Scorpion EXO-AT950 Neocon Helmet Review: The First Choice in Mid-Range Modular Helmet

Scorpion has been popular among motorcycle riders for more than 10 years. Even since the inception, the manufacturer has taken every possible measure to introduce the latest design features in motorcycle gear.

The company makes helmets for every type of biker, and some of the designs are truly award winning. You can find a Scorpion helmet that fits every budget. Scorpion helmets are known for their minimalistic graphic design suitable for bikers who value performance, style, and safety.

The Scorpion EXO AT950 Neocon helmet review unveils the potential features of the helmet that make it truly unique.

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Often, the design features of helmets are locked to their purpose. It is difficult to find a helmet catering to your design requirements while serving its purpose.

The Neocon helmets combine the distinguished styles of a touring helmet with an off road helmet. The peaked helmet design gives the off-road vibe while the modular chin bar improves practicality.

The peak design is removable, enabling you to improve the aerodynamic property of the helmet to hit the road at high speeds. This helmet costs about $290, and it is one of the mid-range helmets you can buy from Scorpion.


Modular adventure helmets are a rare find among the different types of helmets. Often, they are pricey and lack some of the distinguished style features.

Scorpion has finally listened to the requirements of adventure motorcycle riders to come up with a lightweight and affordable helmet. The EXO helmet is a modular helmet that weighs around 3.8 pounds. It is a lightweight power packed helmet that comes with all the features you would ever hope for in a helmet.

All these are available for less than $300, which is truly a dream come true for many motorcycle riders.

Shell Design

The EXO helmet is made of an advanced LG polycarbonate shell that is designed to be lightweight, resilient, and rigid. It is intended to maximize displacement of impact during a collision. Bikers who have been in an accident are happy with the protection offered by this helmet.

The adventurous, aggressive styling is evident from the design of the shell. The flip up chin bar is loved by many bike riders who feel that it is necessary to talk without taking off the helmet. You can also ride comfortably with the chin bar up.

If you don’t like riding with the peak, you can simply take it off using a swift motion. The helmet also ships with side pads if you prefer to ride that way.

Fit and Comfort

The EXO helmet has an intermediate oval head shape, ideally suited for long and narrow heads. Modular helmets don’t generally come with the air fit design. This helmet fits just perfectly with the plush cheek pads, providing cushioning and comfort. As long as you choose the size that is right for you, you won’t have a problem with the fitment of this helmet.

The dual density EPS liner provides optimal protection. The Kwikwick antimicrobial liner wicks away moisture and keeps you cool even in hot weather. The cheek pads have cutouts for intercom devices, and you can wear the helmet comfortably with eyeglasses too.


The EXO AT950 helmet has a customizable ventilation system. The top chimney vent can be easily opened and closed by pushing a button with a gloved hand.

The chin vents can be customized in three stages. You can close the vents completely or open them partially to minimize fogging, or open them completely to promote airflow within the helmet.

Some of the motorcycle riders prefer to have additional vents at the back. When you ride in hot weather conditions, the helmet could get really hot inside. In that case, you can crack open the face shield and ride your bike with just the sun visor for eye protection.

Face Shield and Sun Visor

One of the rarest features in a modular helmet is the sun visor. The Scorpion EXO AT 950 brings sun visor and fog-free face shield in the modular helmet design.

The Ellip Tec ratchet system pulls the shield to create a proper seal when the shield is closed. It also comes with 100% tool-less design so that you can remove the shield if you want.

The EverClear No Fog face shield provides complete freedom from the fog. It also features a wide eye port for better range of vision. The sun visor can be engaged with the push of a button. It also has an anti-fog coating on both the surfaces.


The EXO AT950 helmet from Scorpion has DOT approval which ensures that the modular helmet is designed without compromising the safety factor. You will love it for its looks, and combined with its safety standards, this is one helmet to go for.

Other Factors for Consideration

The EXO AT950 helmet truly stands out among the competition because it is the first helmet to bring about the modular design with a dirt bike face shield and drop down sun visor. No other company in the USA has done anything like this before.

This helmet is priced just under $300, and modular helmets tend to be expensive. There is no room for complaints with this helmet, as you can’t find such a feature rich modular helmet that doesn’t cost you $800. It is a great adventure helmet that is surprisingly budget-friendly and ultimately comfortable.

The Scorpion EXO AT950 helmet caters to various riding requirements on the road, off the road, and for dual sports ride. It is a great option when it comes to choosing a feature-rich helmet available at an affordable price point.

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