Harley Davidson Sleep and Loungewear for Men and Women

Have you ever rushed to change your clothes because of the arrival of an unexpected guest early in the morning because you did not want to look shabby?

People usually do not bother about maintaining a separate wardrobe for their nightwear. They wear their old clothes at home and do not spend their money on clothes that they think nobody will see them in. Are you one of them?

Sleep wear and gym wear clothes are synonymous with comfort.

When you are at home, you want to relax and calm your body. Getting a good night’s sleep has more to it than just sleeping on time. Keeping this in mind, Harley has designed a special collection of sleepwear using different designs and patterns for both men and women.

Keep your style quotient high and live a Harley life even at night. We have created a guide for you so that you can pick your favorite from the list of the Top Harley Sleep and Lounge Wear now!

Harley-Davidson Women’s French Terry Lounge Capri, Heather Gray 96087-16VW

Capris are more comfortable to wear as compared to pants and shorts.

You can wear them in any season.

They can be worn as gym wear, while travelling or as sleepwear.

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You’ll be very satisfied with this one, as its pleasing color will stay even after repeated washing.

This H-D women’s lounge Capri is made of cotton blend material with 60% cotton while the remaining 40% is Polyester French terry. It has an elastic waist along with a drawstring to help you fasten the pants. It has a rib-knit trim and contrasting stitching on its cuffs and waistband. There are also printed metallic graphics on the left leg.

Available at a reasonable price, these pants are ideal for daily use.

Verdict: Wear these along with a contrasting color Harley Tee and your sporty look is ready. Choose your waist size and buy it now!

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Harley-Davidson Women’s Plaid Flannel Sleep Red Casual Pants 97781-17VW

You’ll love these pants, as they are super comfortable and will not give you a moment’s bother.

You can wear them on a pleasant morning walk or at night in bed–either way, you’ll feel amazing.

This plaid flannel print casual pants are made of 100% cotton material which is soft and finely woven.

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There are printed graphics on the left hip of the pants and HD is written in black in the front, below the waist belt on the left leg. The product is available in different sizes ranging from extra-small to XX-Large.

These pants are easily washable at home and don’t require any special care. They are durable and will last long; their color won’t fade easily.

Wear it with black or red Harley sleeveless tees and get comfortable sleep.

Verdict: Flannel pants are not stretchable, so choose your size only after going through the size chart. Avoid wearing these pants while exercising because flannel is warm and should be avoided in summers.

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Harley-Davidson Women’s Spade Fleece Sleep Pants, Dark Gray 97764-17VW

These HD sleep pants made of cotton blend material with 60% cotton and 40% polyester sweatshirt fleece and are very comfortable for daily wear.

They are dark grey in color and has a rib-knit elastic waistband along with a drawstring.

Contrasting purple shade stitching is there on waist and hem to add onto the beauty of these pants.

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Graphics are also printed on the left hip which has shimmery.

They are available in medium size.

Wear it with white or light shade Harley Davidson sleep tees. These pants are durable and can be worn in any season, and can be washed at home.

Available at a reasonable price.

Verdict: Do add these in your wardrobe. You can even gift this to your friend or relatives who are Harley fans.

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Harley-Davidson Women’s Foil Print Flannel Plaid Sleep Shorts 97848-16VW

Give your wardrobe a stylish boost by having these stylish shorts in it.

These flannel material sleep shorts are made of 100% cotton.

They have an elastic waistband which has a decorative button.

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Foil printed graphics are present on the left hip. It has HD written in front in red. The lower end of the shorts is double folded and stitched which provides a comfortable fit and attractive look.

These shorts are very durable, of good quality, and washable at home. It is available in different sizes from extra small to XX-Large.

Verdict: These flannel shorts are made of 100% cotton and so are not stretchable. If you are looking for gym wear, this one is not the perfect choice. Flannel material is warm and so should be avoided in summers as they will make you sweat more.

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Harley-Davidson Women’s Fold-Over Waist Sleep Lounge Pant, Black/Mint 97863-16VW

If you have the habit of turning and twisting during sleep, you’ll find these pants very comfortable.

These are also an ideal sportswear option or travel-wear.

These pants suit women of all age groups and do not require any special care.

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This sleep lounge pant is made of Polyester Blend with 87% polyester, 10% rayon and 3% spandex French terry. It is black in color with a contrasting mint colored fold-over waistband. There are printed graphics on the back of the waistband with a winged HD drawn in black on it. The contrast color of the pants look unique.

