HJC and Marvel Team Up to make 3 Awesome New Helmets.

HJC + Marvel Series – Punisher

punisher-helmte-by-hjcThere are many different types of great looking motorcycle helmets on the market today. Many of which can be described as very attractive to the eye, but also filled with features that makes it desirable for anyone to wear. Even the novice who is just getting started, may want to take advantage of the best looking motorcycle helmets in the industry. So, for those of you who are interested in what the HJC Marvel Series “The Punisher” looks like, here’s a brief description.

First of all, this helmet is made of polycarbonate materials, since it designed with several factors in mind. Some of the more common is making sure the helmet is comfortable for the user and meets specific industry safety standards. With the name of “Marvel” in red and white on the right chin area, it will remind anyone who sees it of the super heroes in the comic books and movies today. It is a fully enclosed head garment that has a clear shield for the face area, and the rider can easy look through it. This helmet has also received the Snell 2015 certified safety rating.

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According to numerous HJC Punisher helmet consumers reviews, there are a number of different benefits to owning this type of motorcycle helmet. Starting with it overall comfort that people need when they are spending a long time on the riding on the road, this helmet meets and exceeds these demands. Also, for this price, the riders cannot go wrong, especially because the helmet provides each rider with good air flow at all times. It is also deemed by these consumers as a must have helmet for hitting the open road. It has been made with a locking visor, which is ideal for those who are concerned about blocking out the extra noise of the wind when driving at high speeds.

HJC + Marvel Series –  Iron Man

hjc-and-marvel-series-iron-man-helmet-adManufactures of this motorcycle helmet has remained true to form, especially when comparing how strikingly similar this helmet looks to the ironman head gear that has been seen in many of the super hero movies over the years. This helmet comes in an extra-large size with the colors of red and yellow so it is really attractive for those who love these colors. In a nutshell, this helmet looks like an exact duplicate of what iron man wears in that easily distinguishes him from other super heroes in their scenes. All the motorcycle rider needs is the bottom of the suit and they would be really good to go.

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Made for the open road, it has been designed with an advanced polycarborante composite shell. Riders will also be pleased to know that it has a supercool interior that will keep them comfortable while riding both short and long distances. Manufacturers have also included a one-touch integrated system that has made for supporting its smoke tinted sunshield. Therefore, if an accident does occur, this part of the helmet will deploy easily, even if the rider has on big clumsy gloves. Users will also be interested in knowing that this helmet can be placed into 3 different positions when the wearer is using its locking system so they can adjust this part of the helmet in any manner that they wish. Also, the overall design takes advantage of the new 3D design technology that offers 95% UV protection and anti-scratch coating.

The HJC IS-17 Motorcycle Helmet Marvel Series Iron Man Red Large comes with a number of other great features. One of the most notable involves its interior. The materials contained on the inside of this helmet makes it very simple and easy for the user to keep clean and maintain its freshness. For instance, the interior of this helmet is made of anti-bacterial moisture fabric, and has a full front and back flushing heat and humidity ventilation system. The makers of this helmet have designed it with features and specifications that meets and exceeds D.O.T regulations.

HJC + Marvel Series  – Captain America

cl-17-captain-america-hjc-helmets-official-siteSome people tend to have their favorite super heroes that they like to support when the movies are on, while others like every hero that does that fantasy world good. Whatever the choice or personal opinion, there are some who like to see Captain America in action. So, for those of you who may favor Captain America as your ideal role model for taking care of business quickly, you may love this little added addition to the HJC CL-17 motorcycle helmet collection.

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With the HJC CL-17 Marvel Series Captain America Motorcycle Helmet available online, bike riders all over the U.S. and abroad can purchase an attractive helmet that they will enjoying wearing for its overall looks, the features offered and the safety that it provides to those who wear them where ever they go. This motorcycle helmet is available in the colors blue and white. Simulating the look of captain America’s actual head gear, it’s main color is blue with a large A in white on the fore front and white stripes on right side of the helmet.

This helmet has a wide range of benefits that many motorcycle riders can take advantage of today. It has been made of polycarbonate materials so riders can depend on its solid high performance craftsmanship. The manufactures have also paid close attention to safety requirements too. Meaning it has received the Snell 2015 certified rating. So, for those of you who want to ride with both style and safety in mind, here is a helmet that has been made just for you.

Overall, the consumer feedback for this helmet is very good. According to a number of different comments that have been made, this helmet fits very well when the buyer orders the correct size. Also, because of its interior design, it’s easy to keep clean and fresh so the wearer does not have to be offended by bad odor that lingers. The manufacturers have also added a feature that reduces noise from the wind because it has vents that can be opened and closed when needed. For the price, this helmet has been very well built so it is a very good purchase for people who are looking for a good helmet that they can wear on both long and short trips.