HJC IS-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Review: Budget Friendly Helmet With Likeable Functionality

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HJC was formed in 1971 and ever since its inception it has been a prominent name in the helmet manufacturing industry. During a period of 20 years, the company grew to become the number 1 Helmet brand in North America. HJC has taken all measures to keep this title even now.

The in-house advanced wind tunnel testing laboratory enables HJC to create superior aerodynamic helmets with guaranteed safety. The HJC IS-17 helmet review reveals the important features of the helmet so that you can determine whether you want to buy it.  Check price here.


The IS-17 helmet from HJC is a successor to the IS-16 helmet released previously. There are only a few minor changes made in the new model, but you can get it for less than $200. Helmets that offer a drop down sun visor in the mid-range category are a common choice of bikers and IS-17 has all the basic features.

It is a basic mid-range helmet with good functionality, but there is no feature that is over the top or amusing.


The most prominent feature of the IS-17 is the drop down sun visor that can be used in multiple stages. The focus in this helmet is the addition of the sun visor. Some bikers love it because they don’t have to swap shields while riding on sunny days. Some bikers don’t like it so much because it adds to the bulk of the helmet.

The IS-17 helmet has an intermediate oval fit which is quite common with the other HJC helmets. It can be problematic for some bikers with long and narrow heads. The IS-17 helmet is a complete full face helmet that weighs around 3.5 pounds. It is a common weight for mid-range helmets that combine sun visor.

Shell Design

The HJC IS-17 helmet is made of advanced polycarbonate shell. It is slightly bulkier than fiberglass composite construction, but the ergonomic design of this helmet makes you forget about the weight. When you wear this helmet for long hours, you won’t feel the heaviness in any way.

The shell fits comfortably, and the cheek pads provide adequate cushioning. The shell also has a multi-density EPS liner which is useful in impact absorption.


HJC has introduced a new Supercool fabric for the interior liner design. This fabric is new to the helmets, and it is often found only with the HJC helmets. The moisture wicking capability of this fabric is impressive, and it is essential to keep you sweat free when you are racing on your bike.

The cheek pads and crown are completely removable, and they can be washed separately. You simply have to rinse with some water to get the stinky sweaty smell out. The integrated air deflector improves the aerodynamic property of the helmet, making it an ideal choice for dirt racing.

Face Shield and Sun Visor

The helmets that come with an additional sun visor are widely preferred by motorcycle riders because you don’t have to look for additional shields. With a sun visor, all you need to do is push a button, and you can prevent the sun from shining in the eyes.

The IS-17 helmet has a smooth drop down sun visor that pops into action when you need it. One of the important features of the sun visor is that it can be used in three different positions depending on how much sun protection you want. The locking mechanism ensures that the sun visor stays in place irrespective of the speed.

The visor can be activated by pulling a smooth lever at the top of the helmet. If you need a darker sun visor, you can use the optional tinted visor.

The face shield is made of anti-scratch shield that uses a new 3D design. The face shield naturally provides UV protection, and it can be removed and installed without the need for tools. The face shield is pin lock ready which means that you can purchase pin lock fog insert to ride in cold weather.

This option is much better than fog free coating because the physical barrier can provide more protection than a chemical coating which will wear out in a few months. The face shield can also be operated in two positions using one touch operating mechanism.


The HJC IS-17 helmet has advanced channeling ventilation system that circulates cool air inside the helmet. The chin vents and chimney vents are adjustable so that you can decide how much air you want inside the helmet. The venturi vents at the back pull the hot air out of the helmet to keep you cool.


  1. HJC IS-17 Blur Helmet
  2. HJC IS-17 Iron Man Helmet
  3. HJC IS-17 Deadpool Helmet


As far as safety is concerned, the IS-17 helmet is one of the safest helmets as it has DOT approval. The cheek pads provide cushioning, and they can also cancel out wind noise. The helmet is designed to absorb impact so that there is no trauma to your head during a collision.

Other Factors for Consideration

The HJC IS-17 helmet is not a high-end product, but it covers the basic features. Without the fog insert, this helmet is useless in cold weather. Many bikers are not satisfied with the tint of the sun visor this helmet is shipped with.  Check price here.

However, you can purchase the optional smoke tint which could also be much darker. The drop down mechanism is placed at the top of the helmet unlike at the sides of other helmets. If you want to spend less than $200 for your regular commute riding, this helmet is the best choice.

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