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Offensive Helmets – 10 of my favorite swear words on custom lids

Remember the last time you stubbed you toe on the edge of a chair? Sometimes your plain old average cuss word just does not cut the mustard, and you need to create a whole new set of cuss-words combined with other offensive shit. I come up with some of my best material when that sh!t happens.

Your motorcycle helmet can be a great way to express some of those new terms that you have concocted. And sometimes the old classic standby “Fuck You” is simply irreplaceable.

Here are 10 of my favorite swear words, painted onto motorcycle helmets of course. If you are easily offended, you may want to turn around NOW.

Say it like you mean it, “Fuck You” Custom helmets, and a few more.


Fuck you old school HelmetsFuck you Helmet

The focus on a cool looking motorbike helmet has always been a thing of importance for motorbike riders. There are now a wide selection of styles and designs of helmets for motorbike riders of all cultures. Some of these helmets are relatively cheap and some others are far more expensive. In this set of reviews we will take a look at a selection of helmets which are offensive and radical. They will stand out when you are riding through town and other vehicle users on the road will notice you in no time at all.

This is a classic retro style helmet which has a large font on the side saying ‘F**k you’ in highly stylized font. The shape of the helmet is also very cool and there is a wide space for which the rider can see out of. There is not much protection from the outdoor elements as the front visor is so wide and one can expect to get a little rain in the helmet when the heavens do open up.

Other features include some stylized metal studs which can be seen above the front of the helmet. There is also some breathable compartments around the mouth area of the helmet which allows the rider to brief effectively. This helmet will appeal to anyone who is at that stage in their life when they want to rebel against the system and want to enjoy riding a motorbike without a care in the world. Freedom of speech is something that we should all focus on and this helmet is a step in the right direction.

get off your fucking phone white full helmetGet off your Fucking Phone

Motorbike riding has developed many cultures throughout the years, from the hells angels through to the Mods. Many individuals who choose to ride motorbikes also connect with the subculture that is involved. This often directs itself towards the rebel way of life. These helmets link to this rebel style of living and will suit any bike rider that is connected with this culture.

The design on this helmet is clever as it promotes an important message to vehicle drivers who may be driving behind the rider. However, the helmet is also offensive at the same time. The phrase ‘get off your fucking phone’ can easily be seen and this has been designed in an artistic font which makes it both funny and informative to any users that may be driving unsafely by using the phone simultaneously.

Many car drivers have crashes because they are using the phone whilst they drive. Car users are also incredibly dangerous to motorbike riders and many accidents involving these two vehicles happen because someone is using the phone whilst they drive. This helmet sends out an important message and hopefully will get people to do the right thing and put their phones away when they are behind the wheel.

fuck the rain orange helmetFuck the Rain

If you’re looking for a motorbike helmet that will stand out among the crowd and attract the attention of all those who look at it, then look no further than this one. Users of this helmet will be amused as they ride through town, safe in the knowledge that there are curse words written all over it. So what features does this helmet have and how can it benefit those who desire an offensive helmet for the journeys?

This is a simple but effective helmet that has the words ‘F**k the rain’ written across the back of the helmet in large stylized font. The helmet has a retro style that comes with a modern offensive design which will appeal to the rebels on the motorbike. The rain is an element that can put people off from riding the motorbike and this should not be the case. A little bit of rain is not going to hurt anyone and it is therefore great to have a helmet that promotes this feeling and gets the rider out and about, regardless of what the weather is like.

Fuck you – Pinstripedfuck you custom helmet

If you’re looking for a helmet that is loud and brash and offensive at the same time, then take a look at this design. This helmet will get the attention of everyone who sees it when you’re out and about on your motorbike. Individuals who are not keen on offensive language should definitely stay away. However, the motorbike rider is often a rebel and will most certainly find these helmets amusing and humorous.

