Pocket Bikes – The Top Choices For You

Pocket bikes are perfect for the bike aficionado to show their love and passion towards riding. They are not very expensive and usually resemble a sports bike. They are a miniature version of a bike.

Read on to choose the best pocket bike for you to buy.

Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike

This pocket miniature electric bike is from the brand Razor.

This miniature bike is an ideal gift for the teenage bike enthusiasts.

Children above the age of 13 can ride this bike easily.

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What would you love?

This bike runs at a speed of 15 mph or more, which is the limit what most by laws prescribe for you.

It has a variable speed throttle in a twist grip.

It will also be a perfect gift for a kid who is into bikes and wants to ride them.

There is as much as 10-inch pneumatic tires for a perfect grip on the road.

There are two 12V batteries that can be easily charged within 4-6 hours with electricity.

Once fully charged, you can ride on it continuously for 45 minutes. There is a twist grip variable speed throttle for maximum performance.

Things to Take Note:

Before buying it, keep in mind that this bike is not suitable to ride on a public road.

You can have fun with it in the parking lot or a private playing area. The bike can easily hold a rider who weighs less than 150 pounds. The weight of the bike is 42 pounds.

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Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

This miniature pocket bike from the house of Razor is a scaled down version of the cool looking moto-cross bike which is designed for off-road riding.

The bike has rechargeable batteries which you can charge with the help of electricity.

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What would you love?

The bike does not make any sound while riding, so it will not be irritating to your ears and will also not cause any noise pollution.

It runs at a single speed. The motor installed in this dirt bike is a chain driven motor which has a twisted grip throttle control.

It can speed up to 12 miles per hour without any paddling.

The tires in this bike are 12 inches wide pneumatic knobby tires which offer maximum performance and safety.

There are dual core suspensions in this Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike.

Once fully charged, it can run continuously for 30 minutes, which means you can go up to 10 miles with its fully charged battery.

Your teenage kid will really enjoy riding on the bike – it looks cool and gives all the feel of riding a dirt bike. There is a rear brake on the bike which can be operated by hand.

Things to Take Note:

This pocket bike does not have any training wheels, so make sure your kid knows how to drive a bike or can balance it well before giving it to them.

They should not be driving it before getting any training on a two-wheeler bike.

It’s not really lightweight too at 57.15 pounds.

Please ensure that the size of the bike is alright for your child before buying it, as many parents who have bought this for their kids felt that the teenagers are a bit too big for the size of this pocket dirt bike.

People usually buy this for their 6-9 year old kids to train them for the real motorcycle riding. This bike would be perfect for those who weigh less than 100 pounds. You can assemble the bike at home with the tools that come in the box. It will take you a maximum of an hour to do so. You will have to charge its battery for at least 12 hours to get it fully charged when you charge it for the first time.

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MotoTec 33cc Gas Pocket Bike

This pocket bike from the brand Moto Tec runs on gas unlike the other electrically charged pocket bikes.

With a two stroke 33 cc motor, you can air cool it when you want.

The bike is suitable for those teenagers and weighs a whopping 170 pounds.

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What would you love?

When the gas tank is full, you can ride it up to 20 miles non-stop. The gas tank has a volume of 1.25 liters; not that much, but it does get the job done.

You can also buy it if you are an adult who loves riding on a motorcycle but is not able to afford the real thing or just looking to have some fun in the parking lot.

The motor in the bike is a chain driven centrifugal motor, and can get the job done.

With a frame made of steel, you know that you’ve made a sturdy choice.

There are two brakes in this bike; one is in the front and one disc brake is in the rear. You can easily assemble the bike together with the pieces and the tools that come along with this bike to help you put it all together. Only one rider can ride this bike and the seat has comfortable cushioning on it. It has a twisted variable throttle grip and the handlebars are adjustable at various angles. The weight of the bike is 40 pounds. It has a pull start type of engine installed in it.

You can use the two stroke oil for the engine of this motorcycle. The mixing ratio of oil to gas should be 1:32. If you are thinking to use synthetic oils, then the ratio should be 1 part of synthetic oil to 40 parts gas.

