Coolest Motorcycle Helmets for Kids

Youth Helmets that will give your kiddo some style (and protection)

The importance of wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle or motorcycle cannot be overstated. Even grownups who choose to shun this extra layer of protection should insist that their children adhere to this rule, for it could mean the difference between life and death.

Naturally, children are not mature enough to appreciate benefits of wearing a safety helmet, but is important that you impress upon them the value of wearing one at an early age, for doing so could prevent a minor—or major accident.

What you need to know when choosing a helmet for your kid

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when shopping for a motorcycle helmet for your kids; we have listed what we think are some of the most important ones below:

First, make sure that the helmet fits properly. Statistics show that the majority of accidents involving children riding motorcycles show that the most severe injuries occur because the helmet didn’t fit properly. So, always take your child along with you when purchasing a helmet so that they can be properly fitted.

Find out as much as you can about the helmet’s manufacturer. You can do this by reading product labeling and by reading reviews of the motorcycle helmets you’re thinking about buying. Reading product reviews gives you a heads-up on product performance from previous or present owners.

Make sure the helmet you buy meets your specific needs. Many parents make the mistake of buying a helmet made for off-road use when their intent is for city riding, and vice-versa. If you plan on taking your child on the road with you, be sure to ask your retailer which motorcycle is better suited for the purpose. Usually, the helmets that provide the best protection are the ones that include chin bars.

Why is it so important to choose the right helmet?

Our love for our children and our desire to keep them safe is reflected in the attention to detail we show when choosing a motorcycle for them.

This means making sure that they have the best helmet for the money even if only time they’ll be riding is when they’re on the bike with you.

There’s no guarantee that you won’t have an accident, so you’d want the best protection possible for your child.

If your child has recently taken up riding, then they will want to look cool whilst taking part in this fun and exciting sport. This article looks at some of the coolest kids motorcycle helmets on the market -The top sellers in 2016.

TMS Youth Motocross Helmet with Goggles and Gloves

This is a very cool helmet made by TMS. It has a dark blue background and a design that features silver flames. Kids will love the style of this helmet which will be the envy of all their friends. This set is great value for money as it comes with goggles and gloves, everything you need to for your motorcycle in one set. The helmet is very well made and has a quality glossy finish. It is very light in weight and can therefore be worn comfortably even for longer periods of time. It also has a comfortable interior as it’s well padded. The padding is also removable and can be washed.

It is important to measure your child’s head before buying this helmet as it comes in a variety of sizes: Small, 19.2 / 19.7 Inch; Medium,20.1 / 20.5 Inch and Large, 20.9 / 21.2 Inch. This helmet is also available as an XL which would fit a small adult or older teenager. It is 21.6 / 22 Inch diameter. helmet has an air vent on the top to keep the riders head cool. The face is also well ventilated.

The benefits of owning this product is that it will keep your child safe; it has past safety tests and is very durable. It has been DOT approved with a Safety double D ring. The gloves are also great quality with extra padding on the palm of the hand and fingers to avoid scratching. Googles have a large lens so as to not obstruct the view when riding. Overall this is a great set which any child would love; it is super cool as well as very safe and secure and great value for money. Both the gloves and goggles match the helmet.

TCMT DOD Kids Motocross Street Helmet +Goggles + Gloves

This is a very well designed product which is both good quality and trendy. Your kid will love this helmet as it will help them look the part whilst riding their motor cycle. It has a very cool design with silver flames, there’s also a skull on the back. This helmet is also available in blue, dark blue, green or black. The benefits of buying this product is that it has a UV protective finish. It is light weight as well as being extremely durable. The designers have incorporated a number of air vents making this helmet suitable for summer or winter riding. It is also very comfortable to wear as the inside is lined with padding. The lining is also very soft and includes cheek and neck pads. It is easily removed and can be washed.

The helmet has a sleek design with a flip up front which allows it to be taken on and off easily. It also has easily adjustable straps. It is available in three different sizes small(19.2 / 19.7 Inch), medium(20.1 / 20.5 Inch) or large(20.9 / 21.2 Inch). This helmet passes safety tests and has a DOT Safety Standard.

