Best Motorcycle Boots

Shopping for some new biker boots? You’re in the right place. Here’s a quick overview:


  • Tall Motorcycle Boots
  • Short Motorcycle Boots
  • Motorcycle Shoes


  • Tall Motorcycle Boots
  • Short Motorcycle Boots
  • Motorcycle Shoes

Womens Tall Motorcycle Boots


Harley Davidson Women’s Annadale Boot


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This boot was designed with the woman rider in mind. These boots are made from leather with a synthetic sole. They are long boots and will go to just below the knee. There is a heel on this boot that measures 1.5 inches for a little extra height. The rubber sole will allow the boot to be comfortable even after riding on a motorcycle all day.

Like other leather boots it is going to take some time to fully wear in the boot so it can be comfortable. Some women find the boot to rise too high on the leg for their liking. Others like the height for the additional protection that it provided. There is a buckle and decorative stitching so a woman can enjoy the style that the Harley brand has to offer. There is a zipper closure on the side to the boot to make sure that it stays in place. This boot is both durable and dependable. It is designed to stand up to the test of time. A woman can enjoy a quality and a stylish riding boot that will allow her inner rebel to come out.

Harley Davidson Women’s Jill Boots


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These boots are designed for a woman that is ready to kick some butt. The boots reach well above the ankle and they are true to the Harley look. The boots have laces going all the way up the front and the Harley design right on the top. The boots are made from lather and they have a rubber sole that a woman can have for extra protection. They have a one inch heel so that a woman only has a little bit of a life. There is a buckle that goes around the arch of the foot for a cool looking design.

These leather boots are going to need to be worked in so that a woman can feel comfortable. The upper part of the boot may be a little stiff to wear at first. This boot can the rubber soles that are the same material that is used in Goodyear tires so that they can be trusted and relied upon. These boots will offer both attitude as well performance. They have the Harley emblazon Step into a Legend so that a woman can show that she is a true rider.

Rocket Dog Women’s Trulyml Motorcycle Boot


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These boots are stylish. They also come in different colors. A woman can get these boots in black or grey. They do come up higher than the average boot and will come up above the ankle. These boots are made from polyurethane and have a rubber sole on them. The upper part of the boot is made from synthetic material. There is a split on the side so that a woman can put the boots and take off easily. There is a cushioned foot bed so that these boots are comfortable.Some woman may not choose these boots because they are not made from leather. They are made from a synthetic material.

While they look stylish woman often want the real thing when they are riding on a motorcycle. They are also made from material that is manmade which not too many women are crazy about.These boots are more affordable than the average riding boots. They do look stylish and have a polished appearance. A woman can be comfortable in shoes and they will go on and off without a problem. 

Naturalizer Women’s Ballona Motorcycle Boots


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These boots were designed for women that love to ride. They are dark brown in color but a woman can also get them in black if she chooses. There is a synthetic sole on these boots and they do go well above the ankle but do not reach quite to the knee. The boots have an inch heel on them. There is a buckle design on the ankle. To hold these boots in place there is a zipper on the side so it is easy to put them on and take them off.

Some women have stated that it takes a little while to get these boots to fit properly. Other have said that the upper part of the boot can be tight. This is something that needs to be taken into consideration when a woman is ordering these shoes. Other than an issue with sizing these boots are good for riding. They will offer leg protection and they also look fashionable yet tough. These boots are comfortable and they have a classic look to them. A woman can be feminine even as she jumps on a motorcycle to go for a ride.

Nine West Women’s Ameusz Motorcycle Boots


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These boots have a simple design and are just what a woman is looking for when she is ready to go for a ride. These boots are made out of leather and have a synthetic sole. They have a heel that is 1.25 inches which provides a little lift. The boots just above the ankle but they do not reach quite to the knee. These boots have rugged look that has an antique style buckle around the calf. There is a chunky lug design around the sole as well.Some women say that the top of the boot is a little tight on them. It is advised that a woman order a half size to a size bigger than she would normally wear. The boots look like faux leather to some.

