Roof Boxer Helmet Review

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Roof Boxer Helmet Review

The Roof Boxer V8 Helmet is perhaps one of the most unique helmets that have ever been available on the market. Regardless of the reason that a helmet is used, whether it is intended for riding a motorcycle, auto racing or skydiving, a person’s helmet is one of the most important aspects of their safety equipment that also serves as an extension of their own personality. That is why the helmet has to be much more than a mere piece of safety equipment. As if that one factor alone is not important enough, a helmet must also be distinct and it must be something that gets the attention of everyone else right away. This is a helmet that can easily achieve all of these things, wrapped up in a single product. It also does all of these things very well.

The first impression upon seeing this unique piece of safety equipment is that it looks completely unlike any other helmet that has ever been produced before. In truth, it looks more like something from years into the future than it does anything that could be realistically produced in today’s world. It is a sleek, futuristic and aerodynamic piece of equipment that looks as though it would be just as much at home on the head of someone racing across the stars as it does placed squarely on the shoulders of someone who is airing out a new bike for the first time.

roof boxer blackRoof Boxer Features

It all starts with a matte black finish that encompass is the entire helmet. This gives the equipment a look that makes people think of a stealth fighter instead of a helmet. It is a full face helmet and to complement the matte black finish and keep safety at the forefront of the design, the word “Boxer” is displayed prominently on both sides of the helmet. By day, the letters that make up this word appear to be made of a subdued gunmetal finish that is the perfect complement to the matte black that is airbrushed over the rest of the helmet.

By night, these letters are highly reflective and add to the level of safety that is obviously of paramount concern to the manufacturers. This is obvious by the way that the helmet is designed and manufactured. In addition, the same subdued gunmetal finish is placed on half dollar sized circles that are centered inside of these letters on both sides. This serves both the purpose of design and of function. The hardware that is used to securely fasten the visor is bolted into this particular piece, yet when a person is looking at it, it all becomes part of the overall design. This is also reflective material, thereby further adding to the level of safety that is available when this helmet is worn.

roof boxer helmet with orange chin stripeOf course, this helmet does not stop there. There are air inlets underneath the visor on each side. They add to the sleek appearance of the helmet and also serve the functional purpose of keeping the rider cool when the helmet is worn. Perhaps one of its most prominent and unique features is the aerodynamic raised ridge that runs directly across the top of the helmet. It encompasses almost the entire length of the helmet and it gives it a very distinct appearance right away. However, it also serves to ensure that the helmet is as aerodynamic as possible. While it has a functional reason for being there, it is absolutely one of the most unique features of the entire design and it serves a major purpose when it comes to setting the helmet apart from its competition.

To finish off the design and complete the look, the helmet is outlined in bright red trim at the very bottom. When all things are considered, painstaking attention to detail has been paid to every aspect of designing and manufacturing this helmet. As a result, it is a product that does not have an equal when it comes to the competition. Therefore, this particular helmet stands out and becomes the ideal choice for anyone that wants to purchase something that is effective and safe while simultaneously giving them the opportunity to distinguish themselves. It is truly one of the most innovative products that has been produced in decades.

Roof Boxer Helmet Operation

With 4 modes of operation, the Roof Boxer V8 Helmet is nothing short of “Versitile.” The choice between a true open face or closed face in one helmet – with or without integral eye shield – makes this helmet capable of suiting either preference. The chin bar on the Boxer helmet can rotate a full 180DEG, making this helmet capable of being worn fully open at high speeds without any additional wind drag and stress to the neck.

By pushing the red buttons and lifting up on the tabs on either side of the chin bar unlock it for easily converting it to the open face style. These metal pins add strength and durability to the moving parts on the sleek helmet design.

Two air intake ports, four rear exhaust vents on the lower half of the helmet and one of each on the top give this helmet plenty of breathing room and minimal wind noise at high speeds. The interior is also removable for replacement and cleaning.

This Badass Helmet has ECE 2205 J certification for open face use and ECE 2205 P certification for full-face use.

The accessories for this helmet will compliment it’s extreme functionality, and bluetooth communication can also be added.

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