More Women are Riding Motorcycles, and they are happier too

Increasing Rate or Women Motorcyclists
Source: Blog

It’s no secret, more women each are are taking up the sport of motorcycling. Groups are forming across the US, and across the globe that a female only riders groups. Here are just a few:

  1. The Litas
  2. The Dahlias
  3. The Iron Lilies 
  4. The Foxy Fuelers
  5. DC Motorbabes

Those women are actually statistically happier than the the women that do not want to ride their own motorcycle as well.
Increased Happiness in Women Who Ride Motorcycles
Source: Blog

Interesting right? I thought so. IMO, women tend to ride safe, gear up, and strap on a helmet significantly more than men do – even on short low speed rides. Speculate your own reasons for this, but I know I tend to ride just a bit safe when we are all sharing the road out there together.

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