release system helps the emergency professionals to take off the helmet quickly to provide medical assistance.

The plush cheek pads have snap points along with a sliding mechanism to ensure proper fit within the helmet. The contoured cheek pads are slightly thin at the temples to eliminate pressure points.

The Kwikwick 2 antimicrobial liner is completely removable and washable. The sleeves of Double D chin strap can be removed as well.

Face Shield

The helmet ships with a clear face shield that has an anti-fog coating with one year warranty. The face shield has a nice tool-free removal system, and all it needs is a push of the button to remove the face shield. This makes it extremely easy to switch shields if you want to ride in the sun. This helmet also allows wearing of goggles so that you don’t really have to change the shield, as you can wear sunglasses with the helmet.

To ride in cold weather, the face shield with anti-fog coating is all that you need. The Ellip Tec ratchet system provides a complete closure of the face shield, providing a good seal against the gasket. It prevents the cold wind and rain from entering the helmet.

An interesting feature with the face shield is that it comes with a locking mechanism that allows you to keep the face shield slightly cracked open. It will be very useful when you want to ride in really cold weather because it prevents fog and condensation inside the helmet.


The EXO R410 helmet is both DOT and Snell approved. Finding a helmet in the American market with Snell approval is not easy, but the EXO R410 helmet caters to that need.

The shell is solid and resilient, and it can be worn with eyeglasses. Bikers who have been in a crash with the Scorpion helmet always praise the helmet, as it provides optimal safety.

Other Factors for Consideration

The Scorpion EXO R410 helmet is a well-positioned helmet in the sub $150 helmet category. It comes with all the major features, and the design looks cool.

If you need a helmet with more graphics, you have to pay more. There is really nothing to nitpick with this helmet as the design is solid and functional. The manufacturer has emphasized comfort and safety with this helmet.

You can also take this helmet to racing tracks, even though this helmet is not designed exclusively to improve the aerodynamic property. It is a good helmet for regular use, and it excels in ensuring longevity.

If you love listening to music, you will find it difficult to connect your Bluetooth devices because there are no cutouts for speakers. However, for less than $150, you can’t expect anything more than the basic and standard features.