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Monster Moto MM-B80-AF Mini Bike

This mini bike is like many others from Monster Moto–a class apart.

It’s a stylish looking dirt bike which features the American flag on the fenders of the tires.

The American flag on the fenders of this bike is not a sticker or decal; it is made by hand water dripping on the fender.

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What would you love?

The engine used in this pocket bike is the powerful 80 cc engine, which is a four-stroke engine with a top class overhead valve.

There is also a 2.5 horsepower engine.

This is an automatic bike with a no-shift clutch which follows the centrifugal force.

The rear brakes of this motorcycle can be operated by hand.

The frame of the bike is made of steel with tubes which are welded. The fenders are made of polypropylene, so they will not get dented in the case of an impact.

The bike has a comfortable cushioned seat; the foot pegs are loaded with spring and the throttle in this bike is the same like the real bike, which will make sure that you get the best ride of your lifetime every time you sit on this bike.

The bike is manufactured by keeping in mind the safety concerns. It has a chain guard and an exhaust heat shield. There is also a switch to stop the engine to ensure safety of the rider. You can go up to a speed of 26 miles per hour on this bike. However, the speed will depend on the weight of the rider sitting on the bike.

The 14.0X5.7R6.0 tires will have a great grip on the road, and are made of tubeless pneumatic material while the rim of the tire is covered with steel.

What you wouldn’t love as much?

It’s not lightweight, but not heavy either at 84.7 pounds.

You can easily set up the whole bike with the tool kit that comes with the product. Just attach the handle bars, get some gas, and you are ready to go.

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DONGFANG Bullet-Ant 110CC Pocket Bike Gas Motorcycle

Dongfang’s pocket bike is just like the real big motorcycles.

With a look to die for, your kid would love to own this one.

With an aluminium frame, it sports a great finish.

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What would you love about it?

The engine of the bike is a single 4-stroke horizontal type cylindrical 110 cc engine and is is air-cooled.

The tank of this bike can contain 2 liters of gas when it is full, which can meet all your needs.

You can run at a maximum speed of 40 km/hour when you are riding on this bike – one of the best out there.

The motor of the bike is a chain driven motor for power transmission. There are two disc brakes in the bike, one in the front and one in the rear of the bike.

It is the miniature version of a sporty bike and you would love it.

It will feel like a real motorcycle as it uses the real gasoline as fuel and it has special rubber tires for an extraordinary grip on the road.

There are even brakes like the real ones.

Things to Note:

Keep in mind, that this bike also needs special maintenance as the spare parts of this bike are not easily available. Additionally, it is not an automatic bike as all the Dongfang bikes come as manually operable.

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Razor RSF650 Street Bike

This street bike from the brand Razor is a fashionable bike that is sure to turn a lot of heads on the road.

With a 650 watt powered chain motor, this one features really high torque as well.

The grip on the handlebars has soft rubber for easy holding.

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The kickstand in the bike is retractable so you can easily park them anywhere. The foot pegs of this bike can be folded when not in needed. It also has a hidden storage compartment in it, in which you can store your precious items without people noticing it.

What would you love?

The bike has a frame of steel which has a Chasis design.

You would love the geometrical shape with a low profile windshield.

The 12-inch mag wheels with 10 spokes in each wheel will be a delight.

The throttle in the bike is variable speed twist grip.

There are two brakes in the bike, one on the frontal end and one on the rear. The rear brake is operable by hand.

This bike can run at a speed of 17 miles per hour, a decent speed for a pocket bike today.

The geometry of the bike, interestingly, keeps the authenticity of the street bikes with the steel trellis frame.

You can run this bike for 50 minutes continuously.

What you wouldn’t love so much?

You might have wanted a little bit more speed here, honestly.

We loved the fact that the handle bars of the bike are adjustable at any angle. The two crown fork on it is really helpful too.

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Our Final Verdict

All the razor bikes are manufactured keeping in consideration the safety rules. You can ride them on a public road as well because they obey the local, state, and the federal rules of riding.

You should always remember to wear a DOT-certified helmet before getting on the bike, as it will ensure your safety and will also prevent you from getting a ticket.

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