While that it nice look it is not as nice as real leather. The boot is also said to be a little thin which may not provide as much protection as needed.These boots are great for women that are looking to ride in style. They look like traditional motorcycle boots and will allow a woman to look cool while she is riding.

Womens Short Motorcycle Boots


Rampage Women’s Islet Motorcycle Boot


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This boot is made from manmade material. It is made in China which many people may question the quality of the boot. From the looks of it this is a nice looking motorcycle boot. It comes in different colors including brown, gray, and black. There is a synthetic sole on this boot as well. While the boot is not made of leather they are still cool looking and go with a number of different looks.These boots give the appearance of distressed leather. The toe of the boots was designed to make it look worn like the boots have been used for several years. It is the style that women on a motorcycle are looking for.

These boots will offer the protection that she needs as well. There is a buckle around the ankle of the shoe. From a distance no one will be able to tell that the shoes are made from synthetic material. They look like real leather boots. With these boots a woman can enjoy the look of leather without having to spend a lot of money. These boots are comfortable which will allow a woman to enjoy the ride.

Betani Melanie 1 Women’s Lug Sole buckle Strap Motorcycle Mod Calf Boots


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These boots are a bargain for the money. They will allow a woman to have the look that she desires at a price that is very affordable. These boots come in the colors of brown or black. They are made from faux leather so a woman can still enjoy the look of leather. There is a synthetic sole that has a heel of 1.5 inches for a little bit of a lift.Some women have stated that the boots can be a tight fit. It is recommended to order them one size bigger than normal to make sure they fit properly. If not the shoes may be a little tight especially in the area of the toe. This boot allows for a woman to choose a number of options on how to wear it.

She can wear the boots on the outside of her jeans or tuck the jeans into the boots. They look great either way. These boots are an affordable way for a biker women to have a comfortable pair of boots that are great for riding. They may not be expensive but they are fashionable.

Harley Davidson Women’s Ingleside Smoke Leather Riding Boots


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These are one of the coolest riding boots that a woman can get. These boots come in leather and are cowboy boot style. There is the Harley logo that is found near the top of the boot. These boots have a buckle that goes just above the ankle. They are designed to allow a woman to relax and enjoy the open road in this western boot design. There is an 0 ring and buckle detail in the boot as well as a square toe design.

The boots are made from full grain leather on the upper part of them. The inside of the boot has a cushioned sock lining so that they can stay comfortable even if the woman is on the road for a long period of time.It may take a couple of times of wearing these boots to fully wear them in and enjoy the comfort that they have to offer. The boots have a secure footing feature that will offer extra protection as well. They are oil resistant so that a woman does not have to worry about slipping and can enjoy the ride.

Harley Davidson Women’s Christa Boot


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These leather boots are great for riding. They have a simple design yet they offer the quality that the Harley brand is known for. These boots are made of imported leather and have a rubber sole. They have heel that is two inches and this boot will come to the mid calf of the woman. On this boot is a circular hardware design.When ordering this boot is it recommend that a woman order a half size larger than normal. This way she can be sure that the boots will fit and they will be comfortable for riding.

This boot was designed with performance in mind. It has a classic look and can go with jeans, leather pants ,and just about anything else. These boots are made from full grain leather. There is a locking zipper on the inside to make sure the boots stay secure without taking away from the design. These boots have a cushion sock lining to make sure they are comfortable. There is a rubber outsole for safety and a harness ring to give the boots some design without taking away from the classic riding look.

Harley Davidson Women’s Tegan Ankle Boots


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This boots are mean to be tough women and give a woman that appearance that no one wants to mess with her. These boots will go to the ankle and they come in all black . These boots are leather and they have a rubber sole. There is a ½ inch platform heel on the back. These boots have a lace going up the front. Midway through the laces there is a buckle for additional close and security. This also adds to the design of the boot and makes them look really tough.Some women have stated that the soles on the boots are not quite what they would expect from the Harley brand.

