Icon Variant Ghost Carbon Helmet Review: Premium Quality Helmets For Sports Bike Riders


The motorcycle gear manufacturer Icon has created different types of helmets and gear for the younger generation. Sports bikes and cruisers are popular types of motorcycles, as they can be used for street riding and regular use apart from sports riding.

Adventure tourer bikes have increased in popularity due to their versatile nature. The Enduro-styled helmets are the perfect fit for the adventure tourer motorcycles. The brand new Icon Variant is the latest addition to the family of Icon helmets that cater to a wiser and older audience.

The Icon Variant Ghost Carbon helmet review tells you whether the money you spend on this helmet is worth it.  Check price here.


The Icon Variant Ghost helmet is another premium helmet from the manufacturer Icon which is comfortable with the best air flow system. The manufacturer has updated the air flow ventilation design to make this helmet one of the best for ventilation.

It is designed for adventure tourer, though this helmet is also suitable for street riding and regular commuting. The design of the helmet matches with the dual sports bike. It may look silly if you are riding a regular commuter motorcycle with this helmet.


The Variant Ghost helmet is a full face helmet that weighs about 3.75 pounds. It is a slightly heavier helmet, but if you are riding a sports bike, you would expect additional protection.

The helmet fits perfectly right out of the box, and it feels light on your head. You can ride for hours without worrying about natural elements or anything else for that matter. Once you wear the helmet, you can stop worrying about wind noise or anything else that may disturb you during your ride.

Build Quality

The shell construction of the Variant Ghost is made of Kevlar Spectra carbon fiber. The helmet is available in a few metallic colors that match very well with a sports bike.

The composite fiberglass finish makes the helmet exotic and lightweight. The Variant Ghost has limited graphical details, but it is ideally suited for adventurous riders who want to keep the attention on the comfort and performance of the helmet.

The superior aerodynamic feature makes your adventure even more exciting as the helmet allows you to maneuver in any way you want. The helmet is wind tunnel tested, and the design features are refined to cater to the demands of modern day bikers.


Just like the other Icon helmets, the interior is made of HydraDry moisture wicking material. This liner is good at wicking moisture, and keeping you sweat-free inside the helmet. However, the interior is available in a white color, and it will get dirty easily.
You can remove and wash the material frequently to make it look sparkling clean. Many bikers feel that the material could have been made in a darker color to hide the sweat stains. Even though the liner may not be really dirty, the white interior magnifies the sweaty stains.

The liner is plush, providing excellent padding. It also plays a major role in eliminating wind noise. The liner has ear pockets for a communication device, even though the pockets are slightly smaller compared to the other helmets.

This helmet is ideally suited for intermediate and long oval head shapes. If you have a round head, you should avoid this helmet, as it will be difficult to take it off.

Face Shield

One of the attractive features of the Icon Variant Ghost Carbon helmet is the yellow optics face shield that gives a unique look to this helmet. Additionally, you can purchase a mirrored visor if you want the helmet to be aesthetically pleasing.

The yellow face shield makes the surrounding look better, and it has a wide range of vision. The Molded EPS nose design with the helmet minimizes shield fogging. This helmet is ideal for a ride in cold weather as the anti-fog shield is solid and serves its purpose. The removable chin curtain also helps you to keep the fog away.


The Variant Ghost helmet is famous for its excellent ventilation system. The adjustable top and chin vents allow plenty of airflow inside the helmet. The oversized intake and exhaust ports promote excellent airflow to keep you cool within the helmet.

However, if the helmet doesn’t fit you properly, your head may feel hot even with a good airflow. Despite the flow of air, the helmet is surprisingly quiet even when you ride a noisy sports bike. You can enhance the noise cancellation feature by wearing earplugs to drown the noise.


The icon is a world-class leader when it comes to ensuring the safety of helmets. The Icon Variant Ghost Carbon helmet meets and exceeds safety requirements of both ECE and DOT certification.

In Australia, it meets SAI AS1698 standards, and in Japan, it meets SG standards. However, both these certification stickers are only available from authorized dealers from the local countries.

Other Factors for Consideration

The yellow face shield design makes this helmet look unique. However, not all motorcycle riders will be fond of it. You may have to spend a few additional dollars to purchase a mirrored visor.

Even though the face shield is supposed to be a quick release system, you need a few tools to change it. You should be careful as the helmet has a peak design that makes it somewhat difficult to swap face shields.

It is a great helmet if you like your helmet to be stylish and super comfortable. And it’s one of the ones you might want to buy if you are into adventure sport as well.

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