Icon Alliance GT Rubatone Helmet Review: Best Value Helmet With Excellent Features

Ever since its inception in 2002, Icon has been conquering the motorcycle helmet gear market with its unique products. The manufacturer caters to the needs of different types of motorcycle riders, creating mid-range helmets and premium helmets with equal grace and ease.

The Icon helmets are particularly popular for their superior performance and adorable graphics. If style, performance, and comfort are your main criterion for selecting a helmet, you will be happy with the helmets from Icon.

The Icon Alliance GT Rubatone helmet review gives a detailed overview of the features of this helmet, priced around $200, which will help you decide whether it is a wise option for you.


The premium helmets are developed for a reason. It is exclusively made for those who frequently ride in extreme conditions. If you are looking for a solid helmet that will hold well during your regular and continuous riding needs, you will be happy with a mid-range helmet from Icon.

The Alliance GT helmet is an upgrade to the already popular Alliance helmet series from Icon. This helmet sets you back just by $200, and you will get more than what you pay.


Apart from the value for money advantage, the Icon Alliance GT Rubatone has many great features. This full face helmet weighs about 3.69 pounds, and it comes under the category of lightweight helmets. It is a great option if you want to wear a helmet to your regular commute to work and you don’t want it to be pressurizing your head.

The intermediate to long oval head form fits most head shapes, and it is one of the classic comfort fits from Icon. The Alliance GT model packs all the features from the Alliance model, with an addition of a drop down sun visor.

Shell Design

The shell design of Alliance GT Rubatone is on par with some of the expensive helmets in the industry. It won’t break your bank, but it will protect your head at all costs.

The injection molded polycarbonate shell reinforces strength while ensuring durability. The durable shell design will feel robust and lightweight at the same time. The shell doesn’t bend when you press it, and it is a classic indicator of the quality of this helmet.

The helmet has excellent aerodynamic properties that keep the helmet stable while riding at higher speeds. It is wind tunnel tested to improve the aerodynamic properties.


The Icon helmets feature one of the best ventilation systems in helmet design. The Alliance GT helmet has a molded twin channel super vent that enhances cooling inside the helmet. There are vents at the chin and top, providing excellent airflow inside the helmet.

The chin vents are designed in such a way that additional air enters the helmet without any problem. However, you need to be careful if you frequently ride in dusty areas. The top vents also promote airflow, but the design of the air vents inhibits the entry of air to some extent.

The exhaust vents do a great job of sucking the hot air out of the system.

Visor and Face Shield

One of the most prominent features of the Icon Alliance GT Rubertone helmet is that comes with a drop down sun visor that can be operated using one hand with gloves. The sun shield engages smoothly and protects your eyes from the sun.

The helmet ships with a standard silver tinted visor, but there are other options to choose from. The face shield is fog-free and comes with side plates. The face shield is also available in multiple tints, though it is advisable to get the clear shield.

The absence of a chin curtain is a bummer, though. The face shield has a Prolock locking system that provides a complete seal once the face shield is shut.

Interior and Fit

The interior liner of Alliance GT helmet is made of moisture wicking HydraDry fabric. It is removable and washable, which will help you to keep the stinky sweat smell away.

The cheek pads provide adequate cushioning, but you may need to break in the helmet for the best fit. It is certainly one of the most comfortable helmets you can find.


The Icon is one of the best helmet manufacturers, preferred by motorcycle riders who value safety more than anything else. The helmet exceeds ECE and DOT standards of the USA. It also meets the expectations of the Japanese SG standard and Australian SAI AS1698 standard.

The helmets with latter certification stickers can only be purchased from authorized dealers in these countries. Even with the addition of a drop down visor, the safety feature of the helmet is not compromised.

Other Factors for Consideration

The superior airflow brings the problem of wind noise. This helmet is not designed to be extra quiet, but it is not very loud compared to its competitors. You may need earplugs when you ride with this helmet, especially with the clear visor open.

The interior liner is made in white color, which is disappointing because it gets dirty pretty easily. It wicks away sweat and it is washable, but you may not like to see a dirty liner at all.

This helmet has superior aerodynamics features, but if you start riding at high speeds, you will notice that you are only wearing a mid range helmet that doesn’t offer a premium experience.

The Icon Alliance GT Rubatone helmet is available in different colors, even though black is the most common and preferred color.

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