The set is great value for money as it includes the helmet, a Bag and also a pair of goggles and a pair of gloves. The goggles are fog proof and scratch resistant, they are a nice blue colour which match the rest of the set and they can be securely worn over the helmet. The goggles also have a wide visual field. This whole set is available in 5 color choices.

XFMT Kids Motocross & Street Helmet: Pink Butterfly

This helmet is great for any girls who are into motorcycles.The designers have managed to create a design which is both feminine but edgy and cool. They have combined sharp edges with curves to create a unique design which looks amazing. The helmet has a white background and silver zig zags with light pink flowers as well as a darker pink butterfly on the back. This helmet will allow your daughter to look girly whilst getting covered in mud. The benefits of buying this product is that it has a UV protective finish. It is light weight as well as being extremely durable. The designers have incorporated a number of air vents making this helmet suitable for summer or winter riding. It is also very comfortable to wear as the inside is lined with padding. The lining is also very soft and includes cheek and neck pads. It is easily removed and can be washed.

The helmet has a sleek design with a flip up front. It is available in three different sizes small(19.2 / 19.7 Inch), medium(20.1 / 20.5 Inch) or large(20.9 / 21.2 Inch). This helmet passes safety tests and has a DOT Safety Standard and is very easy to put on and off with easily adjustable straps.

The set is great value for money as it includes the helmet, a Bag and also a pair of goggles and a pair of gloves. The goggles are fog proof and scratch resistant and are bright pink which looks great against the lighter pink and white of the helmet. The brighter pink also matches the color of the butterfly. The goggles also have a wide visual field. The gloves are a light pink color and match the rest of the set. They have extra padding on the hands and fingers. Here are some more girly motorcycle helmets with crystal designs. 

Coface Children / Juniors / Kid Summer Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is available in a selection of colors which are very bold and eye catching. They have a nice simple pattern made from zig zag lines, arrows and sharp shapes. It is available in blue, red or yellow and have silver detailing. Your kid will look unique wearing this helmet and will definitely be visible from a distance. This is great if you are watching them race. The benefits of buying this helmet is that it is very safe as it’s made from super impact-resistant ABS engineered plastic. The shell is lined with a soft foam material which will keep your child’s head safe and secure. It also makes it very comfortable to wear.

This helmet has a clear fold down lens which will protect the wearers face from flying debris. The helmet is is secured under the chin with a comfortable chain pad. Another great thing about this helmet is that it comes with a nice bag for storage purposes. This helmet comes in one size, but has adjustable straps. It’s suitable for kids who’s head circumstance is not more than 55cm. The dimensions of the helmet are27cm(length) x 21cm(width) x 21cm(height).

Youth Red Spider Net Dirt Bike Atv Motocross Helmet W/goggles/gloves

Both younger and slightly older kids will love dressing as spider man when they ride their motorcycle. This helmet features a bright red traditional spider man pattern complete with web detail, spider eyes as well as legs creeping up the back. The spider man details are in silver and black which stands out against the red background and looks great. If your child is into superhero’s then he will love this awesome helmet. This helmet has been made with a beautiful gloss UV protective finish. It is light weight and durable which makes it comfortable and easy to wear, even for longer periods of time. The interior, is heavily cushioned and contains removable padding which can be washed very easily. A number of air vents are positioned around the helmet keeping your child’s head cool in warmer weather. Buy this helmet here. 

The helmet has also comes with a safety certification and is DOT approved new in box. It is especially designed for off road riding and is perfect for all safety conscious parents. The set also contains red with black and silver detailing on the fingers and a pair of bright red goggles. The goggles fit securely over the helmet and have a large visor allowing for perfect vision. This helmet comes in three different sizes, small: 19.2/19.7 Inch. gloves: S: 22 CM, 8-8 1/2 Inches. Medium20.1/20.5 Inch. helmet with youth sized gloves and goggles or largeLarge: 20.9/21.2 Inch with gloves Size: 27 CM, 10-10 1/2 Inches.

More Star Wars Helmets here.

Youth Motorcycle Helmets

With all the motorcycle helmets out there on the market today, choosing the right one for your child can be especially difficult. To help make the somewhat daunting task easier for you, we have narrowed down the list to the top 4 choices and listed them below:

The Youth Mach 2.0 Razor: Vega is one of the top manufacturers of children’s motorcycle helmets and the razor is one of their top-selling designs. The razor costs less than $100 and is by-far the no. 1 choice when it comes to children’s motorcycle helmets. It comes in a variety of colors so your kid can choose his own unique color.

