Icon Airframe Pro Pharaoh Helmet Review: The Great Egyptian Appeal in a Menacing Helmet

The design of your helmet majorly influences the way you can use it. Some of the helmets are designed to be used for everyday regular commute while some helmets are exclusively made for extreme riding conditions.

Choosing the right helmet for your purpose will help you save money and get the best helmet of your choice. The Airframe Pro helmets from Icon are designed for extreme racing conditions. In the Icon Airframe Pro Pharaoh helmet review, you can find whether this helmet is worth the premium price you have to pay for it.

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The Airframe Pro Pharaoh helmet is not designed for regular bikers. Amenhotep is an Egyptian pharaoh who ruled the country for more than forty years. The pharaoh-inspired design is used by ace signature Icon designer Tanner Goldbeck to create the stunning helmet graphics. If you love Egyptian mummies and things of days gone by, this is one of the helmets that you would want to buy. It’s unique and beautiful – plus there are other things you would love about it, too.

It is a great helmet with extraordinary features, and that is why you have to pay a premium price for it. With unbelievable aerodynamics, it is certainly one of the helmets that justify the $440 price tag.


The Airframe Pro helmet is a full face helmet that weighs just 3.61 pounds. This lightweight helmet is designed for modern riders.

Modern day motorcycles have very different riding positions compared to the older models. In sports riding, the helmet plays a major role in aerodynamic riding style.

The higher rear sets combined with lower clip-ons have changed the way motorcycle riders ride their bikes. This helmet is designed to improve your riding experience and speed with modern motorcycles.

Shell Design

The shell of Airframe pro helmet is made of composite fiberglass shell which is an industry standard for premium helmets. The handcrafted shell is available in 4 different shell sizes.

The compact shell is designed to reduce mass and drag. It is one of the premium helmet shells that meet the ECE standards. If quality is what you are looking for in a helmet, you don’t have to think twice before paying a price of $440 for this helmet that excels in build quality.

It is an aggressive helmet designed for a sports bike. The premium design and lightweight nature of the helmet ensure that you will enjoy wearing this helmet for your aggressive riding.

Comfort Fit

The fitment of the Airframe pro helmet is extraordinary, to say the least. The comfort liner is made of five pieces instead of the three piece industry standard. It is where Icon differs from other helmet manufacturers.

The different shell sizes combined with the customizable interior liner makes it possible to create 27 fitment combinations with a single shell. The padding components can be varied for the best fit at the crown, lateral, and forehead areas.
Icon provides the classic intermediate and long oval fit with the helmet, which is ideally suitable for most of the sports bike users in America.

Face Shield

The face shield is made of fog-free optics face shield that comes with a rapid release system for a quick and tool-free removal. The chin curtain and breath deflector can be removed, and it helps with keeping the face shield fog-free.

The wider view field is distortion free, which is crucial for extreme racing. The face shield closes with a complete seal to protect you from all kinds of natural elements.


The Airframe helmet reinvented the ventilation system of motorcycle helmets in the modern time. The Airframe Pro helmets have an upgraded ventilation system where the top vents of Airframe were removed. It was because the vents created awful wind noise.

As a result, the Airframe helmet has five exhaust vents and top and chin vents that manage airflow without creating too much noise. Linear ported forehead vents and low profile vents used throughout the shell ensure maximum airflow. The ventilation system covers the bulk of your head, unlike other helmets that mostly concentrate on the center line.
The venturi effect keeps your head cool while enhancing the aerodynamic property of the helmet.


The interior is made of HydraDry moisture wicking fabric which wicks your sweat away quickly, keeping you cool in hot weather conditions. The five-piece liner is removable and washable.

The cheek pads provide premium cushioning with a race fit inside the helmet. No other helmet manufacturer has made it possible to customize every piece of the liner without pressure points.

The sculpted neck roll reduces jacket interference. The winged design at the back also provides great ventilation when you ride in a ¾ riding position.


The Icon Airframe Pro Pharaoh helmet meets many international safety standards. In the USA, you can purchase it with DOT and ECE certification. It also complies with Australian SAI AS1698 and Japanese SG standards. However, these specifications are available only with the local dealers in the respective countries.

Other Factors for Consideration

The Airframe helmet was made in 2010, and it stands out as one of the best helmets from Icon. After six years, the manufacturer did a complete overhaul to bring about the amazing Airframe Pro series of helmets exclusively for premium riders.

This helmet can do much better with an addition of the Pinlock face shield that is commonly found in other premium helmets. If we really want to complain about this helmet, the vents at the temple are a little difficult to control with a gloved hand. The presence of some texture for the adjustment could have made this helmet much better.

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