Metal Motorcycle Art Sculptures on Etsy – The Top Ones to Buy

Etsy, an online platform for small entrepreneurs, helps showcase unique art for motorcycle lovers.

All bike aficionados are sure to love the art sculptures. They are made of metal and the variety of sculptures on Etsy will help you take home your passion for motorcycles and riding.

Here is a look at the top motorcycle art sculptures on Etsy.

Welded Metal Art Motorcycle Rider/Motorcycle/Cycle

This motorcycle art looks so cool compared to any other art sculpture.

With metal pieces welded to give it the shape of a motorcycle with a rider sitting on top of it, you’ve got motorcycle art that is entirely handmade.

There are two nuts in place of the tires and the art sculpture also includes various sizes of metal nails and a plain box nail to the hand bars of the bike.

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What would you love?

The body of the motorcycle, hands, and legs of the bike rider comprises of the ring threaded nails.

The best part of this art sculpture is the face of the rider, which is built with a metal spark plug.

All the metal pieces are welded together in a perfect manner to give it the shape of a bike.

Who do we recommend it for?

This art sculpture is a perfect gift to give to a bike enthusiast who can flaunt it in their garage or home to show their love for bikes. It is a minimalistic art sculpture of a motorcycle which uses a lot of innovation in this design. Simple metal tools are used to create this art sculpture.

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Metal Motorcycle Sculpture

This metal motorcycle sculpture on Etsy is a very good looking sculpture that you would love to buy.

The tires of the motorcycle consist of two ball bearings while the hand bars of this motorcycle sculpture are made by welding two plain box nails to either side of the ball bearings.

The seat of this art sculpture of the motorcycle is made up by bending a spoon.

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The engine and the motor of the bike include ball bearings, and the headlight of the motorcycle is made with spark plugs. This bike sculpture also makes use of washers.

What would you love?

This art sculpture of the motorcycle is 1.5 pounds, surely not going to put in a lot of weight.
The art sculpture is made up with the recycled scrap metal items.

It is fully handmade, and the entire scrap metal item is welded together in the form of a motorcycle.

You can reuse these metal scraps of the motorcycle for some other purposes as well.

There is good durability with high-quality metal materials being used to build the art sculpture.

It’s a creative work of art which you would love to buy for your home.

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Motorcycle and Rider

Available on Etsy, this one is a metal art sculpture of a bike with a rider on the top of the bike.

The entire motorcycle sculpture of the bike is handmade and readily available to the bikers.

What would you love?

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The wheels of the art sculpture are made with two vertical ball bearings and it has a ring edged metal nail which looks like the engine and motor part of the bike.

Built with the breaking of the head of the spoon, the seat of the bike sculpture is designed in a way that is smoother and gives comfort to the bikers.

The hand bars are created by joining the two plain box nails on either side of the washers and the metal nut is used as the headlights of the bike.

The trunk of the rider on the bike is created by welding the spark plug vertically on the spoon.

The hands and legs of the rider are created by joining four box nails on the trunk of the rider.

The looks of this art sculpture have a very simple and rustic look. You can store it in your garage or you can gift it to a friend who loves art and bikes.

The length and height of the art sculpture is 5.5 inches and it is 2.5 inches wide. Also, it is very light in weight as it only weighs 1 pound.

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This metal sculpture features a chopper motorcycle.

This handmade motorcycle art sculpture is available exclusively on Etsy.

It uses many metal scraps to create a sculpture resembling a miniature bike.

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What would you love?

The materials used in creating this motorcycle sculpture are all metals.

The wheels of this chopper motorcycle are made by aligning a ball bearing and a large metal nut vertically.

The hand bars of the bike are composed of metal rods.

The motor and engine are also made of this metal rod and it uses a dented spoon as the seat of the motorcycle.

The metal nuts do the work of the headlights. There is another metal spoon which is used as the cover of the gas container. The spark plug is placed as the engine of the motorcycle.

It’s one of the lightweight options out there for you.

This is a unique piece which looks like a chopper motorcycle. You can keep this motorcycle in your garage, or you can also store it on your shelf to flaunt your love for riding. This is a classic piece which is made by welding some metal scraps together in an artful way.

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Vintage Scrap Metal Motorcycle Art Sculpture Miniature Model

If you’re looking for a motorcycle art sculpture miniature model that’s classy and elegant, this is the one for you.

It is a vintage looking miniature bike model featured on Etsy and dates back to the 1980s.

This purely handmade metal art work used scrap metal pieces and then soldered them together to give it the shape of a vintage motorcycle.

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What would you love?

The art sculpture is around 10 inches long and is a rough and tough looking piece of art.

You can even see the soldering patches on this miniature bike model.

You can buy it if you are a huge fan of vintage bike models.

