Razzer Custom Helmets

Razzer Custom Helmets

Skull Helmet Custom Make

Rezze has decided to develop Skull custom helmets, custom built to specs and designed to provide you with a high degree of comfort and precision.

Rezzo ensures that the custom built Skull helmet is engineered to perfection and built from scratch; currently they offer six different sizes from XS to XXL.

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Apart from this, Rezzo’s skull also comes with some definitive aerography which makes it stand out for all the right reasons. You can choose and pick from the several aerographics that are available and pick one that suits you.

The helmet itself is built from advanced polycarbonate shell and therefore it can withstand impacts and provide you with the protection you need.

Apart from this, the helmet comes with supplementary shields, from clear, mirrored to tinted and you can opt for the one that you prefer; the tinted visor is the one that offers you protection from sudden glares as well as UV radiation.

You can also choose the rear view graphics which appeal to you, and once you have made your preferences known, Rezze should be able to build the SKULL helmet in no time at all.

Conclusion: It is a good buy and one that comes with more choices than other variants.

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Rezze R Custom Alien

The latest custom-built helmet to be released from the studios of RezzeRstudios happens to be the Alien.

The Alien helmet is based on the HJC model, and as such, it comes with an advanced polycarbonate shell, one that is engineered to withstand sudden impacts and shocks.

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The shape of the outer shell is designed to resemble the alien creatures from the movie Alien and hence the tag. The base helmet remains the same, advanced polycarbonate shell, providing you with strength and durability while the exterior one is remodelled using sandwich composite tech and thereby providing you with additional protection.

It also comes with a large visor that is clear and offers you an unimpeded line of sight; you can opt to purchase the tinted visor if you should choose, but removing and attaching the visor to the helmet is easy and can be handled in a matter of minutes.

It also comes with a reliable and secure locking system, designed to ensure that the visor would not open suddenly as a result of impact or collision.

Moreover, the helmet is compliant with DOT and ECE22.05 standards.

Conclusion: A good buy, ranks well on both performance and safety.

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Rezze R Rider Hells Rider Helmet

The other latest entrant from the studios of Rezze R Studios happens to be Hell rider; the Hell rider helmet is built using the HCJ helmet as the base and building on the same.

The process used is sandwich composite technology which does not affect the safety aspect of the helmet and instead builds on the same by including additional padding and an extra outer layer.

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The end result is a neat custom built helmet which can withstand most sudden impacts, and collision.

The other hull can be custom painted with air brushing or graphics as per your preference but as for the helmet itself, its basic design still holds good and true. The helmet comes with a double shell with a dampening layer which helps to further protect your head from sudden impacts and shocks. It is durable, extremely lightweight and comes with a shield locking mechanism which helps to lock in your shield securely.

Moreover, the helmet is designed to increase speed and performance while reducing drag and wind resistance.

The neat thing about this helmet is that it is compatible with both Bluetooth headsets and action cameras. The Hells rider is an integral helmet of the HCJ class and has been DOT/ECE22.05R approved.

You do have different sizes and multiple visors on offer – we particularly liked the tinted one. It also comes in 6 different sizes – just choose one that closely matches your size, and if you are not sure about the size of your head, you can always use a tape measure to measure the widest part of your head.

Conclusion: The helmet is a worthy purchase given its safety and performance.

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