50 Coolest Lightmode Helmets

Just over a year ago, I published a small post on a startup motorcycle helmet accessory called “Lightmode Helmets.”  It was called, 10 of my favorite Lightmode Helmets. Well a lot can happen in a year, and a LOT of helmets can see a Lightmode upgrade in a years time too! That’s why I figured it […]


How to make your own Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmet,… from Scratch!

  Modified Cosplay Helmet for a Celty Sturluson of Durarara! What you’ll need: Helmet to use as a base OR make your own! Painters Tape Lightweight cardboard/tagboard Gesso Sand-paper Paper Clay or air-drying clay Woodglue Yellow and Blue Paint Clear Enamel spraypaint Steps 1-3: Prep-work Get a Helmet Take off the visor and tape off […]


How to make a Venator Mark II Helmet

In the 1st version of the Ventaor Mark I Helmet, WALTERRIFIC walked us through how to make each piece, and how to attach them to the helmet in order. Making custom pieces for your helmet is truly the way to have a unique one-of-a-kind custom motorcycle helmet. No one is going to do it just like you, […]


Motorcycle Helmet Headphones

What’s cooler than riding your motorcycle with your headphones on cranked up to your favorite track while riding? Wearing a pair of headphones beneath a motorcycle helmet previously seemed impractical, but now it’s a reality. How is this possible? It’s really not that complicated. There are several varieties of headphones for installation in a motorcycle helmet […]


10 REALLY shiny Motorcycle Helmets by Custom Bling by Ricci

Custom Bling by Ricci adds Swarovski Crystals on your motorcycle parts, helmets, autos, apparel, hats, cowboy boots, and anything beyond your imagination! This custom motorcycle parts boutique has some really cool and flashy crystallized motorcycle helmets. I could not help but put together a list of my Top 10 favorites: Crystal Motorcycle Helmets from Custom […]


Pinup Girl Motorcycle Helmets

History of Pinups She’s a little naughty, but not too enticing, a welcome sight for both your prudish mother and your horny teenage cousin. Who is she? She’s a pin-up girl, an all natural American sweetheart that won the admiration and the hearts of men all across the country. Immediately recognizable due to her bouncy […]


Motorcycle Helmet Graphics – The easy helmet upgrade

Graphics for motorcycle helmets are a quick and easy way to style up your new helmet with the added cost of hiring a designer, or a painter to customize it for you. Unless you are a painter or pinstriper yourself, finding a good one and waiting for a open time slot can be a bit […]


Nexx Bluetooth Communication Accessory – The Xcomm

In recent times a number of helmet manufacturers have started developing technology which increases the usability of a bike helmet. One of these is the use of an intercom device which can be attached within helmet and can be used easily and effectively in a number of different ways in which to communicate with other […]


Pumpkin Helmets – A Custom Helmet Halloween Edition

Someone sent me a picture of a pumpkin head helmet and I just couldn’t help myself… Pumpkin Motorcycle Helmets Not for your everyday riding, carving up your little daughters Halloween pumpkin into a helmet that you can wear on your chubby face is something that we all must do once (once a year for some […]