Noise Canceling Motorcycle Helmets – The Quietest Helmets Ever.

Noise canceling headphones, a technology that’s been around for some time now, are headphones which have one or two tiny, near-invisible microphones on the outside of the headset. The microphones pick up on noise made outside of the headphones, recognize it as such, and play the “opposite” in one’s ears, cancelling out the noise being made around them for a better listening experience.

NOISE CONTROL HELMET SenaRecently, Sena, a company well-known for its products revolving around motorcycle-centric communication technology, has taken this noise canceling feature found in today’s high-quality headphones and has integrated it into a motorcycle helmet to make the very first noise-cancelling motorcycle helmet in existence. The helmet was shown during the AIMExpo, one of the world’s biggest powersports shows occurring on an annual basis.

Other than its noise-cancelling qualities, the helmet has a handful of exciting features, making it stand out among other products of it’s type. Let’s take a look at said features and figure out what this motorcycle helmet has to offer bikers of all sort.

Noise-Cancelling Helmet Technology

The Sena Noise Cancelling helmet appears much like a traditional motorcycle helmet (albeit a bit more sleek) looking from the outside in. It comes with an “ambient mode switch” which allows you the choice between turning its noise cancelling technology on and off.

What makes it superior even to standard noise-cancelling headphones is that it’s selective in terms of which noises it stops the wearer from hearing. For example, while the constant noise of birds chirping or of the wind may be cancelled out, cars honking their horn will not. For this reason, wearers of the helmet may feel safe knowing they’ll hear what they need to hear, while canceling out everything else. When this isn’t enough, the ambient mode can always be turned off, so that you may hear everything around you.



If you’re used to headphones, you’ve no doubt gone through more than a pair or two over the course of your life. Luckily, the Sena Noise-Cancelling helmet is a step above the rest in terms of longevity and durability. The majority of the expensive technology built into the helmet is found near the innermost portion of the model, keeping it safe even from crashes. Its carbon-fiber shell is also a rather new technology not yet seen in many motorcycle helmets. It tends to be very durable relative to the outer shells found on other helmets.

Wireless MusicNOISE CONTROL Motorcycle HELMET

Any audio-emitting device equipped with Bluetooth capabilities will be compatible with this helmet. This further increases the durability inherent in this model, as you’ll now have one less wire to worry about breaking. This also means you’ll have one less thing to get caught up in, increasing your road safety.

The headphones themselves are great as well. If it’s simply some good quality headphones you’re looking for in your next motorcycle helmet, look no further than the Sena Noise-Cancelling Helmet.

Long Term Hearing Preservation

While many of us simply see the wind as a necessary evil when riding, merely an annoyance to be dealt with, the fact of the matter is that for those who ride even semi-regularly, especially on highways, one’s hearing can degrade over time at a shocking rate due to the wind passing by one’s head when riding. The noise-cancelling technology within this helmet can actually act as a safety device for more than just your skull. By using this helmet every time you ride, you can bet on having better hearing twenty years from now than you otherwise would.


Communications Capabilities

With the Sena Noise-Cancelling Helmet, you’ll be able to talk to your riding buddies or even over the phone without worrying about a muffled conversation on your end. While the noise-cancelling headphones built into the helmet obviously contribute to this, the microphone through which you’ll talk is also made with the same technology. Not only will you not have to listen to wind or engines, those who you talk to won’t either. After purchasing this helmet, you’ll be able to get your phone calls in on the way to and from work every day without worrying about poor sound quality on either end.

It’s Lightweight

I’ve mentioned previously that the outer shell is built of carbon-fiber. Not only is carbon-fiber very durable, it’s also extremely lightweight. While many lightweight motorcycle helmets sacrifice quality, looks, comfort or safety, this is not the case with this particular product. In fact, you may find that, after wearing this helmet for an extended amount of time, other helmets just don’t feel the same.

This motorcycle helmet from Sena is durable, wireless, convenient, lightweight and it increases your level of safety while driving: what more can you ask for in a motorcycle helmet? Innovative, it challenges other companies in the market to adapt and adapt quick – this is, without a doubt, a future technology requirement to incorporate in all premium motorcycle helmets.

What Sena has to say – Promo Vid from Sena:

Expected to ship Fall 2016.

Sena Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet
A look at an innovative technology applied to a new motorcycle helmet design, from Sena - the leader in Helmet Communicaitons.
Brand: Sena

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