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“World’s first super-bike”, the Honda CB750, is one of the most popular bases for customization. It’s classic looks, impressive performance and its legendary status in history are all a testament to this. By the mid nineties the CB750 had undergone a lot of changes, many of which make these models less attractive to custom builders. Ugly bodywork, chunky solid wheels and a less refined looking engine make it harder to see their potential, but to a builder with a solid set of skills and a good eye these bikes present much more potential than the older models. Boasting the highest power figure (75bhp) and weighing less than any other model in the CB’s 40+ years of production, these models not only outperform their predecessors they are also much more reliable. In 1996 a CB750 RC42 rolled out of Honda’s factory in Japan, but it wasn’t until today that it’s true potential was revealed in the form of this inspiring build from a Portuguese builder based iMedia Libraryn Paris called Oficina MRS.

Built In: Portugal Bike Style: Cafe Racer

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Oficina MRS Bike Specifications – Garage Built Bikes

Class Styling Cafe Racer
Frame Honda Frame
Gastank Custom One Off Gastank
Handlebars / Risers Clip Ons / Separates
Motor Brand Honda CB
Motor Size (metric) 0750cc
Seat Slab
Suspension Front Inverted
Suspension Rear Swingarm Vertical Shocks

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