Low Profile Motorcycle Helmets – DOT

When it comes to low profile helmets, there are a number of different choices that are available to individuals who prefer to utilize these types of helmets. Below are the reviews of five different low profile dot motorcycle helmets that are among the most popular styles available on the market.

1) Motorcycle Skull Cap Half Helmet- DOT

The first thing that someone notices when they look at this helmet is that it is reminiscent of the types of German helmets that were worn during World War II. It is a very popular helmet for consumers, largely because of the quality of its workmanship. In addition, this is a helmet that is attractive to look at and because it is so different, it is something that grabs the attention of everyone that sees it, whether they have any interest in riding motorcycles or not. It is well made and it is designed for comfort, something that many full face helmets have trouble accomplishing.

This helmet comes in a flat black color that is sprayed uniformly all over the helmet. Its composite shell is made of durable polycarbonate material, meaning that this is a helmet that can stand up to a lot of punishment and still be used faithfully for years and years. It also means that the helmet itself is extremely lightweight. This makes it a comfortable choice for many individuals who do not want to support a heavy helmet on their neck and shoulders all day long. In addition, it has a specially designed liner that is designed to absorb impact, making it more comfortable for long trips.

This particular helmet has a chin strap that is fully adjustable to fit virtually any individual. In addition, the nylon chin strap fastens securely so the helmet stays securely attached to the head even in challenging conditions. To make this particular product even more popular, it can easily be used with goggles. It is truly the perfect item for anyone that wants to enjoy a long road trip on a motorcycle without feeling as though they are being weighed down by a heavy full face helmet all day long.


2) German Motorcycle Half Helmet DOT Low Profile Matt Black

This is agreat looking helmet that comes in a variety of sizes ranging from small to XXL. Despite the fact that this helmet comes in so many different sizes, it weighs only 28 ounces, making it one of the most comfortable helmets available on the market. That fact, coupled with the fact that it sits very low on the head, makes it the helmet of choice for many motorcycle enthusiasts and dedicated riders. It provides the protection of wearing a high quality helmet without feeling bulky or overly large. It allows for free movement of the head and neck while simultaneously allowing the rider to have full visibility in any direction that he or she looks.

The helmet fastens using D-rings that are made of stainless steel, providing another testament to the high quality of the product and in the thought that went into creating something that would be stunning to look at and highly functional at the same time. Perhaps the best thing about this particular helmet is that it fits securely even at high speeds. This can sometimes be a problem with half helmets and as a result, many riders go through a number of helmets before they find one that is comfortable and that will stay securely fastened to their head when they are riding at highway speeds. This helmet is able to accomplish all of these things. As a result, it offers all the things that riders typically want in a single product.

This low profile german motorcycle helmet also comes complete with its own helmet bag. Most of the people who use it have reported on its level of comfort and its ability to a stand a lot of punishment. For anyone that is interested in having a German style helmet that sits low on the head and is comfortable, yet offers a high level protection, this is one such helmet that can be utilized easily again and again.


3) VCAN Low-Profile Half Helmet DOT

This is a helmet that provides the look of a traditional German helmet, yet adds something of a modern twist. Basically, it keeps the tradition alive but the looks are updated slightly, allowing anyone that wants to have a helmet like this access to it without it looking dated. The most popular helmet comes in a gloss black finish but it is important to note that this helmet actually comes in 15 different designs to suit virtually any personality. Furthermore, this product is designed to fit based on an individual’s hat size. This typically makes it much easier to find the perfect size helmet. In addition, it comes in five different sizes so it is easy to find one that works for a large section of the general public.

The shell itself exceeds the standard set forth by the DOT, making this one of the safest helmets available. In addition, it has a shell that is made of resin and ABS thermoplastic, meaning that it is something that can take a great deal of punishment and keep coming back for more. It also includes a visor that is removable and a nylon chin strap that fastens securely with D-rings.

Perhaps the greatest thing about this helmet is that it comes with plenty of padding for extra comfort. It also comes with cheek pads that can be removed and washed. This keeps the helmet fresh and helps it stay clean, which is a popular attraction for many customers, especially when compared to helmets that do not offer these features. There is no doubt about it, this is a helmet that is designed for flexibility. For anyone that wants a quality product that offers good looks and the ideal level of protection, this is definitely a product that can get the job done.

4) Outlaw Dual-Visor Motorcycle Half Helmet

 This is a helmet that is able to provide outstanding looks with the protection that is so often desired by motorcycle riders. Some individuals have the misconception that half helmets simply do not protect as well as full face helmets because they are more lightweight and they have less surface area. However,this is a helmet that is designed to stand up to a tremendous amount of punishment such as that which might be experienced in a crash, yet it is able to provide that level protection without burdening the rider with a heavy product. Most of it is due to its polycarbonate shell that can take a great deal of punishment without giving in.

As previously mentioned, this helmet is finished in flat black and to complement its looks, it is completed with DOT and Outlaw graphics that are featured on the back of the helmet. To complete the look, it has a shield that is tinted and offers high definition, making it almost perfect for riders who are facing the sun or who are riding into other types of lighting conditions that are less than ideal. Of course, the visor is removable if the individual in question so desires.

Perhaps the two best things about this helmet is that the shield is able to drop down and retract easily. Anyone that has ever tried to operate a shield that was jerky or difficult while riding on a challenging road knows how frustrating it is to have to fumble with the shield in order to get it up or down. This is a product that works very well and allows riders to extend and retract the shield in a matter of seconds without putting forth any effort in order to do so. The helmet is also padded so it provides an extra level of comfort. This makes it an outstanding product.

5) Fuel Low Profile Half Helmet

This is probably one of the most unique helmets that is currently available. It has a low profile, it allows riders to have a full range of movement when they are riding, it looks great and it offers an outstanding level protection in order to keep riders safe. As a result, it has easily became one of the most popular helmets available and many people that use it find that they simply do not want to use anything else.

Safety is always a key concern and this helmet is DOT compliant. It also offers an extremely lightweight design. One of the greatest things about it is that it allows riders to hear and see well because of the way that it is designed and the fact that it does not obscure vision or hearing. This allows riders to operate a motorcycle safely and without compromising the looks that they want in a helmet. Because a helmet is typically part of a rider’s personality, it is extremely important that they be able to accomplish both tasks with a single product and this is one that can certainly do both very well.

This is a helmet that comes in four different sizes so it is typically easy to find one that works well. It also comes complete with the visor and a special mesh covering that allows the maximum circulation of air when the helmet is worn. It is offered in flat black and comes with a UV clear coat to keep it in good condition. This is a very low profile helmet that sits low on the head, thereby offering a maximum level of comfort and security. It also comes with its own helmet bag, so many people consider it to be a complete package when looking for new helmet to purchase.


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