The miniature bike is made to look exactly like a real bike. You would love the classy and minimal look, which will make it stand out from other artworks in your garage or room.

What wouldn’t you love?

If you aren’t looking for something vintage, this isn’t the one for you.

This will prove to be a perfect gift for someone who is into bikes and loves riding or collecting vintage motorcycles as a hobby.

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Recycled Scrap Metal, Sculpture Motorcycle Spoon- Reclaimed Metal, Repurposed Metal, Unique Art Welded, Steel Art, Garden by JBS

Available on Etsy, this metal sculpture is made from recycled metal scraps.

The innovative idea used in creating this bike is worth applause.

The whole motorcycle is made of spoons.

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Yes, just spoons! The wheels are created with the head of the spoons and the spokes in the wheels are also made of spoons. Even the hand bars of the motorcycle are made of spoons. The seat, the rear end, the foot pegs, and the headlight of the bike is also made of spoons.

What would you love?

The entire motorcycle is made of the silver colored steel spoons.

It is a classic piece of art which you can add to your collection of the bike collectives.

If you know someone who is a hardcore bike fanatic, then you can gift this to them and they will surely love it.

You can even move the hand bars of the bike.

What you would love as much?

Nothing really!

This metal art sculpture has a height of 8 inches and it is 18 inches long. This piece of art, created by JPS art metal, is a beautiful and creative work of art, sure to draw a lot of attention on it.

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Custom Hand-Made Motorcycle Sculpture – 3D Metal Art – Harley Davidson – Indian

This motorcycle art sculpture which is available on Etsy is an awesome work of art.

The whole body of the bike is made of metal.

The metal used in this bike sculpture is the gun metal.

A lot of hard work has gone into the creation of this sculpture, which is totally handmade.

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What would you love?

The whole bike is made with the motorcycle part itself, some of which are new and some are used.

The various motorcycle parts used in this bike sculpture are gearbox parts, clamps, springs, and gasket and a pressure sensor. It also has an oil pump, water pump, chain dampers, and wrenches.
This bike is attached to a wooden frame, so it does not exactly look like a miniature version of the bike.

What you wouldn’t love as much?

It’s not exactly lightweight at 47 pounds.

You can place it in your room or your garage. This sculpture shows a great work of art and creativity. You can add this to your collection of bike collectibles.

The base of the motorcycle is made of solid pine wood which is 28 cm thick. The wooden base is flawlessly coated with furniture oil for a good finish.

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Handmade Motorcycle Sculpture Made with Recycled Metal, Metal Sculpture, Chopper, Motorcycle Model, Motorcycle Sculpture, Chopper Sculpture

This chopper motorcycle sculpture featured on Etsy is handmade.

The whole miniature version of a chopper bike is made up of scrap metals.

The metals used in making this motorcycle sculpture are steel, nuts, and bolts, which are used as engines, motors, and headlights in this bike.

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The steel rods make up for the hand bars and frame of the bike. The bell bearings compensate for the wheels of the bike. All the metal pieces are welded together to give it a shape of a bike.

What would you love?

It is a minimal looking piece of art which can add stars to the collection of your bike collectibles.

It is 12 inches long and 5 inches wide. The height of the bike miniature is 6 inches.

The whole bike is coated with glossy clear paint to give it a good finish.

What wouldn’t you love as much?

It’s unique because it’s made from scrap materials, but then, you might want to do without it.

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Classic Hand Craft Harley HD Motorcycle Metal Art Sculpture Figurine

This classic sculpture, available on Etsy, is a black colored miniature black bike sculpture.

It is made by using heavy metal scraps while the headlights of the bike are made of nuts and bolts.

The wheels of the bike are made by rolling the heavy metal into circular rolls.

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The body of the bike is made by small metals rods, and the whole bike is prepared to weld these metal pieces together.

What would you love?

This bike sculpture is a miniature version of the Harley Davidson bike. The metal in this bike is of high quality, which makes it a long running bike.

The sculpture has the metal pieces soldered together.

You can even turn the wheels of this bike. The front of the bike also moves on either side.

What you wouldn’t love as much?

There are plenty of small screws used, and they might get lost easily.

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Unique Steampunk Metal Art Motorcycle Trike Stainless Steel Handmade Artist Signed Harry Castro

This unique bike sculpture is from the artist Harry Castro and is a vintage bike model with silver and brown color.

The bike is made up of stainless steel material, which is very durable and ensures it does not rust or corrode over time.

It will also resist scratches on its surface.

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What would you love?

It will be perfect for your garage, room, or you can also use it as a paperweight for your office desk.

It is a one of a kind of artwork which looks like a miniature version of the bike.

With an orange color seat, you have a lot of detailing on this sculpture.

What you wouldn’t love as much?

Many like the orange color seat; you may not.

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