Motorcycle Helmet Laws across 50 states

Which states are motorcycle helmets required by law?

State Laws vary with their requirements concerning whether or not a rider is capable of determining if it he or she should wear a helmet while on a motorcycle. Some states have and age requirement of 21, while others is 18. A few states have no motorcycle helmet laws or requirements at all.

To easily navigate these laws, I’ve put together an interactive chart, at the bottom of the page, with all 50 state helmet laws, and Canada, Mexico, and Europe. (Europe, I am still a little fuzzy on, but I hope to get some answers cleared up and posted here in the future). This evolved from my own need to know which state has what laws when I started planning a 50 states in 50 days road trip across the entire US. More to come on that later….

Sons of Anarchy infographic on motorcycle helmet laws by the

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A “partial law” refers to states that require additional medical coverage if you choose not to wear a helmet. This also varies from state to state and may change. Your motorcycle insurance provider will notify you if this is adjusted and/or revised. States with partial laws have a minimum age requirement for this option.

StateHelmet law Age Requirement for Partial Laws
AlabamaPartial18 and under
AlaskaPartial18 and under
ArizonaPartial18 and under
ArkansasPartial21 and under
CaliforniaMandatory for all riders
ColoradoPartial18 and under
ConnecticutPartial18 and under
DelawarePartial19 and under
FloridaPartial - Additional Insurance required for riding withoutAll Ages - Additional Insurance required
GeorgiaMandatory for all riders
HawaiiPartial18 and under
IdahoPartial18 and under
IllinoisNo Helmet Law
IndianaPartial18 and under
KansasPartial18 and under
KentuckyPartial21 and under
LouisianaMandatory for all riders
MainePartial18 and under
MarylandMandatory for all riders
MassachusettsMandatory for all riders
MichiganPartial - Additional Insurance required for riding without21 and under
MinnesotaPartial18 and under
MississippiMandatory for all riders
MissouriMandatory for all riders
MontanaPartial18 and under
North CarolinaPartial18 and under
North DakotaPartial18 and under
NebraskaMandatory for all riders
NevadaMandatory for all riders
New HampshirePartial18 and under
New JerseyMandatory for all riders
New MexicoPartial18 and under
New YorkMandatory for all riders
OhioPartial18 and under
OklahomaPartial18 and under
OregonMandatory for all riders
PennsylvaniaPartial21 and under
Rhode IslandPartial21 and under
South CarolinaPartial21 and under
South DakotaPartial18 and under
TennesseeMandatory for all riders
TexasPartial21 and under
UtahPartial18 and under
VermontMandatory for all riders
VirginiaMandatory for all riders
WashingtonMandatory for all riders
WisconsinPartial18 and under
West VirginiaMandatory for all riders
WyomingPartial18 and under
CanadaMandatory for all riders
MexicoMandatory for all riders
EuropeMandatory for all riders

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