Nexx XR1R Helmet Review

The Nexx XR1 line of helmets provide a variety of choices for product design, comfort and safety features with excellence in safety rating approvals. If you are looking for a helmet that is appropriate for street use and in sporting events, the Nexx XR1 is a good choice for either or both.

Nexx XR1.R Plain Helmet Series

nexx-xr1r-motion-green This full face helmet provides a range of features in one of the more affordable models of Nexx helmets. The outer shell of this helmet is crafted from tri composite materials including Kevlar, fiberglass and carbon.

Helmet Safety

The XR1.R Plain helmet surpasses the stringent requirements to satisfy DOT and ECE for approval. This ensures the safety that the product provides in the event of an accident. The visor is constructed of PC Lexan materials (polycarbonate) with an anti scratch feature and a locking system that allows for fast installation and easy removal when needed. The system provides maximum protection from insects, road debris and the elements. In addition, the Plain version is pin lock ready. This helmet providers wide eye port allowing for good peripheral vision as an increased safety feature, allowing for better awareness of what is ahead and to the sides.

Reflectors are located o the backside,laterally and on the front of the helmets which increases the visibility of the rider during night time riding. This feature makes it easier for others to see the rider in the dark and helps in lessen the chances of accidents.

Nexx Comfort

Nexx XR1R HelmetThe Ergo Padding system is adjustable so the rider can achieve a custom fit for comfort and safety. The Air Dynamic system allows for better ventilation and airflow. In conjunction with the shell, four outgoing air vents and two inlet vents allow for excellent ventilation, humidity and temperature control and more comfort riding in all weather types. Combined with anti sweat materials in the construction, comfort is increased by lessening the amount of perspiration that forms inside of the helmet. The cheek pads feature anti noise benefits for a quieter ride. The average cost of the Nexx XR1.R Plain helmet is $359.00.

Nexx XR1R Full Face Helmet Carbon Model

This model features all carbon construction of the outer shell. The advantages are lightweight protection weighing in at 1200 grams, with excellence in meeting and surpassing safety standards with DOT and ECE approval.

Helmet Safety features

This helmet comes equipped with reflectors located on the backside, front side and lateral sides of the helmet. This feature allows for safer night time riding as others are more easily able to see the rider in the dark. The anti scratch polycarbon shield features a locking system that is fast and easy to install and to remove. The Carbon model is pinlock ready. This visor system provides a wide peripheral view for the rider which increases safety by enabling a greater awareness of what is ahead and additionally, what is off to the sides. This reduces the chances of accidents due to crashes from objects that were not detected soon enough. The visors provide protection from the elements including dirt, road debris, insects and ultraviolet rays. The unique design also allows for water from precipitation to drain off more rapidly.

Nexx Quality

The quality of this product with regard to safety, surpasses DOT and ECE requirements. The overall design allows for customization for increased comfort and safety. The Carbon version is a little more expensive than the plain design, coming in at an average selling price of $599.00. Customers who purchased and rated this product have given it an overall rating of  3.9 out of 5 possible stars.

XR1R Helmet Graphics

There are a wide range of graphics available on this popular line of motorcycle helmets too. Click here to see all the options.