Contribute via Guest Post

We need your badass-ness!

We are currently seeking motorcycle enthusiasts, moto-vloggers, and guest post bikers to become Badass Helmet Store contributors. You can share your knowledge and increase your personal or businesses exposure. You will also get to call yourself a published – official badass.

Here’s how it works.

Fill out the quick application below to become a Badass-Contributor. Feel free to put in links to your blog, Facebook, or any other work that you want to show off in the notes section.

1. Pick a project from the list or submit you own project idea.

2. Fill out the form below with your information.

3. Once approved, send your finished project to the editor.

4. Your editor will review your stuff then approve it or request revisions.

5. Once your project is complete – Go ahead and tell the world about it. 🙂

Your project is up to you 🙂  – We always have projects we need done and are always open to new project ideas. Here are a few ongoing basic projects:

  1. Helmet Review – what you like and what you don’t about any motorcycle helmet.
  2. Helmet Accessory review – likes and dislikes about adding and using each accessory on your helmet.
  3. Custom Helmet Project – Details and how to make your own custom motorcycle helmet. Includes painting, pin-striping and attaching crystals/gems.
  4. Kickstarter Motorcycle Project – Details on your new Kickstarter Project that is related to Motorcycle Gear or Helmets.
  5. ??? – Something else that you would like to offer? Go ahead and give us your best pitch 🙂

Here are some basic guidelines:

1. Article 1200-1500+ words total, and covers every aspect of the given topic

2.  3-4 outgoing links to credible sources to back up you info

3. 3-4 links to articles on this site, The BadassHelmetStore

4. 3+ Images with attribution.

You can 1-2 do-follow links per article, but no affiliate links. Keep those on your own site.

We will post on our Facebook page, and put any additional images that you create for Pinterest on our channel over there too when the post gets published.

The first step is to contact us at [email protected]