HJC IS-5 Helmet Review

HJC brand helmets also popularly known as the best helmets for the racers. All of the helmets are quite affordable considering the features they provide. They do not compromise on the strength and reliability of the helmet. Many racers wear them on the track, including Jorge Navarro and Julian Simon, to name a few.

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So, you can invest your money on this helmet without any dilemma. HJC helmets manufacture helmets full of innovative ideas at a reasonable price.

In this HJC IS-5 review, you will learn if you need this helmet for yourself.


In this particular helmet, there is a wise and stylish blend of the old three-fourth helmet and current advances in the technologies of head protection.

Since HJC IS-5 is a three-fourth helmet, the amount of fabric and material used is also less, so that makes this helmet even more delightful.

It is the best three-fourth helmet at such a price. The price is, however, affordable but that does not mean that it lags anywhere in its safety or even looks.

Paying +$100 for a helmet which gives you killer looks as well as protection does not sound like a bad idea at all.


The shell is made of advanced polycarbonate composite material.

It comes with an integrated sunshield of HJ-V8. Along with this integrated visor, it also comes with a spare tinted HJ-V8 sunshield, which will give you better protection and clearer vision in the scorching light of the sun.

The fabric of the inner liner will keep you cool. The comfort liner inside the helmets is fully removable as well as washable. Same goes for the cheek pads.

Shell Design and Quality

The shell of HJC IS-5 is made up of polycarbonate composite. Polycarbonate is a material which is being widely used in manufacturing helmets nowadays due to its strength and because it is light in weight, and hence, the helmet will be lighter. There are a few Star Wars Designs available on this shell design too.

The shell only has single-density EPS foam layer which means it can only absorb shocks of moderate impacts.

The foaming inside the shell and the use of the material called polycarbonate make this helmet lighter and comfortable to wear and to carry around with you. The shell uses advanced CAD technology and fits perfectly on your head.

The chin straps are easy to use. It uses a D-ring system in the chin strap fastener which will keep the helmet in its place, and it will not get wobbly during a ride.


The interior of the HJC IS-5 helmet has a moisture wicking fabric. The fabric uses an advanced Supercool fabric technology whose threads are woven with fine silver which gives the fabric the strength to fight against microbes.

You can take out the entire liner from inside the shell of the helmet, wash it in the machine, then place the dry liner inside the shell again. There you go! You get a fresh new helmet again.

The fabric will keep your head cool and sweat-free even during the longer duration rides.

The material used in the inner lining has antibacterial properties which will keep your helmet bacteria and odor free. Your helmet will smell fresh always, and you will stay healthy.

The cheek pads used in the helmet are fully removable as well, and every cheek pad is interchangeable within all the HJC helmet sizes. So, in case the cheek pads are ruined, you can get a new pair of cheek pads for the same old HJC helmet.


The HJ –V8 sun shield sun visor can be adjusted to three different positions. The first position can be in the front of your eyes, second would be mid-way, and third would be all the way up to come in front of the face.

The HJC IS-5 helmet comes with a drop down visor. You can retract it on your eyes really quick and easy. You can even take off the visor from the helmet when you do not need it. You can snap the visor back onto the helmet with just one click and voila!

The visor will act as a sun shield while preventing the sun rays from getting directly into your eyes. It also protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays.

It filters out almost 95% of the UV rays. That means you do not need to carry any goggles or sunglasses with you while you are riding during the day or noon time.

You do not need to worry about the visibility from inside the visor. You will not even realize the fact that you are wearing a helmet, as the lens used in the visor is optically correct. It has a scratch resistant and hard coated glass.

Along with this dark smoke tinted visor, you will also get a three snap visor. The sun shield system used in this visor is patented. (US Patent No. 7,540,033)


The HJC IS-5 helmet meets the expectations of the US Department of Transportation. You can wear it for casual rides without compromising on safety.


As it is a three-fourth helmet, there is actually no need for any vents for the air to pass through; the air can flow on your face anyways. And, if you turn up the visor, you will also have air flowing on your forehead, which pretty much keeps you cool.

Other Factors for Consideration

It is not safe for racing or any sports, as it will not protect your chin area. You can wear it during a casual road trip in the countryside or where there are fewer vehicles on the road.

HJC IS-5 X Wing Fighter Pilot Motorcycle Helmet

Check out the specs on the HJC IS-5 Fighter Pilot Motorcycle Helmet here.


All in all, at an amazingly low price of $114.99, this helmet wonderfully serves its purpose of protecting your head.

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