Scorpion Belfast Helmet Review: Hassle Free Helmet For Retro Loving Bikers

Scorpion is a well-known manufacturer of motorcycle gear that has been popular for a decade. The company employs the best designers to create signature helmets and apparel.

Many popular racers endorse and wear Scorpion brand products frequently. All the motorcycle gear is manufactured in a state of the art production facility owned by Scorpion.

In the Scorpion Belfast helmet review, you will find out why this classic helmet is never out of style and demand.

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When it comes to helmet design, there are a few designs that are truly timeless. Vintage designs are highly sought after and sometimes, the distressed look just isn’t enough. This one from Scorpion has one of those looks that you would want.

There are different styles of vintage helmets, and all they need is up-to-date protection. Instead of having patches screaming vintage, you need a classic helmet that truly depicts its vintage persona. If such a helmet is your choice, you will be happy with the simple and timeless Belfast helmet design.

Apart from the looks, the helmet fits snugly to your head and you can ride for hours without any discomfort.


The Belfast helmet from Scorpion is a classic ¾ open-faced helmet that weighs just 2.62 pounds. It is a very simple helmet that offers the most important feature of a helmet, safety.

You will surely make heads turn wearing this vintage-style helmet. If you are not fond of the closed feeling of a full face helmet, you will be more than happy to let your biker emotions flow with this helmet.

This retro styled helmet combines modern technology to provide ultimate comfort and safety when you ride on the roads. This helmet is available for around $200. Some may consider it pricey, but this helmet is determined to provide you riding comfort for years to come.

Design and Build Quality

The design of this helmet is pretty straightforward. There are no bells and whistles attached to this helmet. You will get head protection and ultimate comfort while flaunting your style in a vintage helmet.

The fiberglass shell design is hand-laid individually to guarantee maximum head protection. The shell meets the top industry standards because modern day riding is all about style and safety.

It is a true retro helmet with a minimalistic design. The Belfast helmet is available in solid colors, and the shell construction is resilient.

Open face helmets have a very basic design because there is no need to focus on enabling ventilation. If you have been riding with closed-face helmets through the years, you will enjoy true freedom with the wind blowing in your face with this open-faced helmet. It is a great helmet for your regular commute to work, as long as you live in fairly reliable weather conditions.


The interior of this helmet makes it all the more desirable. Nappa leather accents give a luxurious feeling to this helmet. The hand-stitched plush liner adds to the vintage styling.

The Kwikfit cheek pads are cozy and comfortable. You can comfortably wear eyeglasses with this helmet. The plush liner and cheek pads eliminate pressure points that are often found with open-faced helmets. Once you put on this helmet, you won’t feel any weight pressing on your temples.

Comfort Fit

Many bikers are unsure of the fit of an open-face helmet. Unless you choose the right size, the helmet will feel wobbly even while riding at lower speeds.

The Scorpion Belfast helmet is available in three shell sizes to enable comfortable fit for most head shapes. If you have a weird shaped head, you won’t go wrong with this helmet because it fits most head shapes.

Sun Visor

A nice addition to this classic helmet design is a retractable and interchangeable Speedview sun visor. The tinted sun visor protects your eyes from the sun and enables you to ride at high speeds on a hot day.

The sun visor can be engaged and retracted with the push of a single button that can be easily reached with a gloved hand. The interchangeable visor adds a customizable element to this helmet.


Safety is one of the uncompromising factors while choosing a helmet. The Belfast helmet is DOT approved, which means that you can confidently wear a vintage helmet without worrying about getting your head crushed should you meet with an accident.

This helmet also comes with a standard 5-year manufacturer warranty which ensures that you get your money’s worth. The chin strap secures the helmet perfectly, and it is also easy to take the helmet off.

Other Factors for Consideration

The open-face helmet is ideally suited for riding in favorable weather conditions. The cheek pads provide cushioning and protection from the noise. If you are not used to the wind and road noise while riding your bike, you may find the helmet to be quite noisy.

Some bikers feel that there must be vents when it gets too hot to ride. Even with the wind blowing in your face, you need vents to keep the heat away from your head while riding with a fitting helmet.

The old school look is one of the most attractive features of the helmet. Some bikers are also not impressed with the sun visor, as a clear visor would have been more efficient.

If you are looking for a hassle-free helmet to look stylish and comfortable, the Scorpion Belfast helmet is a good choice. Though it is slightly expensive in the category, it is a solid helmet that you will fall in love with instantly.

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