Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Riding Glasses

Carbon Fiber is one of the materials that is stronger, lighter, and just looks better than any of it’s plastic counterparts. You can just do so much with it, the possibilities are damn near endless.

Introducing Carbon Fiber Sunglasses





These are made using 100% REAL Carbon Fiber. They are not available yet, as I’m working on adapting a clip in foam wind block to be able to use them while riding. I know, you are probably shocked.

What to do?

Jump on this list and let me know that you are interested when they come out. 1 person will be selected for a free pair!

I’ll send everyone else a pair at a huge discount compared to regular retail, just for getting in early.

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Pre-order Sale: Skip to the front of the line

Pre-order these awesome glasses now and grab a 50% discount off the retail value of $150.00

There are only 20 sets available, when they are gone they are gone.


In true biker style, we got to have ourselves a little contest! This is were you have a chance to get a free pair on us, just for being awesome.