10 Best Chrome Motorcycle Helmets

Metal background or texture of bright aluminum sheet

Are you ready to turn a few heads while you are riding on the road? Well, in that case, these chrome helmets will definitely give the attention you desire. It will also give your rider attitude a whole new funky and stylish twist.

Well, some bikes need chrome helmets more than others like Harley. You do not want to mess it up by wearing a boring helmet, now, do you? Here’s the list of best chrome motorcycle helmets and helmet accessories you can choose from.

Be flash, be fashionable with the products listed below!

Novelty German Chrome Chopper Biker Motorcycle Helmet

This German chrome chopper biker motorcycle helmet is manufactured by the brand Biker Access.

This helmet is in chrome silver finish.

It is a novelty helmet which means it does not meet the safety standard of the Department of Transportation and hence, may land you a ticket in the states where wearing a DOT certified helmet is mandatory.

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The shell of the helmet is made up of fiberglass. Fiberglass is one of the most flexible and strong metals used in the manufacturing of helmets these days. The helmet has Y-shaped padded chin straps with fast ratchet clip, and it weighs around 3 pounds.

It is a head turner if you wear it with a sports bike. Although, the helmet looks very good, but it is not scratch resistant. The lining of the helmet cannot be removed, and also, it does not provide any protection.

It also makes lots of screeching noise in your ears. As it is chrome, you ought to take care of it and clean it every time you want to take it with you.

The lining cannot be washed; hence, you should protect it from dust as much as possible. It does not have a visor.


You can buy it on Amazon at an affordable price. The item can be justified as something you need for enhancing your appeal on the road.

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Outlaw T-72 Chrome Dual-Visor Motorcycle Half Helmet

This is a chrome mirror helmet from the brand Outlaw.

It is a half-helmet, meaning it does not have a front mask and only covers your skull.

A unique thing about this helmet is that it comes with the dual-visor system.

The visor is bolted from the helmet which can be removed if you want.

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There is a retractable dark smoke high definition sun shield in order to protect your eyes from sunlight and dust particles.The helmet is considerably good for summers as it keeps you cool.

You do not have to carry an extra pair of glasses to wear as it has an integrated sun shield which is tinted. So make sure you get a clear lens too if you have to travel at night for a clearer vision.

The shell is made of polycarbonate due to which it gets its strength and durability. The mirrored surface can be easily scratched or removed, so it requires a bit extra care.
Due to the extra padding, it does not sit properly on the head; it sits a bit high on the head. This helmet is certified by DOT with their graphics on the back which cannot be removed.


You can get purchase it on Amazon. It is a worthy purchase which gives you good head protection.

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Skid Lid Chrome Original Harley Touring Motorcycle Helmet

This stylish gray chrome helmet is manufactured by the brand Skid Lid.

It is a 2012 model original Harley touring helmet.

This helmet is very light.

It only weighs 2.6 pounds, which makes it very comfortable to wear or carry around even for long hours.

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It will not strain the muscle of your neck and some parts of the head due to heavy weight.

The product’s dimensions are 11.9 x 9.3 x 6.6 inches. This helmet would be perfect for those who want a slim and form-fitting half-helmet. It will also not make you look goofy. This helmet will sit perfectly on your head and will not give that mushroom-kind appearance.

This helmet is extremely low profile which will save you from getting a ticket, and they are also approved by the US Department of Transportation. The shell is made up of the thermoplastic alloy. The straps are woven nylon with the D-string retention for added safety.


The half-helmet will not protect your face or the other part of the neck during a crash. The chrome finish gets damaged easily if it gets scratched. Remember to clean it properly before stepping out.

This helmet is available on Amazon. The item model is Chrome Original Helmet.

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Vega NoveltyChrome Helmet Polo 

This black chrome helmet is from the brand Vega Helmets.

It is a half helmet.

The interior of the helmet is nicely cushioned.

The Y-straps are adjustable, and the shell is made up of ABS polycarbonates, which are the very common material used in the making of helmets, as they are super light and strong.

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This helmet is very popular with cruiser type bikes. It is very affordable, and it looks very stylish. There is no point in wearing a full-face helmet with a Harley. Hence, this half helmet does not make you look silly. However, due to safety reasons, this helmet is not very safe, and it is not worth risking your life for looking stylish for some time.

A novelty helmet is not approved by the Department of Transportation. Therefore, it will be not counted as a legal helmet in some states of the US.


Use the helmet with care. Do not let scratches on the surface of the helmet; it will not go easily. You can check it out on Amazon.

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Daytona German Chrome Novelty Touring Motorcycle Helmet

This half helmet is manufactured by the brand Daytona Helmet.

It is a chrome silver helmet with great style.

It is a novelty helmet which means that it is not approved by the US Department of Transportation.

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The novelty German helmet is inspired by the helmet used in the World War II.

The helmet looks like a wartime shell and gives the retro appeal.