Some features of the Razor include:

  • Convertible to snow use so you don’t have to buy another helmet for the winter
  • Replaceable liner for extended use
  • Comes in small, medium or large sizes
  • Comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Washable inner liner to facilitate cleanliness
  • And an interchangeable shield allows for adapting a variety of visors

The Youth GM46Y Shredder: manufactured by G-Max, a leader in child motorcycle helmet manufacturing, the Shredder can be purchased for around $70-$85 and has consistently ranked near the top in product reviews. The Shredder also comes in a variety of colors to better match your child’s individuality.

Some features of the Shredder include:

  • Enlarged eye-port to facilitate children who wear glasses or goggles
  • Vented roof deflector
  • 17 vents allow maximum airflow and ventilation to help keep your child cool during any outing
  • Optional cheek padding for custom fitting
  • In-chin-bar EPS for added safety
  • Removable inner liner that facilitates washing for better hygiene
  • Lightweight design (2.9 lbs.) for comfort
  • Adjustable, vented visor for an unobstructed view whether on or off-road

The Youth FX-75Y: manufactured by the FX-75Y Corporation, another top contender in motorcycle helmet development, the FX-75Y sports a more traditional look and comes in a variety of attractive colors such as camo, silver-white, and wine.

The FX-75Y will only set you back about $55, but is ranked high in the customer product reviews. This helmet scored an impressive 4.8 out of 5 average from 20 different reviewers. With an open face, ccommunication options to chat it up on your ride are wide open – just like the road in front of you.

It comes in three convenient sizes—small, medium, and large—so there’s sure to be a fit for your child.

Some features of the FX-75Y include:

  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind
  • This helmet is specially designed for children
  • Meets or exceeds all ECE 20.05 and DOT FMVSS218 safety standards
  • Inner liner and cheek pads made from hypoallergenic and anti-microbial nylon
  • Removal snap-on visor for interchangeability
  • Unique forehead ventilation system
  • Expanded ear cavity can also accommodate speakers for listening to music while you ride
  • Aerodynamic design made from thermo-plastic poly alloy reduces friction so you don’t tire so easily.

The Youth HJC Redline: manufactured by the HJC Corporation, the Redline is a nice-fitting helmet that comes in a number of vibrant colors that caters to both boys and girls. The Redline costs about $90 and comes in three convenient sizes—small, medium and large. With plenty of room for crystals and spikes, you can add plenty of bling to this girly helmet.

Some of the features of the Redline are:

  • Made from a lightweight polycarbonate composite
  • Advanced ventilation system includes an adjustable forehead vent, chin vents, 2 rear exhaust vents, and a fog-shielding chin bar.
  • Removable, washable inner liner made from plush Nylex
  • HJ-09 fog shield tested to block 95 percent of harmful UV radiation

Helmet Covers, Spikes, and Mohawks

Alot of helmet covers for snowboarding and skateboarding double just fine for motorcycle helmet covers. And the accessories to choose from for ratcheting up your kids sweet lid are wide open too. You might just find yourself trying to keep up with him. (Better get used to it now…)

A few more ideas for your new kid’s helmet:

  1. Mohawks
  2. Pigtails
  3. Lights – EL Wire.
  4. Transformers – How to customize your helmet like a transformer (or Halo Helmet)
  5. Cartoon helmets
  6. Halo helmets
  7. Star Wars Helmets

The Law:

There is no minimum age for a passenger required to ride on a motorcycle with you. However, under 21 – passengers are required by law to wear a DOT certified helmet.

In this article we took a look a the top selling kids motorcycle helmets, and at some of the accessories that are available for those helmets. Also we  covered some useful tips on how to make sure your child is as safe as possible when he or she makes their way out on the open road.

Remember, operating any open-air vehicle like a bicycle or motorcycle carries inherent danger, so make sure your child is protected by equipping them with the safest gear.

I hope that you have as much fun as I do enjoying the sport with your own kids. 🙂



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Coolest Motorcycle Helmets for Kids
Written by: Karl Steinmeyer