These pajama bottoms are stretchable and can be worn with white or black Harley Davidson tees or tank tops. You can even wear them while exercising because of its softness and stretchable material. They are washable at home and it is guaranteed that the color of the pants will not fade.

Verdict: Update your wardrobe and add some color in your sleepwear by buying these stylish pants.

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Harley-Davidson Women’s Plaid Flannel Sleep Pants, Printed Graphic 97781-17VW

When at home, relax by wearing these pants.

Let them make you look effortlessly stylish.

These HD women sleep pants are made of 100% cotton.

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It has an elastic waistband along with a drawstring. The left hip has printed graphics. These red plaid pants are very soft and comfortable to wear because of the flannel material. It is available in different sizes from extra small to XX-Large.

Wear this one for your ‘Pajama party’ with a red or black Harley T-shirt and create your exclusive Harley look. Also, if you match them with a different color T-shirt every day, you’ll look unique every time. Women of all groups can wear these pants.

Verdict: Only concern with these flannel pants is that they are not stretchable and so they can’t be worn during exercise or yoga.

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Harley-Davidson Men’s Sweatshirt Fleece Lounge Pants, Black 97624-17VM

If you are a person whose nightwear wardrobe has only black and blue pants, then add some style to it by buying this one.

This HD Sweatshirt Fleece Lounge Pants is made of 60% cotton, while the remaining 40% is polyester sweatshirt fleece.

It is dark grey in color and has an elastic waist with a back right pocket.

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There are printed graphics on the left hip with ‘Harley Davidson Motorcycle co.’ written in light grey color. There is also a signature Bar and shield Harley logo printed below this script.

These pants are a favorite among men who visit the gym because of their comfort fit and soft material. This is also an ideal sportswear option.

Wear these pants with contrasting T-shirts and get a new gym look every day. These pants don’t require any special care and are easily washable.

It is made of very good quality material and is durable. It can worn in all seasons.

Verdict: These pants look great and you’ll be pleased to have them in your wardrobe. If your husband, friend, brother or boyfriend is a Harley fan, gift it them to them! Don’t wait, order them now.

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Harley-Davidson Men’s Allover Printed Jersey Lounge Pants, Black 97631-17VM

If you don’t have any printed pants in your wardrobe, buy this one and add a Harley charm to your style.

These men’s Allover Printed Jersey Sleep Lounge Pants are made of 100% cotton jersey.

With an elastic waist and a back pocket, it has printed graphics all over itself with the winged Harley Davidson logo in black.

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These lounge pants, designed for Harley fans, are loose and comfortable to wear. You can also wear them while travelling as they look trendy and fashionable at the same time. Men of all age groups can wear these and they will never go out of fashion.

Verdict: These lounge wears are an ideal choice for your wardrobe and will get you attention from your friends. With growing fashion trends among men, lounge pants are gaining huge popularity.

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Harley-Davidson Men’s Lounge Pants, Plaid Flannel Pants, Black 96773-15VM

If you are a person who prefer to remain subtle and simple, these are perfect for you.

They are made of 100% cotton and have an elastic waist with a drawstring and a single button fly.

There is an embroidery of the Bar & Shield Harley logo on left hip of the pant.

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It has plaid black and grey colored print on it.

They are very comfortable to wear. People of all age groups prefer these flannel material clothes.

They can also be worn when going for a walk because of the comfort fit. A Harley light grey T-shirt will go well with these pants and complete your stylish look.

Verdict: The only disadvantage of having flannel pants is that they can’t be worn during summers. All in all, they are a must-have for your wardrobe.

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Fashion is evolving every day, more and more.

Now sleepwear for both men and women aim to add comfort, style, and confidence to your lifestyle. Buying sleep and lounge wear can be a real fun and satisfying experience because of the wide range of options available both online and offline. Different designs, fits, and sizes are available to cater to the needs of the people. After a full day of hard work, your body deserves the best sleepwear to help it relax properly.
For people who believe that pajamas rule inside the four walls, Harley has put in effort to design and manufacture clothes which you can comfortably wear inside and outside your home without any hassles. And that is an incredible advantage to have for someone who wants comfort and fashion at the same time.

Harley style helps you stay trendy even at night. These sleep and loungewear items are available online along with a size chart to help you choose the right ones.

Choose your favorite on the basis of material, design, and comfort and update your sleepwear wardrobe.

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