Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

Earlier phone mounts were made only for cars. Those phone mounts could not withstand the heavy winds and high-speed rides. Motorcycle phone mounts come in handy when you have to listen to music, attend calls, or look up directions while traveling on your mobile.

We all have faced the situation when our phone starts ringing midway, and we have to stop our bike to fetch it from our pocket to see who is calling.

Today we will present a number of options of phone mounts to choose from. Now, you can do a lot with your phone while keeping your hands on the bike’s handle and concentrating on the road.

1. CAW.CAR Accessories Bike & Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount

This bike and motorcycle cell phone mount is presented by the brand Caw.Car Accessories.

This phone mount is suitable for any smartphone like iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, the Samsung Galaxy series.

It comes in matte black color and will suit your vehicle irrespective of the type of your bike.

It could be a traditional bicycle or the badass Harley Davidson – this phone mount will look good on it.

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The phone mount holds your phone securely while you ride over the bumps and even at high speeds. Your gadget is in safe hands, and you do not need to worry about it falling to the ground while you are zooming ahead. It is a durable phone mount which does its job perfectly.

You do not need any tool for installing this onto your bike or motorcycle handle. It will fit your handlebar if it lies between the range of 0.6 inches to 1.4 inches.

Remember that it will only fit a smartphone, i.e. a screen which is at least 3.7 inches. The phone mount can be rotated throughout the 360° angle due to its special rubber ball and bracket design.

The grip of the mount will adjust to the screen width of your phone.

The phone mount is shock absorbing which means that your phone will be safe even during a high-density impact.

You can buy this universal phone mount from Amazon.

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2. Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount for Motorcycle

This premium universal bike phone mount is from the brand Roam.

The design of this bike phone mount is quite stylish and modern.

It is going to fit all the phones which have a screen width of above 3.5 inches.

It will go with all iPhones, the Samsung Galaxy series, and almost every other smartphone too.

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This phone mount can be fixed on the handlebars of many motorcycles. The clamp of the mount uses two point contacts. The premium plastic grip with silicone net will securely grip the handlebar of the bike.

It is the largest clamp available in the market which can be fit on all sizes of handlebars. However, it will not fit hardcore sports motorcycles, the kind with the crotch rockets.

It has used silicon net in place of rubber which means that it will be long lasting, stronger, and can stretch more to fit your phone.

Pokémon Go fanatics may rejoice now! You can easily spot a Pokémon while you are riding. You can also use this for easy navigation. Now, you do not have to fetch your phone from your pocket every time you seem a bit lost.

This phone mount is up for grabs on Amazon.

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3. Ipow Universal Cell Phone Bicycle Rack Handlebar & Motorcycle Holder

This cell phone holder is from the brand Ipow.

It will fit all the popular phones like the iPhone, Samsung, and other smartphones as well if they have the minimum screen size of 3.5 inches.

Ipow is known to bring quality and stylish products at reasonable prices.

This cell phone holder is no different.

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You can buy this amazing bike phone mount from Amazon.

It has a silicone net which will hold your phone safely. The silicon net can stretch four times more than rubber. It is a durable material and is also very strong.

It comes with two silicone butterfly bands which you can use one at a time. The silicon net ensures that your phone will not fall off the motorcycle when you are riding on a wobbly and stony road.

The rubber lining which encloses the phone is very soft. Hence, it will not leave any scratches on the phone while placing it inside the grip or while taking it out.

You can rotate your phone up to 360 degrees while it is mounted on this Ipow phone holder according to your preference. This Ipow Universal Cell Phone Holder weighs only 4.8 ounces, but it does not lag anywhere behind in protecting your phone.

Now, even if your bike vibrates a lot, your phone will sit pretty.

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4. Xroam Mount Holder for Bike / Bicycle / Motorcycle with Handlebar Rail Mount and X-Grip Phone Holder

This new funky, cool, and stylish phone holder from the brand Xroam is perfect for people who rule the road.

The silicon net used in this cell phone holder comes in an X-shape which expands and contracts perfectly to hug your phone well.

With this new X-grip, you can rest assured that your phone is not going to fall off even when the storm hits.

It has six claws on its clamp which will protect your phone from every direction.

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The line of the clamp is made of soft rubber which will hold your phone firmly to keep it stable.

The body of this holder is made of stainless steel and high strength composite material which is more durable than the plastic used in many other phone mounts. It is compatible with almost all the smartphones belonging to the popular phone brands.

Due to the use of stainless steel, it weighs almost double than the other plastic phone holder. This Xroam phone mount weighs around 8.8 ounces.

Due to its high-end features, it is also a bit pricier than the other normal phone mounts. You can buy it from Amazon.

The length, width, and height of the product are 7.9 inches, 4.8 inches, and 3.2 inches respectively.

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5. Caw.Car Accessories Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount for Extreme Rides

This phone mount from Caw.Car accessories can be trusted with your phone during regular as well as extreme rides.

