Bandana Style Print Motorcycle Helmets

There are so many cool and unique helmets that are custom painted by local and nationwide artists. From fine airbrush work to laying down the paint with old school pin-striping, there are just an endless supply of ideas and designs. If you can think it up, you can have it on your helmet sooner than […]

Top 10 Posts from Mototeka: 2017 Edition

Mototeka  is a popular Instagram page about Motorcycles Girls and Bikers. You can send over your best pic to and they will publish it to their page,… #mototeka. If it’s good enough to make the cut reel. Here are the Top 10 Posts from 2017:   Here are the 2016 top posts from Mototeka

Motorcycle Helmet Mohawk Accessory

One of the most popular Motorcycle Helmet Accessories that you can easily attach to a helmet is the Mohawk. Sometimes this is referred to as a “Warhawk” – which to be honest I cannot find any source as to where that came from. But, you know how that story goes. Check Price Here. This Rubber […]

Badass Motorcycle Art with Agung_castavo

A master of pinstriping and lettering. This is what you’ll find when you come across the Instagram profile of Jakarta-based artist Agung_castavo. Get ready, because you’re sure to be impressed! When selecting your custom helmet design, there’s no doubt that any rider would love a design with sharp pinstriping and or lettering that is clear, […]

Badass Motorcycle Art with moto_bobblehead

Bobbleheads are always a fan favorite, but apply them to action-packed photos of bike lovers cruising down the road and you’ve got a real winner! That’s what you’ll find with our next featured Instagram artist, moto_bobblehead. The perfect way to bring emphasis to your own unique riding style and passion for the sport, obtaining your […]

Badass Motorcycle Art with buxexapinturas

When artwork on a motorcycle helmet springs to life right before your very eyes, you know you’ve found something really special. That’s exactly what you’ll find with buxexapinturas on Instagram. Featuring incredibly visually dynamic designs that are sure to grab the attention of those around you, buxexapinturas is one account that you’ll be sure to […]

Badass Motorcycle Art with tripsixkustoms

Custom paint that crosses a wide range of styles while delivering quality design to each helmet it encounters…that is what you’ll find with our next artist featured on Instagram, tripsixkustoms. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, TripSix Customs offers custom paint jobs for not only motorcycle helmets, but also for the motorcycles themselves. One peek at these […]

Badass Motorcycle Art with airtrix

Where perfection meets art…that’s where you’ll find our next featured artist, Airtrix on Instagram. No corners are cut with these works of art. Here you’ll see that the prime focus is on quality. Founded by Chris Wood, Airtrix is a company that initially began with a focus on airbrushing signs and motorcycle helmets. And quality, […]

Badass Motorcycle Art with three.quarter.lids

Are you a sucker for a great vintage helmet? Aren’t we all?? Well, in that case, we have just the artist/Instagram profile for you to check out. Dive right in with three.quarter.lids, an Instagram profile by Aram Horozian. Here you’ll find the perfect combination of vintage style helmets with both new and retro-inspired designs. So, […]

Badass Motorcycle Art with apdesignsusa

Not your ordinary motorcycle helmet…that sums up what you’ll find on the Instagram profile of apdesignsusa, or artist Alex Paul. Here you’ll find eye-catching designs with a purpose. As you can see, AP Designs USA is the official paint shop for Monster Energy, as the profile description proclaims itself as the “custom paint shop of […]