How to Install Bluetooth into your own Motorcycle Helmet – for under $20.

Adding bluetooth stereo headphones to your motorcycle helmet can enhance your riding experience about 10 times (according to my back-pack wifey). But if you are as cheap as I am, then what you are not going to do is replace her favorite – I-just-got-it-broke-in-helmet with a new one that costs upwards of $500. This is why you are going to add a simple bluetooth communicator and a pair of speakers to her (or yours I guess) for….



Step 1 – Purchase simple bluetooth receiver


Step 2- Purchase Stereo Quality Headphones. Link to cheap ones (they do the job). Link to better headphones (Music snobs)


Step 3 – Disassemble headphones and insert the speakers into helmet


Step 4 – Glue magnets onto bluetooth adapter (trust me)


Step 5 – Glue small metal plate onto helmet (in your receivers desired location – obviously.)


Step 6 – Now your receiver is removable for easy charging an such


Step 7 – Plug in speakers and turn it up.


Here are the links on more time to the bluetooth transmitter and the speakers for your project. The next time that you or your riding buddy says “I wish I could listen to music while I ride” but you really know that they are just too cheap (or a broke s.o.b.) you have got solution….. for under $20.