On this style of boot the soles have been known to wear out and there have been some issues of separation. A woman may have to pay a little extra attention when she is caring for and cleaning these boots. As long as she does not mind that these are a great pair of boots for biker women. They are tough looking and cool at the same time. When a person thinks of a biker chick they are thinking of these boots on her.

Women’s Motorcycle Shoes


Speed and Strength Wicket Garden Women’s Shoes


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These shoes have the strength to allow a woman to stay cool and comfortable when she is on the motorcycle. There is combined textile and perforated leather that are located on the upper part of the shoe and there are rubber soles that are designed to be non slip. There is a molded toe that has a Pu protector as well as a molded internal toe and additional ankle protection.

These shoes have an anti slip sole so that a woman does not have to worry when she is on the bike. Sliding with not be an issue. There is one thing that a woman has to be on the lookout for when she is wearing these shoes. They do come in men’s sizes so it is important that she keep this in mind when ordering to make sure she gets the right size. These shoes have a lace covering so that they will look nice when providing additional comfort and protection. These shows will allow a woman to be on her motorcycle and she will be comfortable doing so. While these shoes do look like sneakers they offer security and protection.

Icon 1000 El Bajo Women’s Boots


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These shoes are brown and tough looking for a women. These boots are a little shorter around the ankle but they are not short on performance. These boots have a sole that is made from the same material that the Goodyear tire company uses and is considered to be a welt sole. There are metal post fasteners as well as a heavy top grain leather chassis that will reinforce this shoe. They are designed to fit a woman. Some riders may be turned off by these shoes because they have a rough and rugged look. They are great for women that love riding because they will make sure the feet are well protected.

These shoes have a cast iron buckle so they will fit securely in place. There is also an icon stamped metal heel plate to make this a high quality shoes. When a woman is riding she will not have to worry about anything but the road. These shoes will stay on the foot without a problem and will provided a comfortable fit so that the woman can ride . The shoes are rugged and tough just like riding.

Rev It Emerald Women’s Shoes


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These shoes come in the color black and brown and a great for motorcycle riding for a woman. The boots are strong, sturdy, and they are also comfortable. These shoes will offer comfort as well when the woman is riding. They are high quality and they are a lot of the line shoe for biking. These shoes have full grain leather and the upper top of them. The leather has been treated so that a woman can still feel comfortable and the leather will be soft while proving protection. These riding shoes look like regular sneakers so a woman can wear them to other places besides the bike.

Some woman may not like the casual appearance of the shoes. They may want something that looks more like it has been designed for riding than a casual look. There are injected ankle disks for additional protection as well. The sole of the shoe is made from synthetic rubber and the outer shell of this shoe is made from one hundred percent leather for a great look. There is reflections on the heel for additional protection. These shoes will be comfortable for riding and they will keep the woman safe.

TCX X Street Waterproof Women’s Shoe


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These boots are fashionable and will allow a woman to look fashionable as she rides These boots are black and have pink stitching that runs through them. The shoes have full grain leather on the upper part of them. There is also waterproof lining that goes protects the shoes when the weather conditions get a little right. On the toe, angle, and heel of the shoes there is reinforcement and the rubber soles was designed with a look of distress for an extra tough appearance.

The shoes were designed to be breathable and have a waterproof linings so that they will keep the feet wet and dry all the time. There is reinforcement from the ankle to the heel to make sure these shoes are safe and secure. They have a distressed look vintage rubber sole so that a person can enjoy the look. These shoes are CE certified and will allow a woman to feel comfortable when she is riding. These shoes may take a little while to break in as do most leather shoes. They are tough looking and will allow a woman to enjoy her ride on the bike without a problem.

Dainese Motorshoes Air Women’s Shoes


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These shoes are wearable and they can be used to go riding. There are inserts in the ankles are reinforced so that they will be both safe and comfortable. The ankles have ridges that are in them so they will provide extra support. There are nylon insoles and high tech tenacity polyamide fabric so that a woman and has lace up closure. The shoes are certified to fit the CE and the CAT II and are reinforced with polyurethane heel structure so that they can be safe when riding.