They look very fashionable and badass with a street style touring motorcycle. They go perfectly with some bikes such as Harley or Indian.

You can cover your brilliant head with this bright helmet.It is a very simple, sleek, and stylish helmet. The silver color of the helmet gives it a minimalistic look. When you wear this helmet, be sure to turn some heads on the roads.


The cons of this helmet will include it being a novelty helmet. A novelty helmet is the kind of helmet which you wear just to get away from cops and to avoid tickets. But, these kinds of novelty helmet do not meet the standards of the DOT. They do not offer any protection during a crash.

Another disadvantage of a chrome helmet is that they are not scratch resistant and require special care to maintain its glossy finish.

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Chrome Crusher

This chrome crusher helmet is from the brand Skull Crush Inc.

It does not have any approval of DOT.

It is a handmade helmet.

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The shell is made by Kevlar/Carbon Fiber Shell used in the military.

The interior of the helmet is memory foam for great comfort.

It is a super light helmet, weighing just about one pound. The helmet follows the rules of aerodynamics which gives high resistance in case of an impact. It has steel belted rubber trim to look cool. It has a clear coat over chrome finish which adds to its style quotient. It has a steel D-ring retention strap to keep it placed safely on your head.

You can attach size pads inside the skull which will make your helmet adjust perfectly, and your head can avoid looking like a mushroom.

The design on the helmet is like a knitted web. The glossy silver metal body of the helmet makes it suitable for both the boys and the girls. It will make you stand out of the crowd. You can also clean the helmet for any scratches with some special liquids.

It is not a DOT approved helmet, so it does not count as a protective helmet.


This helmet is available on Skull Crush. You will also get a free carry bag with the helmet.

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Skull Crush Chrome German Helmet

This is a limited edition silver chrome helmet from the house of Skull Crush Inc.

It is a chrome helmet in the shape of a German style helmet.

The German helmet is inspired by the war helmets used during the World War II.

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The design on the top of the helmet is a knitted pattern.

The shell is a ballistic blend of carbon fiber and Kevlar. Ensolite memory foam is used in the interior lining. The interior is moisture wicking which keeps your head cool and sweat free.

It is a lightweight helmet which is less than two pounds. It keeps a low profile which gives it a minimalistic look. It does not give you the goofy mushroom look as in the case with other helmets.

It has industrial steel riveting and lock trim rubber edging. It has highly gauged woven nylon straps. The retention D-rings are made up of Chromium Molybdenum Steel as a safety measure.

The half-shell helmet is easy to carry around. It will keep you cool and does not cause strain in your neck area and head part as they are very light and small. But, they do not provide any protective coverage to your face in case of a crash.


This limited edition helmet is available on the website of Skull Crush. Go and check this cool helmet now if you want an exclusive helmet for yourself.

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Gold Motorcycle Helmet Face Shield

Why just settle with the chrome helmets when you can have a chrome visor as well?

This is a replacement face shield or visor from the brand HJC Helmets.

It has a gold finish to it.

You can replace your plain boring and tinted visor with this flashy gold visor.

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This visor is made up of 100% polycarbonate which is the very famous material used in helmets which give them the protection quotient. They can resist any impact, as it spreads the impact uniformly across the whole body so that only one part is not severely affected.

The sun shield is proven to give you almost 99% protection against the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. The visor is also scratch-resistant, which will not downgrade its look. This sun shield visor is hard coated, and its three-dimensional injection-molding process ensures a completely distortion-free vision.

This visor will fit the following types of helmets: CL-15, CL-SP, CS-R1, CS-R2 FS-15, CL-16, AC-12, Kawasaki ZX, Kawasaki ZXSP, IS-16 and Joe RKT101 and RKT201.

This visor weighs around 1.6 ounces, and its dimensions are 12 x 7.7 x 3.4 inches. You can buy it on Amazon and the item model number is hj-09.

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Rainbow Motorcycle Helmet Visor

Now you can carry all the seven colors of the rainbow with you all the way to the road and beyond!

This is a rainbow colored visor, a.k.a sun shield, from the brand HJC Helmets.

It is an RST mirror coated visor.

This will give a whole different look to your normal and plain helmet.

This visor fits the helmets of these sizes: HJ09-AC12, CL15, CL16, CL17, CLSP, CSR1, CSR2, FS15, IS16.

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A visor is very important, as it protects your eyes from dirt and harmful sun rays. Unlike other mirrored visors, this visor does not reflect your own self in it, so you get a clearer vision of the road.

This rainbow visor is very heavy for a visor. It alone weighs almost 7 pounds which is twice the weight of any half-shell helmet. Wearing such a heavy thing on the helmet for a longer ride will cause strain on your head and neck. It is also not protected in the event of a crash.

The product’s dimensions are 10 x 5.1 x 4.5 inches. You can check it out on Amazon.

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So get your chrome accessories and start shining!

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