We love motorcycle memes. While some people like to look at cat or people hurting themselves in memes, at Badasshelmetstore we are all about motorcycles. We love motorcycles, we love laughing, so why not love motorcycle quotes that talk to us? There is just something about a photo with a great motorcycle quote or biker saying that truly captures what we are all about. We often get lost in Pinterest for hours laughing and saying "that's so true" as we find these motorcycle memes. 

This page was created to share with you all our favourite motorbike memes and motorcycle quotes. No technical advice, no gear reviews and no custom bikes, this is all about having a laugh and relating to being a rider. It is important to note that while searching for motorcycle memes we found that the quality of images was often very poor so we put a lot of effort into improving them, taking motorcycle quotes and giving them the quality image they deserved.