These shoes will take some time to get comfortable with and they may be a little stiff at first. There are integrated reflection inserts and will be for additional safety. There are also reinforced polyurethane heel structures so that a woman can be safe and secure when they are riding. A woman can relax and when she is riding. She will not have to worry about getting swamp feet and can ride in comfort. The shoes will allow a person to be comfortable and the women to enjoy the ride on the motorcycle with a problem.

MEN’s Tall Motorcycle Boots


AdTec Men's Engineer Motorcycle Boot


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Finding a high quality leather boots that is easy on your wallet is a tough task. The AdTec Men’s 13” boots is a great choice for those looking to spend less and get more value for the money. The imported leather boots has a rubber sole and solid stitches that make you look classy. The supremely functional boots is the only pair of shoes you will need during heavy snow. The mid-calf bots has a leather upper and soft toe feature. The vamp and side engineer straps are adjustable to help you to fit the boots perfectly. The out sole is oil-resistant which is great for those who like low maintenance shoes.

The opening in the calf is about 5” in diameter and it can fit you comfortably. During the first few weeks, it is recommended that you wear long black socks so that the black color of the boots doesn’t bleed into your skin. The water repellent leather is guaranteed to last for a long time if you don’t abuse your shoes.

Harley-Davidson Men's Randy Engineer Boot


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If you are looking for classy and stylish biker boots, Harley Davidson Men’s Randy Engineer boot is the right choice. It is crafted with the needs and wants of a biker in mind. It perfectly matches the design and styling of your favorite Harley Davidson. The shaft measures 11” from the arch and the heel measures 1.5”. The comfortable boots measures 14” all around. The men’s shoe will deliver performance and attitude.

Riding your bike will become much more comfortable with this street wear priced between $104-$199. The logos are loud and bold, screaming style in every way. The boots comes with zipper for a unique fit. The soft leather is extremely comfortable to wear during long rides. The boots also feel light so that you can walk around and enjoy your road trip with your pals. If you choose the right size, you can comfortably wear it with woolen socks. It is one of the excellent mid-range boots for outdoor loving bikers.

Harley-Davidson Men's Rory Harness Boot


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For bikers who want to exhibit bold and sensible style, the Harley-Davidson Men’s Rory Harness Boot is the best option. Priced between $99-$282, you can buy the boots in a few different colors and styles. The imported leather shoe feels soft and comfortable even when you wear it all day long. The leather sole feels super classy when you ride your Harley Davidson bike wearing these boots. The shaft measures 12” from the arch and the heels are 1.5”. The boot opening measures 15.5”, making it a comfortable fit.

The skull embossed detailing with metallic rings and studs at the ankle show your fierce nature in a subtle way. The square toe boot is just for those bikers who want a unique style when it comes to shoes. The oil and slip resistant outsole will last for years just like the superior welt construction. The distressed leather finish will add a rugged charm to your biking attire. It is better to thoroughly understand your size before buying any kind of shoes as high quality leather shoes will stretch a bit after years of usage.

Harley-Davidson Men's Hustin Waterproof Harness Boot


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The Harley-Davidson men’s Hustin boots is the right choice for ardent bike lovers. If you love exhibiting style and class, you will never go wrong with this waterproof boots. The leather boots with rubber sole is comfortable and lightweight. While you can enjoy the luxury of leather, you can also enjoy the firm grip of the rubber sole. The unique hustin waterproof feature will ensure that your boots leather remains luxurious throughout its life.

The Harley-Davidson Hustin waterproof boots can be purchased between $140-$170 and the full grain leather justifies the price tag. The boots comes with a full-length cushion sock lining that also has a waterproof membrane. Goodyear welt construction ensures high quality along with locking zipper. The ankle wraps only enhance the subtle styling. The boots has a shaft height of 11” and heel height of 1.5”. The new leather may take a while to break in. After wearing the boots a few times, you will feel the fit to be extremely comfortable.