This is a helmet that has a lot of attitude, thanks to the hard metal styling that comes on the outside of the helmet and the words that are blazed across the back witch read ‘F**k you’ in very bold lettering. As well as protecting your head from any danger that you may face whilst out on the road, this helmet will also send out a message to all who choose to look in your direction and will make you stand out as the king of the road.

This helmet also has a very stylized look thanks to the bronze metal shades and patterning that are combined across the helmet. As well as looking incredibly strong and tough, this helmet will also protect you from any accidents that you may have and will make you feel safe when you’re out and about on your bike. Having these bold words on the back of your helmet is not a bad thing and will make other individuals on the road more aware of you and your way of thinking. They will therefore not come up to you and force you out of the way but will respect you instead.

moto fucker with diamonds helmetMoto Fucker

If you have had a bad day at work and need to let off some steam both in a physical way and in a visual way then riding a motorbike with this helmet on will be the perfect solution for you.

This helmet combines the cuteness of a graffiti style set of images and lettering that gives off an offensive message to all those other motorists. The words ‘Moto Fuckker’ can easily be seen and this stands out with its white lettering on black background. The helmet is stylish and looks great when it is examined close-up. It looks like someone has erratically written the words onto the helmet directly but this is done incredibly well and gives the sense of style to the helmet.

Young motorbike riders will enjoy this helmet and will feel a connection with the cool graffiti styled writing. This helmet also has a feminine touch to it and this will make it appeal to the female motorbike riders. Many artists will enjoy this helmet as it has a DIY style about it and the feel of a helmet that has been designed by it’s owner. This will create a personal bond between the helmet and its owner and will make it more fun to wear when out and about on the motor bike.

Tally-Ho Dip Shitstally ho dipshits white and black helmet

Some individuals are very focused on the way they look when they ride on the motorbike and the helmet can be used to advertise a number of graphics and slogans. Many individuals choose to ride on the motorbike with simple helmets that have no graphics on at all. However, others prefer to choose a helmet that has a graphic which relates to them in some way and makes them stand out whilst they are on the road. This makes the act of riding the motorbike safer, as people are more able to see you, thanks to the graphics on your helmet.

This helmet is bold in its graphical design and has ‘Tally-Ho dip shits’ written on the side. This offense helmet is also funny and will appeal to those who are good at taking the joke. The helmet is designed with a classic retro style and some interesting patterning has been placed onto the surface of the helmet which makes it more interesting to look at. The lettering is bold and can be seen from far away and the individual who wears the helmet will enjoy the fun but offensive slogan that can be seen across the side. The Tally Ho Dipshits helmet was designed by Mcbess.

The helmet is very well designed physically and has a shiny exterior and a set of curves which make it look fashionable yet retro at the same time. The helmet has a small peak which also adds to its stylized look and the surface of the helmet is shiny and crisp in its graphical design. This helmet will appeal to the more stylistic individuals who enjoy riding a motorbike.

traitors and bitches helmet worn by female riderTraitors and Bitches

This offensive helmet design has an artistic and folk style to it. In large lettering we can see that it says ‘Traitors and bitches’ on the side, and this is done in bold cartoon style lettering. Above this in a more stylized classical form it says wheels and waves. On the top of the helmet there is the shape of an animal which can be seen by those who look down onto the helmet. The helmet also comes with a lot of visual texture when you look closely at it and the black-and-white design has a fine pattern style which makes the helmet look cool.

This helmet fits well with the rebellious sub cultures that have always fit within motorbike riding and will be well suited to a female rider. The nice thing about this helmet is that has a very DIY feel to it and the surface of the helmet looks like it’s been battered and beaten in order to create the final product. This adds to the overall feel of the helmet and turns it from a device which is only to protect one’s head, into something which can be cherished and loved. The fact that it is also an offensive helmet makes it even more appealing and dynamic to the rebellious individuals. However, many individuals will enjoy wearing this helmet and will feel safe and comfortable when it is worn.

 Photo credit goes to the creators

Now what? Inspired to go paint your own? Awesome, send me a link/pic when you do. Can’t paint? Slap a sticker and that bad boy and get back on the road.

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