Icon Airmada Chantilly Helmet Review: Stunning Graphics Helmet For Style Lovers

The Icon is a relatively new brand of motorcycle accessories manufacturer, started in 2002. It was created exclusively to cater to the needs of modern day riders who value performance and style equally.

The company values safety more than anything else in making the helmets. It encourages riders to ride safely without compromising looks or performance.

The Airmada helmet collection from Icon is designed for budget conscious riders. These helmets deliver track level specifications for a fraction of the price. The Icon Airmada Chantilly Helmet review reveals the important characteristics of this helmet that make it an ideal choice.

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The Airmada helmet is one of the flagship helmets from Icon. The Chantilly graphics are very ornate and look really cool. If you love having elaborate graphics on your helmet, you will enjoy wearing this helmet in both black and white variations.

The graphics on the black helmet look subtle, despite the excessive detailing. The paisley designs may appear to be feminine, but the skull graphic design brings out the toughness. It is a gender neutral helmet ideal for riders with their own sense of style.

The intermediate-long oval shape is a rare fit in the case of full face helmets. The textured graphics interior adds a unique new look to this helmet. You can get all these features for about $250, which is ideally a steal.


The Airmada helmet from Icon is a full face helmet with elaborate graphic design. The designers have painstakingly integrated paisley and interesting graphics to create a unique new design. The devil is in the details, while the first look may give you a charming aura.

The helmet is available in 4 shell sizes and 5 dual-density EPS liner sizes to accommodate different types of riders. These variations ensure that you get a custom fit with your helmet without any issues. The Chantilly Airmada helmet weighs 3.71 pounds, which may be slightly heavy for people with smaller heads.

Shell Design and Build Quality

The Icon Airmada Chantilly Helmet is made of injection molded polycarbonate shell. This shell design is strong and durable, making it one of the desirable helmets for regular use. The build quality of this shell is solid, and even though it falls under the slightly heavy helmet, the fit ensures that you don’t feel the weight of the helmet while you are riding your bike.

The graphics are one of the most attractive features of the helmet. If you feel that the paisley pattern is feminine, you should take a closer look at the graphic design to find the true nature of the helmet. It is truly a gender-neutral helmet that is available in black and white colors.


The Chantilly Airmada Helmet uses the Recessed twin channel super vent system. It is one of the leading ventilation systems in the industry that has intake and exhaust ports designed to maximize cooling effect.

The venting system on the chin and forehead can be adjusted to allow the exact amount of air you need inside the helmet. The exhaust ports effectively remove warm air out of the helmet, keeping you cool in all riding situations.

Face Shield

The face shield is made of fog-free Icon Optics shield that comes with Prolock shield locking system. The rapid release shield changing system allows you to change the shield effortlessly without the need for any tools.

You can use a compatible face shield with this helmet to ensure maximum comfort. There is no sun visor with this helmet, which means that you have to change the shield or wear effective sunglasses if you want to ride on sunny roads. The face shield is impressively fog-free, which is enhanced by a removable molded breath deflector.


The EPS interior liner is made of Hydradry moisture wicking material that can be removed and washed separately. The helmet features an interior with graphics, which make it an ideal choice for those who prefer style in their riding accessories.

The interior liner is also available in different sizes to ensure maximum comfortable fit. It also features an extremely plush liner.


The Icon Airmada Chantilly Helmet leaves no stone unturned when it comes to safety. The primary purpose of a helmet is head protection and the safety standards ensure safety guarantee.

The Airmada helmet exceeds the expectations of various safety standards such as DOT, ECE, SAI AS1968 and SG safety standards. It is incredibly hard to find a helmet that passes so many safety requirements. However, you must understand that SAI or SG stickers are only available with dealers in those countries.

Other Factors for Consideration

For $250, you expect the helmet to be stylish while serving its purpose. If you are a fan of intricate graphic design and patterns, you will enjoy wearing the Chantilly graphics helmet. It is very rare to find a graphic design that combines feminine paisley pattern and masculine skull design. The graphics make this helmet suitable for both male and female riders.

The absence of a sun visor is a bummer with this helmet because even many low-priced helmets come with added sun protection. However, the absence of a sun visor increases the safety standard and reduces the weight of the helmet.

The Icon Airmada Chantilly Helmet is the perfect choice for motorcycle riders who are looking for a helmet that will make heads turn during their regular riding. This helmet can also be used in adventurous racing conditions as long as you aren’t involved in aggressive racing sports.

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