Mens Short Motorcycle Boots


Harley-Davidson Men's Manifold Boot


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If you are proud of your Harley Davidson motorbike, then you will absolutely fall in love with the Harley Davidson Men’s manifold boot priced between $140 and $150. This boots is ideally suited for those who don’t prefer long boots. The shaft is 7“ long and the heel is 1.5”. The wolverine black leather is one of the finest quality leather you can find in any pair of boots. The rubber outsole with Goodyear welt construction guarantees optimal riding experience. Metallic buckle detailing adds the perfect amount of charm to your biker outfit.

The emblem may be too bold for some, but if you own a high quality Harley-Davidson model, there is nothing wrong in flaunting it. The locking inside the zipper makes it easy to put it on and take it off. The thick leather upper is determined to stay strong for years to come. Buckled straps at the ankle and collar ensure a comfortable fit. The full-length cushion sock lining will be a treat for your sore legs even if you walk around in the boots for a really long time.

Harley-Davidson Men's Gerald Lace-Up Boot


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Even though riding shoes are available in different styles, the classic lace up boots will never go out of style. Nothing proclaims your love for the road than the typical rugged lace up boots. The Harley-Davidson Men’s Gerald Lace-Up Boot priced at $135.99 is a great choice if you love the brand and the quality it guarantees. The large iconic bar along with the shield located on the outside of the leather upper is everything you need in superior riding boots.

The loud and strong logos will show your love for the brand. The shaft is 6” from the arch and the heel height is 1.5”. Buying the right size is important to get a proper fit. If the boot looks too narrow for your feet, you can easily fix it with a boot stretcher. The rubber sole ensures durability and makes it easy to ride your bike for long hours without causing any discomfort in your toes.

Harley-Davidson Men's Scout Boot


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The extremely comfortable Harley-Davidson Men’s Scout Boot is available in two colors – brown and black. The riding boots is available for a price between $91 and $170. Finding a high quality Harley Davidson boots in this price range is very difficult. The imported leather shoes with high grip rubber sole are suitable for long hours of driving. The shaft is 12” from the arch. The distressed smooth leather has a typical cowboy boot construction that is versatile and durable. You can easily slip on these boots with the side zipper.

You should be careful while selecting the size of your shoes. Normally, Harley Davidson shoes are half a size bigger than normal. The zipper also has some additional backing to protect your shoes from snags. These boots don’t rub on your legs and the thick soles make it extremely comfortable to walk all day long. The harness boot has a bold metallic logo that proclaims your love for Harley Davidson.

Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company Mens Afterburner Boots


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If you are looking for a comfortable riding boots to enjoy long hours of bike riding comfortably, you won’t be disappointed with the Milwaukee motorcycle clothing company’s afterburner boots. This comfortable and stylish boots is made of high quality fill grain leather that will suit your longwearing needs. The zipper style makes it easy to take your boots off. If you are not a big fan of lacing up your shoes, you will instantly fall in love with these boots. Double zippers add more integrity to the boots while ensuring their durability.

The fit of boots is always a problem when you intend to ride for a long time. The side strap along with the buckle allows you to adjust the fit so that the boots are just comfortable for you. The oil resistant non-skid sole is suitable for all types of bikers who like walking too. The cushion insole is removable and provides a custom fit. The boots measure 10” and women’s boots measure 9”.

Men’s Motorcycle Shoes


Speed and Strength Run With the Bulls 2.0 Men's Moto Leather Shoes


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If you are an avid outdoor enthusiast, finding the right pair of running shoes is of extreme importance. You don’t want to let the climatic conditions determine the amount of fun you want to have. This is where the right footwear becomes crucial. The unique perforated leather and textile upper of this shoes keeps your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. The engineered external PU protectors offer adequate protection for your shoes and feet when you are riding your bike.

