Motorcycle Helmet Audio System – Which One Should You Buy?

If you happen to love bike riding and spend a lot of your time on the commute, chances are you may feel slightly dull at times. Bikes offer you the speed and convenience, but not the entertainment you may be craving a few days. Thus, a helmet audio system or a pair of headphones always comes in handy.

An audio system in your helmet will not only entertain you with good songs when you feel like it, but will also help you chat with your loved ones while riding. You can pick up phone calls, talk to people, and follow GPS navigation with the help of motorcycle helmet audio systems.

A good audio system for motorcycles, however, is hard to find. A good pair of headphones should have various features like wireless connectivity with your phone via Bluetooth and noise reduction to keep the sound of your engine and the winds in check.

It should also have intercom facility to connect with your fellow riders and be on the same page as they are, and calling facility to connect with your friends whenever you want. If you’re confused about which audio system you should get for your motorcycle helmet, this buying guide of the best motorcycle helmet audio system is all you need to make that choice.

Headwave Tag

Headwave Tag is a new age Bluetooth audio system that connects outside the helmet.

The external audio system easily sticks to any helmet and builds loudspeakers for the same by using the helmet as the resonating body which turns the helmet itself into a speaker.

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These headphones do not eliminate the surrounding sounds like the traffic alerts or the sounds of your engine, but barely minimize it so that you’re still aware of your surroundings. All you have to do is mount it onto your helmet, connect it with your phone, and enjoy your music.

Some of the best features of Headwave Tag are that it is removable and adjust to every helmet. Its curvature is designed to fit all kinds of helmets, despite their shape and size. The Headwave Tag can also withstand the speeds of up to 300 km/hr which means you can enjoy your music even when running faster than light.

The audio system can connect to all kinds of Bluetooth devices and requires no cables at all. Since, it fits externally on a helmet, it doesn’t disturb the room inside the helmet either. It’ll show you around your way by giving you voice instructions through the GPS system. It has a battery life of 4-6 hours and thus needs to be charged only once, even for a long ride.

The audio system resonates the sound across the helmet, which is why you can actually feel the music. The system is very tough, dust proof and thus, highly durable. The speakers are quickly gaining popularity among many bike riders.

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UCLEAR Digital AMP Pro Helmet Audio System

An upgrade of its previous HBC Series, the UCLEAR Digital AMP Pro Helmet Audio System is a Bluetooth speaker system that can fix onto your helmet.

The upgrade has been fit with a faster processor to give you a better performance along with Bluetooth 4.2 for a more stable connection.

The system comes with a ClearLink App which allows you to customize the kind of sound you want to hear and your choice of music among other things.

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It supports a full duplex private intercom with a range of 700m that allows you to connect with fellow riders during a long trip. The audio system is also weather proof and dust resistant, making it highly durable. The Pulse Pro speaker system ensures a natural sound in your earphones with clear notes and powerful base.

The system is quite popular amongst the bike riders. It is lauded for it easy installation and maintenance system. Along with that, its long battery life is also a driving factor for many. The audio system is also a plus which supports good bass and maintains a natural voice without harming the ears. It links very well to the other systems around and provides an overall good experience. Thus, it is a good buy if you’re looking for a Bluetooth audio system.

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UCLEAR Digital AMP Bluetooth Helmet Audio System

Made with built-in hi-definition speakers and microphone, the AMP Bluetooth Audio System by UCLEAR is a bikers’ favorite.

Designed especially for most powersports helmets, the headphones fit easily inside the helmet and can be connected to the phone with the help of Bluetooth.

Moreover, it allows you to control its sound and other specifications with the help of an app called ClearLink.

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The advanced Bluetooth 4.2 and faster processors make sure that the headphones are always connected. Apart from that, you can also connect with your fellow riders up to 700 m in distance with its full duplex two user intercom system. The audio system is also weather resistant and is made of highly durable material.

The audio system comes with its specialized Boost Plus audio that promises to provide high quality sound and clear audio. The microphones can be adjusted in a matter of minutes without using any special tools for the task. The pack of the audio system consists of an AMP Controller Unit, the Boost Plus Speaker and Mic, a permanent mount, and a temporary mount.