It can hold all the smartphones whose screen sizes are at least 3.9 inches wide.

It will fit the handlebars falling in the range of 0.2 inches to 1.6 inches in diameter.

You do not require any specialized tool to install this.

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The silicone belt grip will firmly hold your phone in place by grasping it from all four sides irrespective of the size of your phone. The rubberised clips can absorb shocks of very high impact.

Now you will not have to take out your phone every time to find your GPS location or to answer a call while you are riding. You can fully access your phone hands-free.
You can buy this phone mount on Amazon.

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6. AULLY PARK Universal Waterproof Motorcycle Mobile Phone Holder Bag Mount Stand

This motorcycle mobile phone holder is different from what we commonly see.

The designs of the clamp which hold the phone in both the bike phone mounts and the car phone mounts are somewhat similar.

But, we should not forget an additional important factor while riding a bike, which is of course rain.

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This is the important factor which is kept in mind while creating this phone mount from the brand Aully Park. It comes in the design of a bag, inside which the phone goes. The bag is 6 inches long and can fit almost all smartphones.

You can easily install it under the rear view mirror of your bike. You can still access your phone like usual through the touch-enabled transparent screen of the bag. The handlebar can be rotated through 360 degrees as you like.

The phone will be safe from falling down, and you do not have to put it back into your pocket when the rain starts falling. You can still access your phone because it is safe inside the waterproof pouch.

You can buy this from Amazon.

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7. Wsky Bicycle Mount

This phone mount from the brand Wsky uses the special X-shaped grip to hold your phone.

The X-grip provides safety to your phone from all four sides.

The phone will stay stable and will not shake during riding.

You can listen to the music, use navigation maps, or talk to someone over a call without having to keep the phone in your hand.

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You can keep your hands free and concentrate fully on driving with these affordable and stylish bike phone mounts.

The four corners are made of silicone which will not let the phone slip out of it, and the X-grip is based on a buckle system which makes it super adjustable to the phones of different sizes. You can choose the best angle to look into your phone with the 360-degree rotatable clamp.

This phone mount comes in gray color and is available on Amazon.

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8. Aduro U-Grip Plus Universal Bike Mount

This phone mount is from the brand Audro, and it has a U-shaped grip.

This a minimalistic bike cell phone holder which will be even barely seen and won’t distract attention from you or the bike.

The U-shaped grip holds the phone between the two point connections.

It is suited for almost all smartphones up to the screen size of 5.5 inches.

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The handlebar on which this phone mount can be fixed up to the diameter of 1.5 inches. It weighs only 4 ounces.

You can tilt the phone however you like or rotate it in any position that would be comfortable to look into. The silicon band ensures that the phone is stable and will not shake during bumpy rides.

This phone mount is available on Amazon. Go and grab it before they run out of stock.

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9. Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount

This universal phone mount is from the brand Vibrelli.

This will fit your smartphone perfectly if the screen size of the phone is more than 3.7 inches.

The clamps are designed to keep your phone extra secure from the shocks.

You can easily adjust your phone into the clamp, and it will hold your gadget tightly so that it does not fall out in the middle of the ride.

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The body of the phone mount is flexible, so you can rotate your phone in any direction as you please. With this phone mount, you can capture your own video while riding your bike. You can also rotate it in such a way facing the road that you can capture a hyperlapse video of the other vehicles.

You can fully access your phone without any block in the view or any port. There are three silicone bands which are black, red, and gray. So, you can change the bands matching with your clothes.

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10. Arkon Bike Handlebar Phone Mount

This bike handlebar phone mount is from the brand Arkon.

It uses a two-point connection to hold your phone.

It can fit the smartphones of the popular brands like Apple, Samsung, HTC, and other brands as well as long as the screen size is less than 8 inches.

The holder in this phone mount is patented (US Patent D750,060).

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It can fit on handlebars which are more than 33 mm in diameter.

The patented spring loader holder eases the task of putting the phone in and taking it out.

It will not let any scratches on the screen. It could block some of the ports of the phone depending on whether it has been horizontally or vertically.

The phone mount is extremely lightweight; it only weighs 1.6 ounces. The dimensions for the phone mount are 8 x 6 x 2 inches.

This Arkon bike phone mount is available on Amazon.

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11. JoshNAh Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount

This bike or motorcycle phone mount is presented by the brand JoshNAh.

It is a stylish phone mount with a webbed X-shaped grip made of silicon, which is very durable and strong.

It can also stretch many times more than the other material grips.

Hence, you can fit almost any smartphone in this phone mount.

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The silicone band is available in four funky different colors such as black, red, green, and blue. You can change the colors according to your mood.

Along with the bikes and motorcycles, you can also use this phone mount at a number of other places such as a baby stroller or while exercising on a treadmill.

This Joshnah phone mount is available on Amazon.

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Now go ahead and find a safe place to mount your phone.

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