It can also be used as multipurpose shoes because the sturdy shoes are great for hiking or walking for long hours. The toe and ankle reinforcements provide safety and comfort for your feet. The undercover lacing system offers a unique look and ensures that your laces always stay in place. If you are not a big fan of loud logos, the simple design of the moto leather shoes will inspire you to ride more. You can get these comfortable shoes for less than $100.

Cortech Vice WP Men's Riding On-Road Motorcycle Shoes



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Cortech is one of the prominent manufacturers of a variety of riding gears. The importance of riding shoes can’t be emphasized enough because if you plan on riding for a long time, you have to find comfortable shoes. The high tech riding shoes from Cortech, the Vice On-road motorcycle shoes is available in black color. It is made of a combination of high quality leather and heavy duty canvas. It has a Hipora breathable waterproof membrane, which keeps the stink away from your riding shoes. The heel cup and toe cap is made of Italian TecnoGI thermoplastic.

The Cortech logo and heel trim is reflective, enhancing nighttime visibility. The rubber sole is anti-slip and includes a reinforced shank. Rust free lace eyelets help you to keep your shoes in pristine condition without a lot of maintenance. Nylon ankle guards are molded and fit you perfectly. The 100% soft polyester lining keeps your feet cushioned and comfortable even if you don’t take a lot of riding breaks.

Alpinestars Faster Men's Street Motorcycle Shoes



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If you are looking for a fuss free riding shoes for less than $150, you can’t go wrong with the Alpinestars faster motorcycle shoes. These shoes are available in multiple color variations – black, gray, black-grey, black-white-red. You don’t always need leather shoes to ride comfortably. The ultra supple microfiber upper makes it one of the most convenient riding shoes you will ever own. The tongue and collar on these shoes are reinforced with a soft padding so that you don’t feel any kind of discomfort while riding and walking in these shoes. The rear reflective panel on Achilles heel has high frequency reflective coating which maximizes visibility at night.

The heel comes with textile lining with anti-sliding microfiber. If you are used to leather shoes, you may find the microfiber material a bit odd during the first few times. However, after enjoying a comfortable fit for long rides, you will never go back to your old shoes. The lace closure system also has adjustable hook and loop straps to enable anyone to wear these shoes easily.

Alpinestars Anaheim Men's Street Motorcycle Shoes



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If stuffy shoes is not your choice, then you will be supremely delighted by the lightweight design of the Alpinestars Anaheim men’s street motorcycle shoes. You can buy these shoes in black, gray, white or a combination of these colors. Flashy designs and gaudy graphics are not suitable for bikers with a refined sense of style. The subtle logo and comfortable design makes it one of the highly sought after shoes for high-tech bike riders. You can purchase this shoes for less than $170 and enjoy hours of riding without any discomfort.

The upper material is made of lightweight microfiber. To improve ventilation, the lateral and medial panels are perforated. To enhance comfortable fit, the collar lacing has metal eyelet. Dual density ankle MX protectors provides support to your ankles. Soft padding is also provided in the tongue and ankle region. The EVA anatomical footbed is replaceable. The double color rubber sole cup also offers the best grip while riding your bike or walking for long hours.

Alpinestars San Diego Men's Street Motorcycle Shoes - Black



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Available in black and grey colors, the Alpinestars San Diego motorcycle shoes are suitable for bikers who are looking for no-nonsense riding shoes. This shoe is available in various sizes, suitable for bikers of different heights. The upper is made of a breathable canvas material that is extremely lightweight. Eyelet and rear collar are made of microfiber suede. Comfortable textile is used for tongue and collar lining. Heel counter and toe box have internal reinforcement to guarantee durability.

You may think that +$100 for a canvas shoe is expensive, but if you are worried about comfort and safety while riding, you should not hesitate to buy these shoes. Big and bulky shoes are not always classy, especially if you love exploring outdoors on your own. Even though these are perfect riding shoes, you will actually feel like wearing comfortable sneakers. The sizing of Alpinestars shoes is just perfect and so, ensure that you buy the right size to ensure maximum comfort.