Once charged, the audio system can hold up to 10 hours and will accompany you on your longer rides as well. However, the customers have found its previous model a bit more convenient and affordable as compared to this, as the benefits and upgrades are marginal. However, if you’re looking for a lightweight audio system with great sound along with an intercom system, this could be a great choice.

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UCLEAR Digital HBC200 Force Bluetooth Audio System

The HBC Series by the UCLEAR brand has one of the most popular ranges of Bluetooth audio systems for motorcycle helmets.

The audio system not only has Bluetooth enabled headsets and microphones, but also has the ability to connect with an unlimited number of riders around with the help of an intercom feature.

This allows the riders to communicate with the riders who are closer to them along with the ones who are not in the line of sight.

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The entire range of the audio system is compatible with the other brands as well and provide a lot more versatility as compared to other audio systems available.

The biggest selling points of the UCLEAR Digital HBC200 Force Bluetooth Audio System are its multi-brand compatibility and ease of installation. The system installs onto any helmet in a couple of minutes without using any tools at all.

The Bluetooth connectivity and the clarity of the sound makes the biking experience a lot more cherishing, and thus is loved by many bikers. Its dual microphone technology helps to capture the more sensitive and lighter sounds and makes for a clearer call. This, in turn, eliminates any background noise that might disturb the rider, providing a better experience. Once charged, the audio system provides a talk time of up to 10 hours, thereby helping while on longer rides.

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UCLEAR Digital Pulse Wired Helmet Speakers

The Digital Pulse by UCLEAR includes a pair of wired headsets by the brand which can connect with a mobile phone through an audio jack.

The headsets consist of a gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack, 40 mm in diameter which can easily fit into any phone and is compatible with all smartphones.

The headsets can also plug into various helmet communication systems and other audio devices.

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The pack containing the headphones contains the set of speakers, various covers for them, and the installation kit for the same. The brand claims that the speakers give high fidelity audio and HD quality sound. The set is compatible with both Android phones and iPhones.

The Digital Pulse Helmet Speakers from the brand are affordable as well as have quality sound. The wired feature allows the rider to switch them easily from one helmet to another without using any tools. The speaker sets are known for their clear sound and good bass quality. Apart from that, the headphones are also good at cancelling any unwanted noise.

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Syphon SoundWrap System

Soundwrap by Syphon is highly focused on providing you the best hearing experience along with comfort to your ears.

Earbuds can actually strain your ears after keeping them in for long hours during your ride.

Thus, the Syphon Soundwrap System wants to change that by providing a thin, flexible system that easily fits over your ears and gives you a great sound experience without causing any damage to your ears.

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Because of its thin nature, the system can fit easily inside any helmet and would still give you enough room so as to not feel suffocated. Its flexibility also serves well when adjusting it around your ears.

The Syphon Soundwrap System is about 1/10 inches thin and are built-in with the brand’s patent technology called the Electrostatic Flexible Loudspeakers. This makes the speakers adjust inside the helmet easily and reduce any kind of pain that the rider may experience.

The speakers have a sweat proof sleeve which is removable as well as washable. It can be charged and has a battery life of up to 12 hours. In case the speaker system loses its battery, it also comes in with an aux-in option to connect with your phone. People who’ve used the system have lauded its convenience and ease of use. The good sound is also a factor for its popularity amongst riders.

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Jumbl Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Streaming Receiver/Adapter

This Bluetooth Audio Streaming Adapter by Jumbl has been designed for everyone who owns a wired audio system for their helmet and wishes to turn it into a wireless one.

The length of the wire, the struggle to get it out of the pocket every time you want to use it, and the tangling of the headphones are just some of the drawbacks of the wired system.

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This device helps you convert it into a wireless one with its Bluetooth capabilities. Made with a 4.0 Bluetooth technology, the streaming adapter can connect with multiple devices at once, and thus, it can connect you with various other riders on your trip. Apart from that, the device also boasts of features like echo and noise cancelling microphones, a rechargeable battery, and titanium drivers.

The ease of use and compactness of the device has made it quite popular amongst bikers. On average, the battery is said to last for over 4 hours, but can also be pulled up to a whole day. The bigger buttons also help one to use it easily even while riding the bike. The clarity of sound and built-in microphones are an added benefit, making it a must buy for the ones looking for Bluetooth streaming adaptors.

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