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Why should I trust your helmet recommendations?

That's a great question and we're glad you asked. The internet is full of fake: fake news, fake reviews, fake videos, and more. So why trust us?

First, our team has hands-on reviewed more motorcycle hemets than any other team on the internet (period). In fact, we're nearly at 500 in-depth reviews from lids that range from lowly to luxurious. Our experiences reviewing these helmets greatly informs our point of view.

Second, we invest in our subject matter expertise. We've sent members of our team down to Snell to learn more about how they test helmets, what tests are looking for, and what to look for in a lid. We've been to all the major industry events, and we're an active voice in the industry.

Lastly, our badass team isn't composed of random people that we outsource to. We only work with experienced riders, genuine enthusiasts, and people obsessed about the industry.

What's the connection with webBikeWorld?

Our badass team also works on, which was founded in 2000 and is the web's largest independent motorcycle gear review site. wBW has nearly 3,000 hands-on reviews, and almost 500 of those are helmets. is focused entirely on badass lids that look sick, are comfortable to wear, and will keep your lid safe... whereas extensively covers motorcycle gear (jackets, pants, boots, gloves, helmets... you name it).

So, the same team, but two distinct websites. You love to see it.

What do you look for in a helmet you recommend?

There is no such thing as a "one size fits all" lid. When recommending motorcycle helmets to new and experienced raiders alike, we focus on a few key areas.

First is safety. We prioritize lids that prioritize you. This means that we tend to lean towards helmets that are Snell, Sharp, or FIM certified (in addition to DOT/ECE) wherever appropriate.

Helmets with unsafe construction, questionable ergonomics, or other factors that may compromise safety are not considered, nor are helmets that are “all show and no go”.

Next is price. A badass helmet not only looks awesome and protect your head, but is also accessible and actually purchasable. High-end helmets with the price tags to match need to do more than simply be made by a renowned brand: they need to do everything better than their less expensive peers.

We aim for maximum “bang for your buck”.

Finally, the badass factor. A badass helmet is a helmet that looks awesome and turns heads. This could be a conventional helmet with a particularly awesome paint or graphics scheme, a lid that has an especially iconic design, or a helmet that is just dripping in cool.

If the lid on your head is sure to turn heads, you might find it on our lists!

Who writes your best helmet guides?

Our team of writers come from all walks of life, have different riding preferences, and each brings an important perspective that influences their recommendations.

Everyone on our team has considerable experience on two wheels, and most have as much experience wrenching on their wheels as they do riding them. A few have had serious spills, and most have had minor ones. A few members of our team are current or former motorcycle riding instructors.

In short, our team of writers is really a team of riders that share the same goal of ensuring you look badass in your helmet while being as safe as possible.

How often are the best helmet lists updated?

We update our recommendations twice per year to ensure that the latest helmets and best choices are reflected in them. We know that people rely on us to help them make informed decisions, and we take that seriously.